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4/10/2016 4:24am

<Initiating journal entry>
<Initiating custom translation codek IT-EN>

UnPsytravel day 1.

The thing about psytravel is that it is costly and intermittent. You don't know when you are traveling, you just wake up and you are down a few hundred dollars and you are someplace entirely different.
I figure with the integration into normalicy I should travel with other students. However, I do not currently have the fund availability to psytravel.

That leaves me to one option. I must take.
The bus...
Yes it is not as efficient or as groovy or as psytravel but it will have to do.

I will be leaving my journal here however so I do not lose it. It's not like I need it for this trip. I won't be gone long and I won't need it to translate. I figure my english is probably good enough by now to communicate with people If needed.

<Save failed>
<journal file corrupted><Page 3 lost>
<Ending translation>
<power off>

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4/9/2016 11:31pm

Thank you @xiirth. If you don't mind I will just follow your lead*burns all eggs into the lapel of my suit ornately* I hope this will be okay.

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4/9/2016 10:25pm

As expected, father found out about @Junior Agent LuLu and her work and has restricted me from the families money for a few months. That means no trades, no large purchases, no shadey deals and essentially. No fun. This starts first thing tomarrow where I will blend in like..... A "NORMAl" student.

This is going to be tough.....

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8/3/2015 2:36am

*Wakes up gasping and jumps out of bed*
no no no no no no no!!!*distractedly counts the money I left on the shelf*
good, it's all here. But if.....
No. Its fine, I'm fine. Nothing is wrong.
No one knows.
Soon, nothing will stop me.
Not the psychic police.
Not @Junior Agent LuLu .
No one.
They don't know and they won't find out.
Everything will be okay...
*quckly walks out of my room and into a crowd of students, the heels of my shiny black boots clicking loudly on the floor as my breathing speeds up and my eyes dart side to side paradoidly to make sure no one is paying special attention to me*
I just need to calm down and wait at the meeting point.
*walks downstairs and checks my phone* 5:30... 30 minutes. Hopefully @Junior Agent LuLu won't show up. I need this connection...
*paces as my eyes start to glow a bright vampiric red and flame dances at my feet with every click of my heels*
Just 30 more minutes....

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6/2/2015 4:04pm

*wakes up in my room*
I'm alright, I'm fine...
I'm okay.....
*gets up shakily and walks through the halls, the sedative still wearing off*
How long was I out? Why hasn't anything happened like most other days?
Ugh....I'm so confused.
*walks into the cafeteria and grabs a pomegranate*
It's so quiet without @Tony24 , I wonder if he is alright. I haven't heard from him in forever.
Or father....
*sinks my fangs into the fruit and sucks some juice out and smiles*
Mmmmm.... I've been so hungry.
*walks out to sandpit and hovers over it, pushing sand with my foot to create the antonelli emblem taking up most of the space of the pit and hovers a mile up to look*
I was obviously hit with a sedative dart.
And it was not @Junior Agent LuLu or else she would be all over my affairs by now.
It is so annoying because I feel like I am not doing anything wrong but I know for a fact hat she would not aprove of my family business and how I Cary it on both on campus and in the outside world without fathers aid. Oh well, they don't need to know
*floats back down and finishes the pomegranate, dropping it in the trash can on my way back inside*
I need to breathe and readjust.
*enters an oxygen chamber and sighs*



This is the way of the antonelli family. The way it has been and the way it will be. In dealings both light and dark. In riches and poor ness, nothing will break our organization.
By Mafia.
By Mob.
By Family.

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5/28/2015 7:48am

*hovers up to the roof and perches on the edge quietly* @Junior Agent LuLu has been looking at me lately like she knows something I don't, or maybe she has a plan. I should probably not worry though, it's not like she is going to try to arrest, kidnap, or interrogate me.*nervous unsure laugh*

I am enjoying classes and people. Si. I am.*relapses into my natural Italian accent and starts talking very quickly* so I meet all these people and they are so much fun but if father saw how unrestrained I am with my abilities he would have me exiled....
I can't have that happen so I have to be carefull. Or just be good. It's not like I'm doing anything bad, our affairs are not shady if you look at them right... And the business I make around here increases family revenue substantially. And the best part is that I have unlimited resources because I talk to so many people now that I don't even talk about on here! And they can do anything and help me do anything. It's soooooo cool!

*jumps up excitedly, eyes glowing and climbs all the way to the very top of the school hands blazing with bright red fire and dark and light energy buzzing around me faintly* And no one can stop an Antonelli when they......*feels a stinging in the the back of my neck,loses consciousness and free falls to the ground, all powers shutting down at the same time*

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5/26/2015 7:39am

<clicks, whurrs and beeps a few times>
There we go, it's fixed now. I'm actually very surprised it survived that big of a drop.

It's been a slow week and I've been feeling paranoid so I've been walking around with a mini heat mirage around me so no one knows where I am if something bad happens and they want to blame me. I don't even do anything that could be wrong I don't think. Anyways, it's not up now. I'm just walking around fully visible to see if anything will happen.

I think it is funny how everyone assumes I'm undead*walks into a courtyard and starts to hover a few feet off the ground towards the main gates* im really not, my blood is 12 degrees lower than your average human blood temperature but it is still warm and pumping, thus defying the physics of both a firebender and vampire. Two things I very much am. People try to be carefull not to say things that might offend me because I am part vampire and watching them come up with these things are very funny.

So I have been monitoring @Junior Agent LuLu with a few of he own monitors that were supposed to be monitoring me *stands on one of the points on the gate and spire jumps along the edges* It worries me though, I haven't heard from @Tony24 for awhile. I hope he is ok, I can only do so much from where I am.

*drops to the ground like a cat, sits on the edge of a fountain and rolls two meditation balls of flame around in my hands* it is perfect out here.... To be honest, I haven't felt in tune. Things glow as I walk past and even when I touch one of the internal power chambers I can feel the energy it is supposed to be removing. Am I electromagnetic? Things happen around me and I can't describe them. Except for my "affinity" for getting hit by cars. That's just my clumsiness. I don't like it, it just happens a lot. *dips my hand in the water, making steam as I close my eyes to take a nap*

<user inactivity. end transmit>,

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Psychic Crime Family Picnic
5/6/2015 7:33am

<iniziare traduzione vocale>
There, that is better. I don't feel like speaking English right now so this translator I found is very helpful.
It is very very early in the morning. Like... I don't know what time it is, I've been up too long. 4 days of sleeplessness. I don't know why.
Oh look, it's those people who run around the campus. I don't understand them.

It's quiet up here on the roof. Why is there a drill Sargeant? Is this a military area? I hope not. @Jr Agent LuLu would not want me around here if it is. Or up here in general.
But it is so nice out. And I love the way my hair blows in the wind when I hang upsidown. This is one of the few bat like tendencies that has emerged from vampirism.

I kind of want to mess with them but maybe I shouldn't. What if they try to take me away.....again.father wouldn't help me this time though. He sent me here because he is tired of me. Oh well. Maybe I should have some fun. But I'm so tired.. *a small ball of flame dances between my fingers then shoots down and burns a hole in the grass right in front of @Jr Agent LuLu *

I love fire. It has always been my favorite thing wherever I am. Unfortunately it can be dangerous *watches darkly as the Antonelli emblem is slowly burned onto a brick on the wall* it can cause problems. But it is so much fun. I have enjoyed working with @Tony24. Hopefully he will survive and I can assist him in the future physically and metaphorically speaking.

Oh no, here she comes. I should probably. Oops.
<device disconnected. journal lost. Recovery mode initiated. reboot. Reboot. Reboot. Re>

The Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal
5/3/2015 7:13am

So, I met so many people last night! And guess what?!?! @Jessica Moon asked me to be the web weaver! I don't even know what I was supposed to do. But I think I did a good job she seemed happy. But I never found anyone's names. I didn't even know what to wear. It was so exciting. There was so do you say it in English... I don't know, emozione. I know it's not English but I don't speak it super well yet.
I'm too excited. I saw her but she was dancing and I am a bit scared to dance so I didn't know what to do. *way too excited*
Hold on...*breathes deeply and goes back to normal nervous personality phase* maybe.. I could more people like, for real. Or even @Jessica Moon in person!

Farewell until... I don't know when.
Um, yeah. Bye.

Psychic Crime Family Picnic
4/29/2015 7:42am

It's interesting. People think we are just walking in living people but we are not. We are fairly human and only some of us have noticeable fangs. Besides, drinking blood in public scares people.
I will do whatever I can to assist you @Tony24 , however... I would like to learn how to become more involved here at school and I would like to know the exact ramifications of all of my abilities so if you could lead me in the right direction that would be great and I will answer any questions you give me.

Anyways, that is off topic. What is the importance of the Necropolis? Is it like a Mesa? A centrale de vampiro?

So I'm assuming all of this stuff with Angela keeping you safe is not going well? I mean the cross species interactions by the others. I know how much humans and vampires don't mix.

What exactly is this Camera Obscura? It is still a bit confusing for me and that is saying something because I really should know how this works...having accidentally destroyed one just before being moved here...
Anyways...Be careful amico, vampires can turn like that if they change their mind. It doesn't matter where you are with anyone.

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