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- 6/21/2015 1:07pm

I'm locked in my own room.

When I came up here to be sad on my own ((Which I've gotten used to)) Morris locked me in. At least he fazed into the room to give me Journal. It makes me feel like I have someone to talk to. And it's good to be in my room and not be immobilized in bed. But no human contact is allowed for 24 hours. That's not good.

Why did it have to be after Jessica woke up? I need to see her again. I must have her back. I need her, and she needs me. We thrive off of one another. I would say that I would force myself into a coma again, but I know I can see her afterwards at least. And even then, I will never leave her side.

Miss Gretel, I am personally offended that you would say I "Love" Jessica. Don't you know that Love is a serious disease? It has broken many people's hearts. It is not something to speak lightly about. Oh, and I am also sorry about you being made to go to "Forever". That is a shame. Also, Pacifica I am truly worried for. And Atlantica. The two of them will definitely break down in their own ways.

Atlantica, it is alright to be sad. You always tell yourself you must be happy all the time, but then people will never care for you. They will always think you're perfectly okay and that you are never upset. Sadness is there for a reason. Have a good cry. Crying is alright. Crying cleanses your soul, it will put you at ease. Trust me, I am an expert on the topic of being depressed. *small chuckle*

I wish Blackie were here, at least.


Anyway, off the sadness of sadness, and onto more joyous things. Ever since I got up, my limbs have healed quickly. My left elbow will be immobile for a few days, but that is it. I have eaten, drank, and exercised properly, then went back to my normal self. Things are better now... but with Eralonia's prophecy, and the ending of us, that is surely putting a damper on everyone's mood. At least I won't have to talk to anyone who is sad.

I am going to sit quietly and do nothing. That may push down my raging fury of this idiotic task.


Matching by Mattie
- 6/21/2015 1:56pm

Hello my wonderful fans, who I respect so much! (Ouch!)

Oh, don't mind my little cries of pain. Just some silly shocker @Pacifica put on me. It doesn't bother me in the least! (Ouch!) Supposedly it will give me a teeny little shock whenever I lie, but I'm always a good, honest, perfect example of flawless morals and therefore never lie. (Ouch!) Obviously, it's broken. (Ouch!)

I'm very worried about this "prophecy" thing that @Gretel dreamed up. It's dead-line is this Tuesday! That's way too soon! the first meeting of my customer-growing club! My fans will be soooo disappointed if I don't show! (Ouch!) Fine, fine, I guess a possible disaster is the bigger worry... but only if I'm in danger. (OUCH!) If I'm being HONEST with my fans -- you heard me shocker, leave me alone this time -- I have no idea how I would tie into this whole dilemma. Sure, I've seen with the other five students involved rarely. (Ouch!) Fine, I talk to them sometimes. (OUCH!) FINE! I INTERACT WITH THEM A LOT. IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH YOU STUPID MACHINE? (....) My deepest apoligies readers, I didn't mean to get so out of hand. As I was saying, the only real way I'm connected to this is my profession. My subliminal messaging powers are not as powerful as the powers of @Scilph or the twins, but with my job as THE expert in all areas in love (Ouch!) I work with a lot of hearts. And Gretel mentioned a broken heart. I do break a LOT of hearts as the most desirable girl on campus.... (Ouch!) Hey! That one is, like, totally true! Ugh. So what, I'm supposed to not work for a whole three days??? That will kill me! (Ouch!) And just as Morris's drama was getting interesting.... (sad face)

I'd ask @Nobody to take this shocker thing off me, but she's currently huddled in a corner due to lack of, like, sprinkles. If I go near her she starts yelling frantically for me to help her access her "secret emergency emergency stress sprinkles". Claude, my best friend in the whole world (Ouch!), seems rather unamused by her behavior. Not to mention, all this stress is, like, totally going to give her acne. Ew. It doesn't help our anxiety that all sorts of bad luck seems to happening in this hallway of dorms today. Did somebody, like, walk under a ladder or something? Like, seriously!

Wait... has anybody seen Atlantica or Pacifica today? *Claude, who was on the window sill, unluckily loses his balance and falls to the ground* OMG... uh... I'm sure everything is, like, totally fine! (Ouch!) Byeeeeee for nowwwww!

- 6/21/2015 2:07pm

~Mattie, you brainless clod. You can't LIE over your LIES. You must stay truthful for an entire day. Not a single lie must slip off your tongue. Maybe you just shouldn't speak, or speak very carefully. If you feel a single shock, you must start over. *sigh* This will not be easy. But no one ever said this would be easy.~

~Look here, Lying-Lover. You know for fact that you have no "Customer-Growing Club". And I don't know how you got tied into this either. I have no idea how this Prophecy works, but you're in it for some reason. After this whole thing blows over, I'll let you know. By the way... this isn't just to save yourself. It's to save everyone. You could think that the fate of this school rests on your shoulders. Well, on OUR shoulders. A single slip-up, and it's all done. You can complete this tomorrow. But today, you've failed. Congratulations for wanting to show off to virtually no one.~

~*slow, heavy breath* Look. There's no shame in telling the truth. You look like more of a fool when you aren't honest.~

- 6/21/2015 2:51pm

(soft, muffled, and disembodied voice can be heard singing in the train yard near Psyhigh)

*la. la. la. la. LAAA. la. ... la. la. la. la. LAAA. la. ... la. la. la. la. LAAA. la. ... la. la. la. la. LAAA. la.*

I'm lost in forever,
But nobody should fret,
The battle isn't over,
Well, at least not yet.

Two of you are succeeding,
One of you is gone,
Three of you are flailing,
So listen to my song.

Like most foreseen futures,
Nothing's set in stone.
Now only three paths are for sure,
But on which one will you go?

One path is safety.
One path is death.
One path is insanity.
It's obvious which is best.

Broken splintered minds.
Broken splintered hearts.
Will it be peace that they find,
Or will they fall apart?

Many separate stories,
Many separate souls,
When will you realize,
You aren't really alone?

Sorry if I'm eerie,
Or if you get the creeps,
I never should have told you,
About my stupid drea-- (singing abruptly stops)

- 6/21/2015 3:30pm

I'm out of sugar. This is an emergency. I'm out of sugar. I've been baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and brownies for the past five hours, and I've run out of sugar. Do you understand me? I've RUN OUT OF SUGAR!

*Claude the cat is seen falling past Atlantica's dorm window*
Oh no! I'm so sorry kitty! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?!? He's okay. He's okay! Oh no, I did it again. *half-hearted laugh* See, this is why I try not to be a sad sack like Pacifica. Sure, I can control good luck like a super duper professional, but bad luck.... It's completely out of control. How did Pacifica live with this weight over her head? That any unlucky thing that happens was probably caused by her? Whenever I cry... whenever I get mad... whenever I go nuts... there's a risk I'll cause something bad to happen to somebody.

Which is why I need more sugar! See, I'm making a baked good for every student in Psyhigh! I've talked to 93% of the student body (btw, hi @slug master and @that kid! So happy to see you here, so sorry it's at a time of chaos.) and I know almost every person's favorite dessert. When all this is over, every student will get a treat as compensation for all the trouble my best besties and I have caused! Won't that be great? But I'm out of sugar. And you need sugar. Without sugar, the sad facts of flour, raw eggs, whole milk... it just weighs on you... and tries to destroy you.... *eye twitch* But sugar distracts you! Sugar keeps you happy! Sugar helps you face all of life's problems and push on in one great sugar rush! WE NEED SUGAR. SUGAR WILL BRING PACIFICA BACK!

...I don't know where she went. She was at the computer... then on the floor... then gone... and the only thing left of her is this weird 50's diner napkin with "Watch yourself Eralonia. Love, Fortuna" written on it. I don't understand any of this, but it must be my fault... it's all my fault... *eye twitch* *Somewhere in the school there is the sound of a small explosion* Oh no! No no no no no! It's happening again! Must stay positive! Like Pacifica was before she disappeared... that was so weird....

*@Matching by Mattie frantically knocks on dorm door*

Oh no oh no oh no. Who could that be? I'm probably in trouble now... *puts on brave face* but for my besties I WILL BE STRONG! If you have sugar, please bring some to Dorm 2332. I'd offer a money reward, but Pacifica always insists on holding our money because I always give mine away to the nice beggars on the street and anyone who tells me a good pun... but I have lots of sprinkles. Maybe that would work? Like a trade, one pound of sugar for one pound of sprinkles? *sniff* Hold it together Atti... you don't want to hurt anyone else....

- 6/21/2015 3:46pm

Eralonia read the Journal entries frantically. Oh, no. No, no, no. This was disastrous. They were all going to die, because of someone's craving for sweets. ~No, Atlantica,~ She silently screamed. ~No! Stay sad, stay dreary. I know it hurts, but hurt a little longer!~ But it was no use. She couldn't do it on her own, and she couldn't get help from ANYONE. She certainly wasn't succeeding.

Pacifica AND Gretel were gone? TWO IN ONE DAY?! How was that even possible?! This Fortuna character sickened the cat to the core. Who even knew what was going on in The Forever Realm...

Suddenly, her ears perked up. She heard singing, coming from the railroads.

It was Gretel's voice. She was off like a shot to the source of the serenade, hearing the gentle lyrics.

Sorry if I'm eerie,
or if you get the creeps
I never should have told you
about my stupid drea-

And the it stopped.

As mysteriously as it began, it ended. A message. A message from the Forever Realm. As she was walking back, she thought about what it mean, while still pondering Fortuna and silently cheering on Atlantica (by beating her down) in her head. Eralonia returned to Campus, where she saw Claude lying, motionless, on the ground. She remembered reading about the fall. She gasped and rushed over to him, checking his pulse, but he got up seemingly without a scratch. He coughed a bit.

=Geez! You'd think someone could sleep in peace around here!= He sauntered off and fell asleep in the bushes.

Eralonia set back off, her mind on Fortuna. "Watch yourself, Eralonia. LOVE, Fortuna." Sickening. It reminded her of--

Eralonia gasped.

that kid
- 6/21/2015 3:58pm

@*Atlantica* I'm not stranger to chaos! Sugar. Wherever @Pacifica has gone, surely bringing her back is a good thing... right? Viruses are nasty things, and exceptionally insidious... I hope I'm not getting into something I shouldn't. White or brown? You can never know a persons favourite kind of sugar, and of course reading minds without consent violates the Telepathic Code of Conduct (paragraph 10010001). Or is that just where I'm from? Pitchfork wielders be crazy. I can conjure up a vivid projection of sugar, I've been practising, and you will be able to bake it into these infamous desserts, but when the recipient of the desserts gets down to eating it there will be no nutritional value from the sugar. Benefit? I depends whether you're on a diet of susceptible to hyperactive sugar rushes. I know I was! *Laughs HEARTILY with former room-mates on the efflorescent plane*

I can't eat desserts anymore. But I appreciate the sentiment of making one! If you want the sugar, I can project it into your room but you might need a bowl underneath to catch it. I'm not sure what's going on in this place. I'm working on multiple projections in different places so I can find out more.

- 6/21/2015 4:46pm

Days Until Tuesday (the day of possible impending and inevitable doom)


Must get sugar must get sugar must get sugar must get sugar....

Dear Somebody,
I am running through the halls. I have to get sugar. Now. Before @that kid takes all the sprinkles. They're mind. MINE. MINE!!!!!!!!!

I cannot let them escape me!! *hysterical laughter* I need sprinkles. I ran out of my emergency emergency stress sprinkles I was eating, and I'm dying. Dying dying dying dying dying dying....We're all dying. Doomed. I see flashes. Flashes of the future. Things to come, things that have yet to come, things that may never come, and things that are too late to change and are coming. They are all horrible. I cannot begin to describe the things I've seen. I... It's... Must get sugar must get sugar must get sugar must get.....

I don't know where I am. I've never been to this part of the school before and I forget how I got here or how to get back to where I was. I forget where I was or where I came from, too. I'm all alone. Creatures are everywhere; horrible black bug like things... They're called, uh... I... EBIBs. Yes, that's right. Evil Biotic Insectoids from the Beyond. I see them everywhere in the future too.

I'm... Missing something. Something important. Something, no, someone I...need. It's... I....Has anyone seen Claude?

- 6/21/2015 5:03pm

~We might as well just indulge ourselves now, because we are doomed.~

~Two spirited away, two more going insane, one still compulsively lying, and one not taken, just not around. Where IS Morris, anyway? Humans disgust me. You wouldn't do one thing if your life LITERALLY DEPENDED ON IT! Sickening, selfish creatures. I don't know why I bother to hide it. Your behavior exhibited so far has given me so much doubt, I am considering not even trying. Eat every sprinkle, lie all you want, hate people, be upset, because tomorrow ((OR TODAY)) may be your last day on Earth. Good work, guys. Psyhigh will become a massive crater, OR a burnt crisp, OR assaulted by Who-Knows-What!!~

~I'm disappointed in all of you.~

that kid
- 6/21/2015 5:05pm

@Nobody These bugs. I know @slug master somehow got them to follow her through the walls but I'm afraid that was a dangerous move... I can still feel the inside, whatever I am, wearing away at me... Evil Biotic Insectoids from the Beyond? They seem to multiply wherever they go... I'm not even sure if they're truly here, I've become accustomed to the familiar flicker of projections, and these bugs... Can they exist in the present and the future? Can they traverse the fourth dimension? I'm afraid they'll eat away at me until not even my consciousness remains, after losing my body I'm not going to let them take the rest of me.

I can feel you close to me... I don't know where I am, or where you are, but you need to get away quickly! There is something awful underneath this part of the school and if the buzzing gets into your head it will never leave, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE UNTIL IT'S SCRAPED EVERYTHING AWAY. I don't know if you can project. It might be the end of you, and I don't want to see that happen, okay??

A projection will try to find you, I can try to guide you away... Watch out for me

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