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9/3/2015 4:41am

I was shot. Well I mean not like 100% shot. (He doesn't really use bullets. More like hardened darkness?) but um here's the crazy thing. I wasn't shot. It reflected right off. I am bulletproof?
I was kidnapped by Verdict. (I mean this is all very crazy. Ximena Voltare. She is a girl, who has been watching me, since I was seven. Crazy.) And I was in a cell and it was horrible. But I escaped? I fought off Verdict on my own? I still have no idea how I have done this. But after doing so I managed to escape and now I'm back in the relative sanctuary of Psyhigh. I think I need to see Ximena but I think she is still in the Complex. I think that I need to save her.
Update soon.


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Eralonia's Prophecy
6/21/2015 4:48am

It seemed a little mean to leave you in the lurch with so little information but so much to process. I was just so shaken up and I was worried I might get zapped back before being able to tell Jack I was here. Anyway I've composed myself enough to tell you a little bit more backstory.

I was 6 when I was kidnapped. (I know know it was exactly the same day Jack received their first premonitory dream, about coming here) I was scared.

The first few times I cried, I cried because I couldn't do it, I couldn't see this child that he said I could see.
There were no children here, there were no people here.
Eventually I could. It was gradual, everyday this child grew clearer in my minds eye. I didn't want him to hurt them, but I was starving to death. There was very little a tiny 6 year old like myself could do. Everyday for my entire life he had me sit in the machine. Wires that read and recorded my thoughts pierced my scalp. Everyday I watched Jackie Packerman. Everyday I grew more and more enamoured with to this person who's every habit I knew, who didn't even know I existed. As a 10 year old I had no idea what this was. But I figured it out eventually.

Everything changed at the start of this year. Something was going to happen, I felt it in my bones. That was when, after 9 years of terrified obedience I enacted my first act of defiance I have (or had) the ability to light things on fire with my mind. Using this I melted the metal door off of my cell late one night. I snuck around until I heard the sound of voices. That night I finally understood why I was here.

There's a 'place' at the edge of the universe that they call forever. It was at forever that Verdict was told how he was going to die. There would be a fortune weaver by the name of Jackie Packerman who would write him out of existence. Verdict was terrified and spent his entire life waiting to kill Jack.
I obviously wasn't going to let them do that so I tired to reach them. Right then and there squatting outside of the meeting room I looked at Jack's sleeping figure and screamed.
I was thrown back in my cell but every night I did it again.
This was stressing Jack out immensely, I could tell, but I figured she would prefer stress as compared to death.

One night it was different. As I screamed at Jack's unconscious form I passed out.
I woke up at forever.

Forever looks like a diner from the 50's and everything is either baby blue or fairy floss pink.
I uncurled myself from my makeshift bed on one of the Linoleum booths.
Across the table from me was an old lady, not a boring old nan or anything, this old lady had three eye sockets, but only the center one had an eye.
'I am Fortuna, the guardian of fate.'
'Nice to meet you, I'm-'
'I know who you are Ximena Voltaire. I foretell and create fates. I created your fate. I created Jackie Packerman's fate. But now it is up to you to enact it.'
'How am I supposed to enact someone else's fate?'
At this she laughed at knowledge she had and I would not for some time.
She then glanced to her right and at the counter of forever.
As if on her command a figure flickered into existence.

I was up like a shot, running at them. I struck an invisible barrier between us and reached out to grab them. I had to warn them. I was screaming. Their gorgeous face turned to me and I tried to shout. They had to go, they had to hide. I would keep them safe. But they flickered out of existence. And just like Jackie Packerman was gone.

When I woke up I was in Jack's bed, alone, and completely out of control of the situation.

This is really long, but is everything I know. I'm scared that Verdict may have taken Jack but regardless I need to find them.


6/20/2015 11:06pm

Oh thank sweet Saturn's rings, Jack never logs out of their account.
There is a lot of explaining I have to do. Must of which I can't do because it hasn't been explained to me yet.
I'll tell you what I do know.

I went to sleep last night same as always but when I woke up the surface bellow me was soft and warm, a stark contrast to my usual concrete cell.
I was in a bed. Jack's bed. But Jack wasn't there. Jack wasn't anywhere. I should know, I can see Jack where ever they go. But it was just me and some dead flies on my desk on top of a hand written note, covered in a layer of dust.

The first thing I did was open Jack's computer. They hardly went anywhere with out this so maybe it held some clue.
The school page was logged into. I read through there last few posts, none of which hinted at a body-switch vacation in the near future, except one detailing the loss and change of her powers. That I knew about though. I caused it.

I have to find Jackie Packerman.

Oh and I suppose, to add to your mystery overdose, I should tell you my name is Ximena Voltaire.

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Roommate Wanted
5/10/2015 5:27pm

I had accidentally set fire to yet another 'roommate wanted' sign. Except this time as it floated down the message was unharmed. I've gotten pretty good at stomping on things to put them out. (Sadly this doesn't really work with people) I've also been roommate-less since I got here. The sign declares that amnesia knowledge is preferable. Sadly I have no knowledge in the subject area. Fly swatting is a personal hobby of mine so maybe that will make up for it. I head off to room 1142 to see if the position is still vacant.


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5/9/2015 8:57pm

It appears a dark cloud has passed since I was last here. I haven’t seen some people I count as friends for many days and I am starting to worry. I do often find it hard to associate myself with people but I enjoy the company of those people never the less. I have encountered more loss and more confusion and more joy in my first few weeks at Psy High than I have in my entire life previously. I have so many questions that I fear might never be answered but I wish I had someone to ask them to. Grayson is gone. I don’t know where he is. I don’t know if he is. So in his absence I have been calling questions into the void. Is @Jessica Moon ok? IS @Scilph ok? Are @Atlantica or Pacific ok? Is Greyson ok? Am I ok? Who is Ximena Voltaire? Why does the universe not want to listen as it always has?
I feel bad for having so many questions.


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Rebellion In The Agriculture Department
5/9/2015 8:48pm

I would like to be the first to congratulate the cows on their historic win.
As many people will now be aware the cows gained their right to attend Psy High. This demand (while being the primary focus of their campaign) was the only one of their original 57 demands to be approved.
I know I for one warmly welcome our new cow peers and look forward to a bright future and bridging the gap between psychics and cows.

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Rebellion In The Agriculture Department
5/8/2015 9:02pm

Tensions are still rising between the student body and the cow resistance. However after the alleged time travel event during the Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal (and thankfully no hostage situation ever took place, well in this timeline anyway), action on the part of the cows appears to have slowed. Many of the demands made by Olympe have been denied by the school board. Although several have gained support and will soon go to a vote, the outcome of which I personally will be awaiting.


5/8/2015 9:00pm

My apologies for my absence of late. Despite the many warnings, I didn't appreciate exactly how stressful exams would be until they struck. It doesn't help that after my Ximena fiasco I'm enrolled in entirely inappropriate classes. For example my drams exam was to predict (using premonitory dreams) an event in the future of the examiner. I tried to get something to no avail so when my dreams teacher asked me for my prediction I said that she would probably be leaving this room at some point and then proceeded to accidently light fire to mine and three other desks, while levitating the teacher. I am currently in talks my teacher advisor as to the road we can take to transfer me into more relevant classes and then re-sit the exams.
On a late but less boring note, the Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal was a roaring success and a truly beautiful event. I, like many other students at Psy High, am not really the party type but it was such a huge honour to be chosen for the Bee Court (and as lovely wasp too!) that I couldn't turn it down. Everyone looked so lovely especially our esteemed Head Beekeeper @Jessica Moon. I was able to broaden my social networks (which is a rare occasion) and look forward to hopefully becoming friends with some of the wonderful attendees I met!


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Issues In The Stars
5/2/2015 6:15pm

Ok so it appears that the question of my ongoing studentship here has been resolved.
Last night I once again saw Ximena Voltaire but this time after she spun around I didn't wake up. Instead she seemed to freeze, this noise, almost like a song made entirely of din from a train station. It was this that woke me up, but what I woke up to was the real surprise. I was hovering nearly a meter off the floor along with all of my possessions and my room mate. After some practice I was able to negotiate our beds back down onto the floor.
It appears that I have somehow developed telekinesis.
Telekinesis is a lot harder to control than fate. I spent all day getting in trouble for making things float and randomly catch on fire. My teachers were forgiving though, once I told them I developed the powers overnight.
Now that this issue has been resolved it’s one less weight over my head and leaves me to find out what is going on with the planets and who Ximena is. (Which I still have no clues to) And I am really missing Grayson. I put up lost and found posters however I’m unsure he is still on Earth (I'm unsure if he still exists but I'm not ready to admit that possibility to myself yet)

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Issues In The Stars
5/2/2015 3:06am

I think the universe is angry with me. It's true I've been making more large changes to fates and attempting to look further into the future but can you really blame me for wanting to see what the out comes for my life the stars have planned?
They appear to be cutting me off. However the universe likes to talk so to have them apparently put me on probation without any warning or discussion seems unusual. Even Grayson has vanished. I am heartbroken. I have tried to make contact but it appears no one is getting my messages.
Also whenever I try to probe into the future (Even mere SECONDS forward) all I am able to get is a name Ximena Voltaire. Whenever I have fortune telling dreams I can see a girl about the same age as me with blonde hair at a stadium. (Like the one on PSR B1620-26 b). She spins around to look at me opens her mouth as if to shout at me and then I wake up. I believe that this girl may be Ximena.
But who is she?
I am unsure of my future here at psy high seeing as now I have almost no psychic abilities. Will they even let me stay? I have no clue.
So if I un-enrol here or cease to exist (I'm not sure what the current school protocol is) wish me luck in 'the outside'

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