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That Lonesome Whistle
5/11/2015 10:29pm

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

A stabilizer added to some food products, including soft drinks.

Example sentence:

Mountain Dew residue contains orange juice solids, corn syrup, sodium benzoate, Yellow 5, EDTA, and other complex compounds.

Because of their flexible relationship to the observation of scale, NOBs can find very tiny structures (such as molecules) as interesting as larger objects (such as humans, automobiles, buildings, and, of course, trains).

The Bees and Beekeepers Spring Formal
5/3/2015 4:56pm

Fishbowl Fascination Fugue State (FFFS)

When a large number of consciousnesses concentrated around a single event mesmerizes an NOB.

Example sentence:

At the Bees and Beekeepers spring formal, @flepurtum experienced an FFFS as his/her/its consciousness was overwhelmed by the amount of activity happening within the confines of Nectaries Observatory.

When NOBs experience an FFFS they become entirely absorbed with their surroundings and lose any sense of their own individual consciousness. The effect is temporary, however, and as the event disperses, their wits slowly return.

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That Lonesome Whistle
4/28/2015 2:59pm

Remote Control Locomotive (RCL)

A railway engine operated by remote control radio transmitter.

Example sentence:

At the rail yard, @Tomas was almost struck by an RCL because he was not paying attention when crossing the tracks.

NOBs are attracted to rail yards operating RCLs, because they like to inhabit the engines as they move around. The concept of scale can be hard for NOBs to comprehend, which makes rail yards and RCLs especially fascinating.

4/26/2015 10:24pm

Language Simultaneity Event (LSE)

When the same word is spoken, broadcast, or read by multiple unrelated individuals at the exact same moment.

Example sentence:

There was an LSE in the cafeteria when @Jessica Brooklyn said the word "peanut" at the same time the Dean said "peanut" over the PA system, while at the same instant @Midori Thirteen Desu ran across the word "peanut" in the book she was reading and a promotional truck shaped like a gigantic peanut was visible through the cafeteria windows driving past the school.

An NOB is in a position to notice these things, due to his/her/its disembodied nature.

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4/25/2015 11:31pm

Natively Out of Body (NOB)

1. Designation for a distinct consciousness that exists outside of any container, biological or technological.

2. A hanger-on. A haunter, a drifter, a phantom visitor. A whisp, a hoverer, a watcher, a voyeur.

3. Easy to miss. A wallflower.

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