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Finding Lucia
4/4/2015 3:06pm

@Mind reader

Maybe I can try to travel to the dimension. c:

3/27/2015 1:33pm

I love this school already! This nice student gave me this potion to drink, and next thing I know, everything is rainbow! Another ten seconds, and I don't know where my dollar is. Second thought, today sucked.

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A New School
3/25/2015 3:31pm

Will somebody please show me around this school? o_o

3/25/2015 3:26pm

Dear Diary,
The Joker is Pinocchio. I can feel it.

-Midori Desu

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3/25/2015 3:22pm

I'm new to this high school, I'm not sure if I'm ready. I've always been able to create illusions. People don't know too much about how mean I can even be, even when I act mean. I also am able to make people go insane. Yes, insane. It's very hard not to use it, and I'd only ever use it for self defense. I also am able to do many other things, which I have not yet discovered.

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