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Eralonia's Prophecy
6/22/2015 4:20am

I could see her-- -- --
I could- --
SEE HER-- --
I need to -- -
Get her away but I'm-- - -- --- -
I can't quite-
She doesn't want to- - --
------------ - --- - - - ------ - - --- - - - - - -- - --- ----- - --- - - ---- -- - --------- -- -
I know now, I must- -
be right underneath @Nobody's old room and I'm- -- -
Ripped apart I can't see anything where is my room where are my- -- - --
HOW AM I- -- I CAN'T---- ---
There's dust and bugs and dripping, walls dripping with -- ---- mould eaaa--aa-ting away at me-- -- at the walls- -- --- I NEED TO GET OFF HER PLANE--- --THE QUEEN IT IS SO--SO-- - --DARK I CAN HEAR HER IN MY HEAD SHE-- - -HER BUGS ARE EATING INTO PSYHIGH, CONSUMING EE--VERYTHING I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING THE WALLS ARE D--RIPP--ING

Eralonia's Prophecy
6/21/2015 5:05pm

@Nobody These bugs. I know @slug master somehow got them to follow her through the walls but I'm afraid that was a dangerous move... I can still feel the inside, whatever I am, wearing away at me... Evil Biotic Insectoids from the Beyond? They seem to multiply wherever they go... I'm not even sure if they're truly here, I've become accustomed to the familiar flicker of projections, and these bugs... Can they exist in the present and the future? Can they traverse the fourth dimension? I'm afraid they'll eat away at me until not even my consciousness remains, after losing my body I'm not going to let them take the rest of me.

I can feel you close to me... I don't know where I am, or where you are, but you need to get away quickly! There is something awful underneath this part of the school and if the buzzing gets into your head it will never leave, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE UNTIL IT'S SCRAPED EVERYTHING AWAY. I don't know if you can project. It might be the end of you, and I don't want to see that happen, okay??

A projection will try to find you, I can try to guide you away... Watch out for me

Eralonia's Prophecy
6/21/2015 3:58pm

@*Atlantica* I'm not stranger to chaos! Sugar. Wherever @Pacifica has gone, surely bringing her back is a good thing... right? Viruses are nasty things, and exceptionally insidious... I hope I'm not getting into something I shouldn't. White or brown? You can never know a persons favourite kind of sugar, and of course reading minds without consent violates the Telepathic Code of Conduct (paragraph 10010001). Or is that just where I'm from? Pitchfork wielders be crazy. I can conjure up a vivid projection of sugar, I've been practising, and you will be able to bake it into these infamous desserts, but when the recipient of the desserts gets down to eating it there will be no nutritional value from the sugar. Benefit? I depends whether you're on a diet of susceptible to hyperactive sugar rushes. I know I was! *Laughs HEARTILY with former room-mates on the efflorescent plane*

I can't eat desserts anymore. But I appreciate the sentiment of making one! If you want the sugar, I can project it into your room but you might need a bowl underneath to catch it. I'm not sure what's going on in this place. I'm working on multiple projections in different places so I can find out more.

Much Appreciated
6/21/2015 2:22pm

That thing you do with the bugs? @slug master? It would be real nice if you could call the creatures that have been tugging on my sanity OUT of the foundations under the school. Not only would I be eternally grateful but you're doing the school a favour by getting rid of pests, they might reward you with some nice falsified memories of academic achievements, which you can put on job applications and the like. People always like those kind of memories in employees. Much easier than earning them yourself! Thank you kindly

-The Presence in the Walls

(what do you think of the title? might as well make the most of it)

6/21/2015 11:52am

---------------It's all worked out haha! I uh... heh... can't feel the buzzing anymore. Yes! No. Although, I might have absorbed it. I feel full of a very hah, energy? Vivacity? My mind (my... mind?) is going crazy. You see, I may be trapped within these cold, HEARTLESS (I'm sorry, they're getting to me) INTOLERABLE stone foundations, but heh, even though I can't seem to focus my mind on teleportation in particular, it's like I've unlocked a whole new (NEW!) spectrum of psychedelic potential! Coming here was a hah! fantastic idea! My former room-mates keep trying to get through to me on our plane but I'd not really ready for that yet. What I am excited about! of course! Though I am trapped (have I said that?) I can push my physical body into a (weak, so far) ghost-like projection, and I've managed to escape, at least spiritually, my stone confinement! Hah! I can even, If I concentrate really hard-------------------------------project environments and objects into the space in my mind (Like I'm, heh, sitting in a room of my own design) so I have accommodation now! I can visit, hah, the whole school from my own little paradise! I can (Yes!) base my learnings from here! I would be worried about food (sweet, delicious... GAH! sorry!) but this buzzing energy seems to have affected me. I can't feel my body anymore. I think I will grow to miss hunger. I can still feel uh, hah, the bugs however, crawling on me... Without a physical body, supposedly, they're... hah.... it seems, crawling on the strands of my mind... it feels... ANYWAY! I hope to meet some new, hah, people, familiars, androids, whatever you happen to be (I don't ah, discriminate!) if you see a flickering projection trying to approach you (I don't bite! Well, I can't, I have no physical, hah, form!) introduce yourself and your classmates! I'd be happy to heh, socialize!

The buzzing is clouding me. I'll have to------------


6/21/2015 10:53am

I made a mistake.

Bear with me, it was an honest mistake, my snapdragons did warn me about it, but they warn me about a lot of things. They've recently died and have been brooding, which makes for gloomy conversation, and they think they can act all angsty and gothic because the seedpods resemble skulls, and not to be rude but their poetry sucks... If any of you can access the efflorescent plane do not tell them I said that.

But okay okay, I'm rambling because this place is making my skin crawl, literally. Aren't we supposed to teach bugs manners? Because no one has seemed to intervene with this bunch, they're barbaric. GAH. Okay, I teleported, because this is the only place I've ever wanted to be, but I've never really been away from home, my room-mates have always expressed their doubts about this place. I could feel myself being drawn away, and I'd rather teleport voluntarily, or something might get left behind (or gained, if I'm not concentrating the information might get muddled and duplicate another body part, I worry that I'd have to learn to walk with another leg which would make me look awkward and incompetent, how would I make any new friends?) Not that it matters now. I focussed really hard, I even let my astral buddies join with me to give extra concentration, but no... I'm in the school, I know that. But it's dark, and cramped, and... Loud. It's like a buzzing deep inside me, where my organs would be, (that's another story) and it's messing with my head, I can hardly feel my (former) room-mates presence anymore. I SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT. I NEEDED PRACTICE. I'm sure I'm trapped between some kind of foundations, or some kind of boarded up closet, or...? I don't know where I am, but something very strange is happening close by, maybe an experiment or... and it.... SORRY... it hurts a lot. I really feel like I'm going crazy.

6/21/2015 7:51am

Since I haven't actually been able to enter the school there's only so much I can do, bar doing more research into the school's history and students. I still don't know much about anything, I think my duff attention span definitely contributes to my lacking teleportation skills, or maybe it's just clumsyness? I know I'm gonna keep missing the bus. I just can't seem to hone in on a specific target. I can end up anywhere within a 200 metre radius of where I want, which is a real problem. Plus, practising is difficult when my village is full of pitchfork wielding locals. I know they love me really, but they don't seem to understand I need a good education! I need tips.

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6/21/2015 6:19am

I missed the bus today and since the disaster regarding my uncle's wedding and my awful teleportation skills (my uncle will be fine, by the way, and it's been nice having six limbs) I'm afraid my first day isn't going to go as planned. Will work from home