Concrete Morgan

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Murder on the Moon
7/21/2015 11:14am

Hey everybody. I'm back on solid ground, and feelin' much better.

And I'm not mad at all at @Morgan le Roq. I know she did the best she could, and her bein' hypnotized most the time sure wasn't her fault. She's still a great friend. The only person we should be mad at is that @$!#! Mackcenzie, if she weren't dead. And MORMO, whatever the heck that is.

I got better real quick back on earth - no more dizzy spells. They called in my old Chugach shaman - the one who fished me out of that cement mixer once upon a time and made me what I am. Turns out I'm just not built for living on the moon - somethin' about the sand and gravel and water that I got mixed up with has connected me directly to the earth. This earth. I'm made of it, and bein' up there on the moon wasn't good for me because it was just too disconnected and far away. So it turns out I'll need to face my issues right here on mother earth, and not out in space.

So I've joined the soccer team. And the ultimate frisbee team. And the swim team! I'm going for varsity in all three. Gonna come out and root for me this year? C'mon everybody, let's RUMBLE!

Murder on the Moon
7/12/2015 12:13pm

Hey everybody! Hellooo from the moon!

Luckily they let me keep my adaptive keyboard, otherwise there'd be no way I could type to you - it takes keys as big as pancakes to fit these fingers.

Anyway, I feel like a washout up here. I keep gettin dizzy and confused. I came up here so I could be *less* trouble for people, not more.

But @Morgan le Roq has been the best. Morgans know how to stick together.

Feeling better for now - gonna take a walk along the promenade.

Murder on the Moon
7/10/2015 10:23am

Alrighty @Morgan le Roq, I'm scheduled for the afternoon teleportation to the Moon Base. Can't wait! And I already checked and the teleportation pad is certified for people of my... stature, so nothing should break. :(

I've been reading up on the Moon Base and it seems like the overall engineering should be more friendly to me than down here. I mean, not only because of the gravity thing, but when you're building a moon base I guess you just make it tough.

Not sure who else is on the trip, but @Stefanoiul is likely alien, and maybe ol' @Qu8-i (unless it already converted to space mode and flew the coup).

Anyway, gotta pack! See you tonight!

And thanks again for the invite.

Murder on the Moon
7/6/2015 8:32pm

Yeah I'd like to know more about xfering to the Moon Base, @Morgan le Roq. I'm not real good at physics (taking summer school for it as a matter of fact) but I just figure that it'd be easier for a girl like me to move around in that low gravity.

But if I fell over floated a few feet and hit a wall - would my concrete mass still bust through it? Or would it be safer for everybody if I was on the moon instead of here?

Just today I broke a seat on the bus, accidentally ripped off the door to the physics lab, and wrecked that column that was holding up the roof in the common area. And of course stepped on (and broke) 19 toes on 11 different people. Which was actually pretty low for a Monday.

5/16/2015 11:25am

You can do it, @Jessica Moon. I've been down before myself, and, being made of concrete, I know how hard it can be to get back up again.

multiple morgans
4/17/2015 2:39pm

Real sorry about the cafeteria entrance everybody. I got a lot of mass and when I get going I'm hard to stop. Got kicked out of 3 schools before this for it.

Life is tough for a girl made out of cement. Brick House is what I am! Fell into a cement truck when I was little. Woulda died if it hadn't been for the Chugach shaman who was also the flagger at the construction site hadn't been there to resurrect me. But there were side effects.

So if I bump you in the lunch line, or break your toe when I step on it, I'm real sorry. Luckily @Nova Toaster has been real good to me, and lets me sit with her at lunch.