Murder on the Moon

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Morgan Le Roq
- 6/27/2015 6:09pm

Though I wasn't on campus very long, I went ahead and transferred to the Moon Base branch. Campus was so beautiful, and coming from the underground settlements in the Wind Belt believe me I really appreciated it - being able to be above ground outside of a super-heavy or god forbid a hurricane suit, no 200 mile per hour winds threatening to impale you with a piece of straw or pebble. Being able to walk in the sun in just shorts and a t-shirt. Heck, just being able to see the sun...

But after awhile, it just started to get to me - all that open space, unprotected from the sky on the surface of the planet, exposed like that. I realized it was actually making me really uncomfortable, and I was spending more and more time indoors, or, preferably, in basements.

So when I heard about the summer session on the Moon Base, I just had to sign up. And I'm totally glad I did! 17 underground levels, huge caverns for the hydroponics and recreation, and the terra-dome. It reminds me just enough of home, but still different.

Plus of course the low gravity! There's a lot of working out you have to do to stay strong, but learning to bounce around through the halls and everything that goes with it is fantastic. And it's a great bunch of people up here. I'm looking at you @time pilot terry!

So next time you're out at night and looking up at the moon, wave to me! Though you can't really see the base, since it's up by the north pole.

Concrete Morgan
- 7/6/2015 8:32pm

Yeah I'd like to know more about xfering to the Moon Base, @Morgan le Roq. I'm not real good at physics (taking summer school for it as a matter of fact) but I just figure that it'd be easier for a girl like me to move around in that low gravity.

But if I fell over floated a few feet and hit a wall - would my concrete mass still bust through it? Or would it be safer for everybody if I was on the moon instead of here?

Just today I broke a seat on the bus, accidentally ripped off the door to the physics lab, and wrecked that column that was holding up the roof in the common area. And of course stepped on (and broke) 19 toes on 11 different people. Which was actually pretty low for a Monday.

Morgan le Roq
- 7/8/2015 11:14am

I think that the Moon Base would be a great place for you, @Concrete Morgan! At the very least, the population up here is even more diverse than on Earth Base, so there would probably be advantages for you here at least in that.

The Moon Base is kind of a hub for people making all kind of connections off-planet. There was a delegation from Io here yesterday - like the Queen or something - and they are all extra tall and skinny, with long long arms and legs and fingers, and big black feather headdresses that make them even taller. Plus their dogs (or whatever) which were all on leashes but as tall as me with mouths so big they could fit your whole head inside. They (the dogs) were nice, but totally slobbery.

And I saw Human-Sized Crab Morgan for a moment on her way back to Venus. I think I saw her parents here picking her up. She pretended not to notice me, I think. But it's not like she's very easy to read.

But yes! You should come check it out. There is an orientation for prospective transfers this Friday, even. You should sign up!!! You can totally stay in my room.

Concrete Morgan
- 7/10/2015 10:23am

Alrighty @Morgan le Roq, I'm scheduled for the afternoon teleportation to the Moon Base. Can't wait! And I already checked and the teleportation pad is certified for people of my... stature, so nothing should break. :(

I've been reading up on the Moon Base and it seems like the overall engineering should be more friendly to me than down here. I mean, not only because of the gravity thing, but when you're building a moon base I guess you just make it tough.

Not sure who else is on the trip, but @Stefanoiul is likely alien, and maybe ol' @Qu8-i (unless it already converted to space mode and flew the coup).

Anyway, gotta pack! See you tonight!

And thanks again for the invite.

Morgan le Roq
- 7/10/2015 10:58am

That is fantastic @Concrete Morgan! I will prepare a bunk!

Don't worry about packing too much though - especially in terms of clothes. Everybody on the Moon Base gets a color-coded jumpsuit. Mine is purple and yours will be yellow. You'll have to leave your clothes at the intake office. A lot of other stuff you might bring would get held there too - everything in the base is pretty controlled. So don't bring anything, really.

Can't wait to see you!!!

- 7/10/2015 12:45pm

@Concrete Morgan I am not an alien. I love breathing oxygen and being from Earth. The antennae are just flowers.
And I do have something that could help you lose some weight. I harvested some Bismuth Tea that reacts with cement. It works. I tested it on my fish and guess what: they 100% float. No low gravity needed.
Meet me near the Fire Extinguisher Exposition in about ten hours. Look for A HUMAN (me) in a silver suit with an unconventionally large coat. If anybody asks why you're there you answer "77 8 433 90" and they forget everything from the past day. I will give you a flask of tea. Drink quietly. Do not drink if you are pregnant. By the time you finish drinking I'll be ¥Ì§Ì¨ÍÌ³Ì®ÍœÌ³ÍœÌ¦Ì¢Í“Í–Í“ÍÌ¨ÍšÌ±Í–Í™Ì¤Ì³ÌŸÌ³Ì¼Ì¹Ì—Í‰Ì«ÌºÍ–Ì¬Ì¨ÍÌ’ÍÌ‰Ì¿ÍŒÍ„ÍŒÌ†ÌÍ‹ÌŽÌ…Ì‚ÌˆÍÌŽÍŠÌ½Í’ÌÌÍ Í Ì€Ì›Í—Ì…Í ÍŠÍÍ›Ì‰Ì€ÍƒÍ„Ì¾ÍƒÍŠÍ†Ì…Ì‡Í†Í“ÍŽÍŽÍ™Ì¹Í“Í…Ì£ÍÍ”ÌÌ¨Ì Ì³Ì»Ì¥Ì–Í‡Í‡Ì˜Ì¥Ì»ÌŸÍ•Ì­ÍšÌ¡Ì»Ì¢Ì¢Ì§Ì¤Ì Ì«Ì Ì¢Ì¯Ì£Í™Í•Ì¨Ì–Í“Í–Ì™Ì¦Ì—Ì Ì§ÌœÌ™ÍˆÌœÌ¯ÍÌ©Í“Ì­ÍÍˆÍÌ¦Ì˜Ì¨Í™Ì©Í‰Í‰ÌžÍ–Ì«ÍšÍšÍ™Ì©Ì«Ì¬Ì¥Ì³Í…Ì¹Ì¼Í¤ÌÌ‹ÌŒÍÌ•ÌŠÌ‚Ì”ÌƒÌÌ’ÌŽÌ”Ì€Í’Í‹ÍÌ‚Ì€Ì€ÌšÍ„Ì‡ÍÍ ÌƒÌƒÌ‚Ì†Í’Í Hello!

Morgan le Roq
- 7/10/2015 9:04pm

I know people have been concerned about @Concrete Morgan but I want everybody to know she's OK. She just got a little dizzy after the teleport, but it's perfectly normal and happens to people sometimes when they first get to Moon Base. She was certainly a lot easier to get on a stretcher here than she would have been on earth, so there's a silver lining for you.

She's still a bit disoriented, but after the teleportation-lag wears off I know she'll be fine. We were able to get her into her regulation jumpsuit (yellow for visitors) - which again was easier in low-g than it would have been down the well. Plus the super-fabric they make the jumpsuits out of was a breeze to get her into. I know she has trouble on earth getting clothes that even fit - or can stand up to her concrete skin, which tears through most fabric like it was tissue. But moon fabric is great.

She's sleeping it off in her bunk in my room. I'm sure she'll be back on top of her game soon. Keep those cards and letters coming!

- 7/10/2015 10:55pm

It is my first day at school and i got in a line and the next thing I knew I got teleported to the
moon. The rec room is great - the ping pong table is 50 meters long! But what is it with these jumpsuits?

Morgan le Roq
- 7/11/2015 11:51pm

@Concrete Morgan was up and about for a good part of our lunar day, but then at the nightly Disco Dance she got a bit disoriented again so we got her back to her bunk and she crashed. But she's totally doing better.

I got to take her around in the morning to the common areas - the cafeteria, the observation lounges, and the wing where all the off-planet diplomats hang out. Then I introduced her to my best space pals - Alexis, who is a large-scale teleportationist; Jacob, who can do stuff with gravity (very popular boy up here!); Leslie, who can grow plants out of thin air; and Mackenzie, who is actually a grade above us and wears the magenta jumpsuit (whereas we're all in purple. But not @Concrete Morgan because she's a visitor and yellow). Mackenzie is kind of our mentor/student teacher. That's who makes up my "pod," which is like my study group.

I guess the reason I'm here - with all these powered kids - is just because of my experience in self-contained living structures, from my days in the Wind Belt. I've been made to feel pretty special up here too, just because I know how stuff is supposed to work when you live in a place like this, and all the operations people have been asking me all kinds of questions.

Unfortunately, I also had the opportunity to introduce her to Leim 9, who is a representative from Ganymede who's always hanging around our classrooms and has frankly has no social skills. I don't think it's just cultural - something about Leim 9 just rubs all of us the wrong way.

Anyway, Mackenzie's always super up for running her Disco Dance and makes us all attend, and probably just all the flashing lights and the pounding rhythms of Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them (Mackenzie's favorite EDM right now) were too much for @Concrete Morgan. @sAMUEL PIP ended up there with us and I think it got to him too.

So, for now, lots of fluids and another good night's rest and I'm sure @Concrete Morgan will be right as rain in the morning!

Concrete Morgan
- 7/12/2015 12:13pm

Hey everybody! Hellooo from the moon!

Luckily they let me keep my adaptive keyboard, otherwise there'd be no way I could type to you - it takes keys as big as pancakes to fit these fingers.

Anyway, I feel like a washout up here. I keep gettin dizzy and confused. I came up here so I could be *less* trouble for people, not more.

But @Morgan le Roq has been the best. Morgans know how to stick together.

Feeling better for now - gonna take a walk along the promenade.

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