The Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal

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Big Jim
- 4/30/2015 12:42pm

Looking forward to seeing everybody this Saturday night at Psyhigh's annual Bees and Beekeepers dance!

Now, it's that moment you've all been waiting for - the crowing of Head Beekeeper to preside over this year's soiree. As usual, voting was held in secret by the Insect Council, with much horse-trading and negotiation, and no small amount of violence between the council members. Now, after weeks of deliberation, they've made their decision.

So, without any further ado, this year's Head Beekeeper for the 2015 Bees and Beekeepers spring formal is:

@Jessica Moon!!!

Congratulations Jessica.

The dance will begin promptly at 8pm on Saturday in Nectaries Observatory. As is tradition, the Head Beekeeper will get things moving by being the first to perform the ritual Waggle Dance, surrounded by her court and all the attendees.

See you all Saturday night!

Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Jessica moon
- 4/30/2015 3:45pm

*written on a sheet of paper*

*lots of rustling and banging around* -AHA! GOTCHA!-

I found my voice -PHEW-
Sorry, it had ran off in shock.
I uh...well it took me a while to believe what I was seeing. (I had to rinse my eyes out, drink ice cold tea, blink maybe about 150 times, and take a nap just to realize it!) I had never thought I would win something so honorable! Especially since the dance revolves around bees. I know how important they are...they pollinate the lovely flowers and bring us sweet yummy honey. Thank you so much for nominating me @Big Jim for I am in great awe. It may take a while for this "floaty" feeling to go away. Also, I suppose I should start practicing as I have no idea how to start it off.

I am so curious why you nominated me though...(I hope no one got hurt in the process). My friends sometimes say I have two left feet... *sweatdrop*

Again, thank you soooo so so very much. You have made my whole month. So far this is the best thing that happened to me at Psyhigh...(besides finding Nova of course).


With a permanent smile,
Jessica Moon

Big Jim
- 5/2/2015 2:47pm

To kick off tonight's Bees and Beekeepers dance, the Parade of the Insects begins in the Stinky Flower Garden at 3pm. It will wind its way to Nectaries Observatory, where the insects will begin the ritual encasement of the building in their webs, egg masses, silk, grasshopper tobacco, bits of stick and mud and dung, and spit.

We'll cut our way through the pan-insect cocoon at 7:30 and open the doors for students. Promptly at 8pm, Head Beekeeper @Jessica Moon will begin the Waggle Dance, surrounded by her Bee Court (Who has Jessica selected for her court? We can't wait to find out!). Students will then interpret the moves in Jessica's Waggle Dance and join in. The dance will be recorded and studied by our Waggle Dance experts who will then be able to determine the position of The Heart of Spring for this year.

Also at tonight's dance will be a special recognition of May's Student of the Month - @Scilph! So if you haven't had time to congratulate her in person, tonight will be a great time.

Musical guests tonight will be The Crickets - courtesy of the Psychic Necromusicology Department. They've begun the summoning rituals now and the band should be fully corporeal in time for the Waggle Dance.

Looking forward to a fabulous night! See you all there!

Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Jessica moon
- 5/2/2015 3:41pm

-AHEM- *blushes shyly* Um I have been thinking about who should be in the court for a while now and it finally hit me in a dream. Their faces came in shapes of honeycombs. Suits the bee theme eh? Anyways...

I am so excited to say the people I have picked out! I am even more excited about doing the waggle dance. I practiced obsessively like a firefly is drawn to light ..

Hehe I am proud to say my court members are:

HEAD BEE : @Cassa N. Dra
THE WEB WEAVER: @Lazzeretto
THE LOVELY WASP: @Jackie Packerman
And lastly...

THE DAISY(s) : @Atlantica or Pacifica

Please everyone try to wear the color yellow or black...(or both) in honor of the bees. I shall see you all there. I hope everyone at Psyhigh will attend.

It's Spring everyone! Time for the campus to come to life!

See you all at 8! (Please let the court come earlier so we can prepare). Hehe, this is going to bee amazing!

*smiles and sends out the letter as a giant paper airplane*

Jessica Moon

- 5/2/2015 5:12pm

I am very excited for the Bees and Beekeepers Dance. Although I have never been to a "dance"... I shall still attend. Congratulations, @Jessica Moon , my close friend! I am very proud of you! I cannot wait to go. You must teach me the proper "dance moves".

{Hello, Scilph. What are you up to?}

Ah. greetings, Morris. I was congratulating Jessica and asking about "dance moves". I will be attending the Bees and Beekeepers' dance.

{Wonderful. One problem, Scilph.}

Hmm? What is it? Inform me.

{You cannot dance to save your life. Trust me. I have seen You try.}

*hissing* I have said many-a time to not speak of that.


- 5/3/2015 7:13am

So, I met so many people last night! And guess what?!?! @Jessica Moon asked me to be the web weaver! I don't even know what I was supposed to do. But I think I did a good job she seemed happy. But I never found anyone's names. I didn't even know what to wear. It was so exciting. There was so do you say it in English... I don't know, emozione. I know it's not English but I don't speak it super well yet.
I'm too excited. I saw her but she was dancing and I am a bit scared to dance so I didn't know what to do. *way too excited*
Hold on...*breathes deeply and goes back to normal nervous personality phase* maybe.. I could more people like, for real. Or even @Jessica Moon in person!

Farewell until... I don't know when.
Um, yeah. Bye.

- 5/3/2015 7:53am

I apologize about not making a journal entry yesterday... I fell asleep. I will put all of the entries I had in mind into one large entry.

*sigh* Greetings, Journal! Last night was wondrous! Everyone proposed toasts to ME, everyone congratulated ME...! AH, but of course, it wasn't about me. Right. Alright. Or course...

I actually tried to dance. In the middle of the wiggle, ERALONIA came up behind me, and I fell. I did not injure anyone, or myself, only my dignity... *ahem*

@Jessica Moon looked wonderful out there! So majestic and graceful. And I believe everyone in the court also looked gorgeous! Good job to all of you.

Oh, Jessica, I see what you are talking about. The love disease has taken over you again. *sigh* well, you were alright with Nova... so I Am sure you will be fine with this mystery Man. I think I saw him, he was quite polite. He proposed the first toast for me! And you can't fine him now? Hm. Quite mysterious.... maybe I may help you in your search?

@Atlantica or Pacific, I believe I am the pale celebrity. I believe I saw you. You didn't look like you were enjoying yourself. Oh, and the ghost with the cat was Morris. He is still drunk as a lord from all the alcohol. HE was quite popular at the party.... the man tried to start a "mosh pit"... *mumbling* how does he know what that is, he died in the Victorian Era....

Any-the-ways, the dance was amazing. I truly look forward to the next.

Nova Toaster
- 5/3/2015 12:45pm

ok so i am soooooo beat after the big dance last night!!! mostly because i didn't just go to the dance, i went to the dance in like seven different alternate realities until we got it right! so i am exhausted!!!

it was really cool of @Jessica Moon to make me her Noble Hornet, and it put me in a good position in the middle of things. but i also had abbey and kelli and of course a whole slew of morgans. but it was @Silvia H. who turned out to be really key, because of her familiarity with the Honeycomb Multiversal OS.

the first time around was the biggest disaster. the evil archduke bee Apiformez took possession of @Jessica Moon. then he started using her quill thing to sting everybody else and turn them into human-sized bee creatures! it was the first step in his scheme to take over the planet and make psyhigh his hive-capital! even though both @Silvia H. and I had been stung and had been transformed into human-sized bees, we were still able to use @Silvia H.'s power and navigate back to the honeycomb time-cell where Apiformez first tried to take over @Jessica Moon but this time I caught him in a jar just before he could sting her. whew!

the next time around i think everything was going ok till the cats in the audience got together and started showing off (as cats will do) and began trying to top each other with their catty spell casting powers (it's some cat thing that they keep pretty secret) and one of them (with particularly nasty rows and rows of sharp tiny teeth) had cast some kind of infinite-gravity portal spell and it began a chain reaction that was on its way to leaving quite a crater... so again, @Silvia H. and i went back in time through the Honeycomb Multiversal OS and kept the cats separated. as we were tossing the ring-leader cat back into the crowd i'm afraid it might have gotten underfoot and caused some stumbling with the attendees. My apologies @Scilph!

the other instances were more of the same... in one the dance hall was overrun by enormous cattle who took the whole place hostage and began making demands to trade for our release (sacks of money, a getaway car), but @Jackie Packerman helped us go back in time prevent that by making sure the gate was closed at the agricultural department. "your barn door is open, jackie!" ha! i was proud of that joke. but since @Silvia H. and i rewrote the timeline, i doubt @Jackie Packerman even remembers it.

and... whatever the other instances were. there was some kind of italian vampire dance invasion, where all these guys in capes and cologne started voguing in the middle of the dance floor, and we didn't want to be culturally insensitive but it was kind of messing up the Waggle Dance (which is a pretty delicate operation) so again, @Silvia H. and i went back in time and @Lazzeretto intercepted them at the door when they first arrived and got them to all go clubbing downtown. and then of course that whole timeline got erased so @Lazzeretto has no memory of that either.

near the end @Silvia H. and i were getting kinda picky - adjusting lights, volume levels. you can go back in time and remake history ENDLESSLY and you'll never make it perfect, so it's best just to try and avoid the worst turns and hope for the best with the rest. i think there's a Time Team proverb along those lines.

anyway, overall, super dance everybody!!!!

- 5/3/2015 4:56pm

Fishbowl Fascination Fugue State (FFFS)

When a large number of consciousnesses concentrated around a single event mesmerizes an NOB.

Example sentence:

At the Bees and Beekeepers spring formal, @flepurtum experienced an FFFS as his/her/its consciousness was overwhelmed by the amount of activity happening within the confines of Nectaries Observatory.

When NOBs experience an FFFS they become entirely absorbed with their surroundings and lose any sense of their own individual consciousness. The effect is temporary, however, and as the event disperses, their wits slowly return.

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