Eralonia's Prophecy

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- 6/19/2015 11:51am

To anybody who cares to read this:

My prophetic dream was as torturous as I anticipated. Soon, a dark event will occur on our grounds. There will be a broken heart, there will be many tears shed, and powers will be unleashed beyond the student's/students' physical limits. (But is that really anthing new for our school?) I suggest sealing your windows closed and keeping some unperishable foods in the cupboard until at least next Tuesday. Also, make sure your pets are safely inside. We don't need any excessive feline casualties.

Now back to our regularly posted nonsense!

A Cheer for Psyhigh:
Haunted halls
Fire balls
Whistling some forlorn calls.
Dimensionally influential.
Either or
There's only one place we can go.
Our sanctuary.
Our education.
A brand new life.
A certain death.

- 6/20/2015 5:26pm

{I rolled my eyes so much I felt like they were going to pop out of my skull. Miss @Matching by Mattie, I guess I'm sorry for the way my cat acted. Please accept her apology. Eralonia...?}

*scribbling noises*

~Notes: Important... Mattie is... afraid... of ... cats. Hm? What did you say, Morris?~

{How can you write? You don't even have thumbs.}

~Don't question me. Any-the-way, my SINCEREST of apologies, Mattie. I will forever rue the day that I besmirched the scent of your Dorm. Doing so made me regret the words ever leaving my whiskers. I hope you can find it in that caring heart of yours to forgive my immortal soul.~

{That was so sarcastic it's going to make me sick.}

~Thank you.~


{ANYWAY... Mattie, in all seriousness, you may want to tone down the drama a bit. Being an attention seeker honestly won't get you anywhere. Trust me, I know. Not to be rude and shatter your fragile ego, but it's getting on everyone's nerves, and I know you know it.}

~Excuse me, may I say something? Thank you...~

~Mattie, listen to me. I know that this is hard to believe, but you must listen to Morris. You asking for attention like this will be the undoing of you. Step lightly, my friend. Especially during these times. Gretel's prophecy indicates a "broken heart" and "many tears shed". That heart may just be yours, if everyone abandons you.~

~You must show honesty and self-dependence.~


~Thank you, Morris.~ *fading pawsteps*

{...You'd better listen to her, you know.}


- 6/20/2015 9:04pm

~Hello hello, students. My name is Eralonia Q. VonDuke, and I will be telling you all what you need to do to prepare yourself for Gretel's Prophecy.~

~I know what you're thinking. "Well, Eralonia! You beautiful cat, you, why can you not just tell us how to stop the Prophe-pocalypse?" It pains me to tell you that my powers cannot exceed those of mass proportion. I cannot see to the end of the world or anything as such, or any major disasters (like this one). BUT, I know what to do to help. So, here is my list of things people must do to survive.~

~Six students must preform their most difficult task.~

~NUMBER ONE: Atlantica and Pacifica's Personalities.~

~Atlantica is a bubbly, happy young woman who can see the best in everything. Always starting the day with a smile on her face, this clueless and carefree girl is a delight to be around. Pacifica, a slightly grumpy android, but with a good head on her shoulders. She is intellectual, clever, and can give Atlantica a well-deserved dose of reality. The thing these twins need to do... is spend a day as the other person. Now, I don't mean a body swap. I mean a slight personality swap. BUT, no potions or spells of any sort can be used. Pacifica must become smiling and gleeful ON HER OWN. Atlantica must become slightly dreary but well-rounded ON HER OWN. No exceptions, and the task must be done for a full 24 hours. Deadline is Tuesday, or a horrible fate will be faced.~

~NUMBER TWO: Mattie's Honesty and Self-dependence.~

~As I have mentioned in the previous Journal entry, Miss Mattie needs to learn how to not seek attention, and be dependent on herself. She also needs to not tell a single lie, or provoke anyone as she usually does. (I'm sorry Mattie, but you know what I mean.) She must be kind to others. Not only will it save her life, it will teach her something as well, I believe. (But I'm alright if she stays the same. Mattie is a wonderful character.) Trust me, Mattie. You will truly see how kindness, honesty, and pride effect your life. You must admit that you are WRONG, and that you can sometimes be WRONG. Same thing as before. No potions, spells, enchantments, etc. She must do these things ON HER OWN. Task must be done for a full 24 hours. Deadline is Tuesday, or a horrible fate will be faced.~

~NUMBER THREE: Nobody's Addiction.~

~I know it sounds strange, but Nobody must refrain from eating sprinkles for an entire day. A single sprinkle can tip the scales, and send ultimate doom to its peak. I'm sorry, but it is for your own good. Plus, it cannot be healthy. Claude has told me that he is worried about you. I will ask him to hide your sweets. Do not despair; you can have them all back by Tuesday. No potions, spells, enchantments, you know the drill. Nobody must do this ON HER OWN. Task must be done is 24 hours. Deadline is Tuesday, or a horrible fate will be faced.~

~NUMBER FOUR: Scilph's Dependence.~

~Scilph must stay by herself for a full day. I am sorry, Scilph, but my paws are tied. Unless you want to be wiped off the face of the Earth, I suggest you do what I say. Being alone for 24 will teach her a sense of self-dependence, letting her know that she doesn't need others to fully function. All she needs is pride and confidence in herself to survive. (And of course companionship, but that is not at the top of the list.) Those are things the Scilph lacks. She doesn't need to be helpless. She can be a strong warrior, ready to defend herself and the ones she loves. No potions, blah blah blah, ON HER OWN, blah blah, Done is 24 hours, Deadline is Tuesday, or a horrible fate will be faced.

~NUMBER FIVE: Morris' True Forgiveness.~

~You all know about the.. uhm.. incident, 17 years ago, correct? Morris never really forgave Scilph. Deep inside, he was always fuming, furious, and (if not already) dying. The only reason he stays with her is because she is helpless. She needs him to survive, and vice versa. To save Morris from being banished to Heaven or Hell, he must truly forgive her. He must say "I forgive you" and mean it with all his heart, without a shadow of doubt or regret in his soul. All the same requirements occur.~

{Count me gone, then.}

~!!! Morris! You shocked me. My fur is standing on end.~

{I can never really forgive her. I hate her. I hate her so much.}

~You don-~

{NO! I DO MEAN THAT! She acts all sad when Jessica falls asleep. Oh, boo hoo, Jessie decided to take a long nap. HOW DO YOU THINK I FELT WHEN MY PARENTS DIED, HUH? A SLEEP THEY COULD NEVER WAKE UP FROM. I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO BE LIKE THIS, AND I HATE HER FOR IT!}

~Jessica has already completed her task.~


~Jessica. Has. Already. Completed. Her. Task. You know what her hardest task was? Abandonment. Accepting that sometimes friends leave, sometimes friends are ignorant, and that there will always be mistakes. But that coma? oh, no. That was no mistake. She knew she was asleep. Tormented by the darkest of demons, gorging on her poor soul, until she almost came nothing but an empty shell. You know where she would be right now without her greatest companion Scilph? At the cemetery, next to your lifeless body. Do you want that for her? Do you want her to die, thinking she died with no one caring for her?~



~I thought not.

- 6/20/2015 11:46pm

Days Until Tuesday (the day of possible impending and inevitable doom)


Dear Somebody,
I have been betrayed. Claude has removed all my sprinkles, emergency sprinkles, emergency stress sprinkles, sprinkles for happy days, sprinkles for sad days, invisible sprinkles, non-existent sprinkles, my SPECIAL SPRINKLES FROM THE WORLDS LARGEST SPRINKLE FACTORY, and worst of all, my ultra-52nd dimension time altering glow in the dark sprinkles that were a gift from a half-real dimension-sliding friend. GONE!!! *wailing is heard in the background* Even @Morris is refusing to pay his sprinkle debt until Tuesday. *dark muttering* If there even IS a Tuesday.
Claude won't even help distract me by playing cards. Or chess. Or backgammon. Or Yahtzee. Or parcheesi. Or Chinese checkers. Or Russian roulette. Or ANYTHING. He says I must do this on my own. I think this may have something to do with that cat he's been hanging around. Maybe he joined a cult. *paranoid muttering from lack of sprinkles and sleep*. Maybe he IS a cult!! Wait. That doesn't make sense. But still.
*chewing sounds are heard*
But in other news, while he won't play with ME, and barely lets me pet him now, he and my roommate Mattie are now practically best friends!!! Claude will be sleeping on the window sill (the "expensive" perfume still bothers his nose a little), and Mattie will inch closer to him until he wakes up and stares at her, and then she shrieks and scampers away. She's trying to prove she's not afraid of cats. Er, playing a game with him. Because she's not afraid of anything. Even though there's nothing wrong with a phobia, and no one would think any less of her. I myself am afraid of, *gives pointed look at cat sitting on window sill* LOSING ALL MY SPRINKLES. But no matter. I will survive. *more chewing noises* sprinkles aren't vital to life. I can do this. *munching* and Claude doesn't know about my secret emergency emergency stress sprinkles... *cackled laughter* *coughing*
I'm sorry I don't think I'm quite right in the head, I haven't been sleeping well. Or at all. I keep thinking I see EBIBs creeping around the walls of the school, and on the grounds. I could have sworn I saw one on @i am the champ's assorted candy booth. But I could be wrong. I know I'm wrong. Because it's not possible for them to have survived my Spring Cleaning. I never did write about that. I guess I forgot. But some things are better left unsaid. *chewing and the sound of a game of solitaire being played* Yes. Some things are better left unsaid.

Farewell for now,

Jackie Packerman
- 6/21/2015 4:48am

It seemed a little mean to leave you in the lurch with so little information but so much to process. I was just so shaken up and I was worried I might get zapped back before being able to tell Jack I was here. Anyway I've composed myself enough to tell you a little bit more backstory.

I was 6 when I was kidnapped. (I know know it was exactly the same day Jack received their first premonitory dream, about coming here) I was scared.

The first few times I cried, I cried because I couldn't do it, I couldn't see this child that he said I could see.
There were no children here, there were no people here.
Eventually I could. It was gradual, everyday this child grew clearer in my minds eye. I didn't want him to hurt them, but I was starving to death. There was very little a tiny 6 year old like myself could do. Everyday for my entire life he had me sit in the machine. Wires that read and recorded my thoughts pierced my scalp. Everyday I watched Jackie Packerman. Everyday I grew more and more enamoured with to this person who's every habit I knew, who didn't even know I existed. As a 10 year old I had no idea what this was. But I figured it out eventually.

Everything changed at the start of this year. Something was going to happen, I felt it in my bones. That was when, after 9 years of terrified obedience I enacted my first act of defiance I have (or had) the ability to light things on fire with my mind. Using this I melted the metal door off of my cell late one night. I snuck around until I heard the sound of voices. That night I finally understood why I was here.

There's a 'place' at the edge of the universe that they call forever. It was at forever that Verdict was told how he was going to die. There would be a fortune weaver by the name of Jackie Packerman who would write him out of existence. Verdict was terrified and spent his entire life waiting to kill Jack.
I obviously wasn't going to let them do that so I tired to reach them. Right then and there squatting outside of the meeting room I looked at Jack's sleeping figure and screamed.
I was thrown back in my cell but every night I did it again.
This was stressing Jack out immensely, I could tell, but I figured she would prefer stress as compared to death.

One night it was different. As I screamed at Jack's unconscious form I passed out.
I woke up at forever.

Forever looks like a diner from the 50's and everything is either baby blue or fairy floss pink.
I uncurled myself from my makeshift bed on one of the Linoleum booths.
Across the table from me was an old lady, not a boring old nan or anything, this old lady had three eye sockets, but only the center one had an eye.
'I am Fortuna, the guardian of fate.'
'Nice to meet you, I'm-'
'I know who you are Ximena Voltaire. I foretell and create fates. I created your fate. I created Jackie Packerman's fate. But now it is up to you to enact it.'
'How am I supposed to enact someone else's fate?'
At this she laughed at knowledge she had and I would not for some time.
She then glanced to her right and at the counter of forever.
As if on her command a figure flickered into existence.

I was up like a shot, running at them. I struck an invisible barrier between us and reached out to grab them. I had to warn them. I was screaming. Their gorgeous face turned to me and I tried to shout. They had to go, they had to hide. I would keep them safe. But they flickered out of existence. And just like Jackie Packerman was gone.

When I woke up I was in Jack's bed, alone, and completely out of control of the situation.

This is really long, but is everything I know. I'm scared that Verdict may have taken Jack but regardless I need to find them.


- 6/21/2015 7:10am

~*sigh* Nobody, your cat has not joined a cult. I don't know how you came to that conclusion. And I strongly hope those munching sounds are not sprinkles. Lying will not help. I am omniscient, I will know if you are not being honest. This is for your own safety, Nobody. I don't want anyone else to die.~

{What do you mean, "else?"}

~!... You know exactly what I mean, Morris.~

{Hmph.} *whip crack*

~...He teleported. He's probably on the roof again.~

~Anyway... I had just read about the instance of Jackie Packerman. How he was kidnapped, and about Ximena. I have come to believe that Fortuna could possible be the one enacting our fates, and putting up a barrier so I cannot see it. That must be it... oh, my. This will be more difficult that I thought.~


- 6/21/2015 7:29am



No. No, I am not going back. I DO need others to fully function. Jessica going into a coma was one of the worst things that happened to me. And she just woke up! I was alone for 2 years, 2 long years until I emerged from my test tube in that cold, dark place. They were dead. They were all dead and I didn't know how it happened. I was so sca-



{They know.}


{They know about the murder.}

...I... I didn't mean to, I didn't want to--! I--I never knew I could... *small sobs*

{..ugh... hey, look, no, it's fine, you're ok. You're alright.}

Th-they know that I'm a monster.. they know that I--I don't deserve to live--!

{No, no, no one likes you less! Oh, Scilph...}

*footsteps fading*

{...She ran off. This.. can be a good opportunity. I'm going to lock her in her room. This is for your own good, Scilph.}


- 6/21/2015 9:27am

Um... hi everybody. Don't hate me... but Eralonia's pretty spot on. Listen to her. Like most prophecy's, what I know is pretty foggy. Probably because the future keeps changing. All I know for sure at this point is that "love" is a trigger for the event.

Here's a little song to clarify:
Pacifica loves Atlantica!
Atlantica loves the world!
Morris loves his family,
And everyday feels worse...
Scilph loves Jessica, and someone else we knoooow!
Nobody loves the sprinkles and her cat,
And Mattie loves herself!

And here's a song to encourage you all:

Ring around the students!
Each about to lose it!
Or we'll all fall down!

Oh, and make sure you keep her under control. Unstable mind + unstable powers = catastrophe. Keep a close eye on--
*sorry, Gretel has been taken to "forever". Please standby.*

- 6/21/2015 9:50am

Okay, okay, I have mostly fixed the computer. That virus @*Atlantica* released completely wrecked the system though, we lost most of our files. This really suc-- er, I mean, what an... exciting... way to experiment with my robot capablities. Yeah. Seeing as I use computer coding and programs all the time to make my body function, it was pretty easy to "talk" with the anti-virus system. All I had to do was plug into the system really. Atlantica was really beat up about it though... she stopped smiling and just stared blankly at me for five whole minutes. It was really freaky, especially with her new mis-matched eyes. She's better now though, she and Mattie went out to an ice cream place to distract themselves fom the current stressers of life. Honestly, I think we're all doo-- er, I think we're luck Gretel and Eralonia are here to help us! Ugh... it is such a pain to keep censoring my thoughts! How does Atlantica stay so positive? Doesn't she see it's hopele-- er, totally possible?

I haven't told Atlantica anything about the prophecy yet. I'm not sure how she'll react. Not to mention, I don't think she can even PRETEND to be dreary like me. Sorry @Morris's cat, I know I shouldn't procrastinate.... Hope. I just have to be hopeful. That counts as cheery, right? I hope that this will all turn out okay! Honest! (Ugh, this is too hard.) Mattie's having an even harder time than me though. She just instinctively lies all the time, it's a terrible habit at this point. So I helped her out and attached a lie-detector to her back. Whenever she lies, it'll give her an electrical shock. It's pretty hilarious to watch. Especially since I put it on her when she wasn't looking and now she can't get it off.
*sound of door slamming*
"HI PACI!!!! Did you fix the silly sleepy computer yet?"
Oh, hey Atlantica. Yeah, mostly. I just need to open this one file and delete it's contents. *click* *click* [ERROR, VIRUS ACTIVATED IN ROBOT BODY] What the-- *Pacifica's body malfunctions and topples over* "Paci? Pacifica? PACIFICA???" *Atlantica falls into hysterics*

- 6/21/2015 12:42pm

Ring around the students...
Each about to lose it...
We'll all fall down.

Ring around the feelings...
Each a different meaning...
We all break down.

Ring around the lies...
Each one a surprise...
We all go down.

Ring around the candy...
Each one perfect, dandy...
So sweet...
Must eat...
We all turn down.

Ring around the dying...
Each stop crying...
No home...
We all burn down.

Ring around the souls...
Each as pure as gold...
THEN truly live...
We all die down.

Ring around the sleeping...
Each waking one still weeping...
Sweet dreams...
Sweet dreams...
We're all dead now.

~Goodness gracious above. Gretel. Gretel... she's the first to go. She did not complete her most difficult task--! Oh, no. Why so soon? Why today, it is Sunday! It wasn't supposed to come for another two days... this is insanity. You must do all as you were instructed to do. TODAY or TOMORROW, it must be completed. This force strikes quickly, and without warning.~

~And Atlantica and Pacifica... oh, no. No no no no no. This isn't right, this isn't right at all! Why would- Pacifica. If you can somehow hear me, keep hope. You can survive this... unless she hasn't already been taken to The Forever Realm. No, this is awful... WAIT! ATLANTICA! You must properly mourn for your sister! Be sad! Cry, even! I-it will save your life and hers.~

~Be cautious, everyone. I have no doubt in my mind something is afoot.~

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