Psychic Crime Family Picnic

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- 2/21/2015 2:38pm

What's with all the helicopters and black limousines on campus today? Lots of guys in dark suits and ear pieces, well dressed families with lots of Louis Vuitton and little dogs?

Big Jim
- 2/21/2015 2:49pm

Hello @Tony24,

Today is the arrival of the Psychic Crime Families for their annual picnic, which is tomorrow on Lower Campus.

Though you may not know it, a number of our students - your classmates - are heirs to Psychic Crime Families from around the world, with a fair number from extraterrestrial and interdimensional locales as well.

Their families like to come and visit for this annual event, and it's also a time for prospective students from similar families to visit. Many are important donors to the school as well, so the Dean likes to spend time with their Dons during this time too.

The picnic is open to all students, so be sure to join us tomorrow! We just ask that you be respectful, and don't inadvertently fuel or resurrect any of the long standing, ancient feuds between them.

Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

- 2/23/2015 10:10pm

I had a fantastic time at the Psychic Crime Family Picnic, and I'd encourage all students to attend next time there's another one. Not only did I meet lots of interesting young people my own age from many different backgrounds, I may have also discovered the love of my life!

Her name is Angela, and she comes from an isolated Italian Renaissance community hidden deep within the Venezuelan rainforest. Aside from occasional trips to Psychic High School and the Vatican, they have shunned direct contact with the outside world for centuries. They live in idyllic palaces with plazas and piazzas and what-not, covered in rainforest vines and beautiful domes.

Their only regular contact with our world is through their highly advanced Psychic Camera Obscura, with its beautifully tiled mosaics and ornate balustrades, through which they mentally influence the international stock and currency markets, directing their profits to deeply hidden bank accounts throughout the world.

Angela says their psychic city-state in the jungle is beautiful, and she couldn't bear to leave it. Literally. When any of them are gone for any length of time, they begin to weaken and suffer terribly. So their trips away are always short.

But her father, Don Ginevra, says it would be appropriate for me to come and visit, even if he knows I like his daughter. ;) Apparently, due to being removed from the rest of humanity for so long, they're beginning to lose their ability to psychically connect with the rest of humanity - and thus the Psychic Camera Obscura could become useless to them. He wants me to go down there and give it a try - get in the pilot's seat and see if I can drive it.

This is the absolute best thing that's happened to me since coming to Psyhigh! I'm packing my bags tonight, and teleporting out in the morning.

Plus, I'll get school credit! It's a win/win!


- 4/20/2015 7:04am

Day one.
This is fun, this is ok, this is fine, this is going to be good, this isn't going to fall apart, this isn't like the other schools. Father said this wasn't going to be like Italy, it will be ok..
I am so nervous. I'm not good in new situations. I haven't met any students yet for some reason. Is there a bubble here? Like a zone of energy surrounding the area? I feel like I'm about to burst into flames or something. Like... I don't know. It's hard enough to keep fire under control without being scared to death and feeling electicly energized.
Maybe I need tea, or a nap. But I don't feel tired. I need to meet people. Maybe that will help. I don't understand any of this, how does this work? I need understanding. Unfortunately, I don't think mafia money will buy answers here. I just need to worry about not accidentally running into walls. Is there an evaluator here somewhere? Someone who can tell me why I was suggested to enroll here? Someone to tell me what it is that I am actually capable of? Mother and father sent me here because they didn't know what to do with me. Maybe these people will.

- 4/20/2015 9:23pm

Did you say "mafia money," @Lazzeretto? Do you know something about psychic crime family culture? Because I'm afraid I'm in a little over my head here.

Back in February, I had an offer I really truly felt I couldn't refuse - to travel to an ancient, isolated Italian Renaissance community hidden deep within the Venezuelan rainforest. There I would not only be with the most beautiful girl I'd ever met in my life, but I could help work to preserve and even save their culture, by learning to pilot their Psychic Camera Obscura, an ancient device that kept them connected to the outside world.

You see, the denizens of Nova Siena are all suffering from a hereditary disease that makes them weaker the more they spend time outside their city state in the jungle. In order to help keep their culture alive, I thought, well, you know, new blood in the mix...?

But it turns out that's exactly what they wanted. They are, in fact, Vampires.

Or, a kind of vampire, at least. They don't mind the sun, but they do need to keep in close proximity to Nova Siena. And, of course, blood. The Don's daughter has been able to keep me off the donor list, but I'm not sure how long that can last. Especially since I can't seem to figure out their crusty old Psychic Camera Obscura, which turned out not to be so fanciful and well-kept, but rather dusty and broken down instead. I'm not sure it's worked for centuries, if at all.

So, Lazzeretto, if you've got some kind of psychic crime family advice to help me out of this, it would be much appreciated. Or, of your family has any sway with the Dons of Nova Siena, that would be cool too. Don Ginevra is my host's name.

- 4/21/2015 2:13pm

Well... I.. Yes I did. I do know about psychic activity throughout different mafia family's and organizations but my father is the "Don" as it is said of the antonelli crime family. Based in atrani. I'm sorry @Tony24 , but I can not help you in Venezuela.

I do however have connections from my father with Don Ginevra. because of the people of Nova Siena I am a vampire(among many other things). Or at least, I have vampiric tendencies.Slight fangs, a mild thirst for blood or very juicy fruits. However, I am fine with light. And I can go anywhere without a problem.

One thing I can tell you is that honor runs very deep within all mob operations or mafias. Even though you often hear about Mob wars and other things between different family's when there is a similar goal they will work together to an extent.

I believe my father can keep you away from being eaten and will probably know more about this camera obscura thing you keep talking about. But he doesn't want me to get involved in the family's affairs because it is dangerous and as he says "you are already too much of a danger to yourself"
But if you need more Information or help with anything I would love to help. I mean, this is only my second day here and you are the first person I have talked to so far. So this is really cool.

- 4/26/2015 11:47pm

Well thanks @Lazzeretto. I don't want to get anybody in trouble, I'll just continue living in the City of the Undead as the only guy with blood in his veins!

Actually, they're not THAT undead. They seem like regular, middle-aged Italian guys in suits. But they spend more and more time in the Necropolis - the main place I'm not allowed to go.

And you never see them actually drinking blood. Or having fangs. They're business guys.

Except whatever goes on in the Necropolis. Angela won't tell me but even she goes there at night. She says it's "not for outsiders." The rest of the time she plays her harp on the terrace, and its weird tune is really starting to get on my nerves.

So I've been spending my time in the Psychic Camera Obscura. It's a wreck. It's like some old theater that's been left a mess for a hundred years. I've been hauling out the junk and cleaning up. It keeps me out of Angela's hair, and the old broken furniture is making an excellent barricade at the entrances....

- 4/29/2015 7:42am

It's interesting. People think we are just walking in living people but we are not. We are fairly human and only some of us have noticeable fangs. Besides, drinking blood in public scares people.
I will do whatever I can to assist you @Tony24 , however... I would like to learn how to become more involved here at school and I would like to know the exact ramifications of all of my abilities so if you could lead me in the right direction that would be great and I will answer any questions you give me.

Anyways, that is off topic. What is the importance of the Necropolis? Is it like a Mesa? A centrale de vampiro?

So I'm assuming all of this stuff with Angela keeping you safe is not going well? I mean the cross species interactions by the others. I know how much humans and vampires don't mix.

What exactly is this Camera Obscura? It is still a bit confusing for me and that is saying something because I really should know how this works...having accidentally destroyed one just before being moved here...
Anyways...Be careful amico, vampires can turn like that if they change their mind. It doesn't matter where you are with anyone.

Junior Agent LuLu
- 5/6/2015 12:25am

Actually, it's Junior Special Agent Lulu. I'm in the junior wing of the Psy Corps - or as you and your friends probably call it, the Psy Cops. I frankly don't care what you call it. I am a firm believer in rules. And order. I'm one of those students you see jogging in their fatigues with the drill sergeant across campus in the morning. I'm going to the Psy Corp Academy as soon as I graduate.

Like all of you, I was born after the reforms to the National Psychic Security Act. Before that time, it wasn't legal to be psychic, and it was rough. People had to live a lie. Or in denial. Or be part of the underground. Or in jail - the psychic kind.

But now we've got the reforms, and living within those rules is the one thing keeping us from going back to those bad old days. That's why I'm in Jr. Psy Corp. I believe those rules are what keep us safe. And you've all studied the rules in PsyHistory class. I'm talking about the Kohl Memorandum.

I don't know why they don't teach it better in school, because everyday I see students breaking some part of the Kohl Memorandum or another. Unregulated Time Alterations. Over-Threshold Telepathic Engagements. Futures Wrangling.

But tell me, people - how could you forget: Aiding and Abetting International or Interdimensional Criminal Activity? That's just common sense. C'mon.

Which is why I am talking to @Lazzeretto right away. That boy has got it comin'! He's working with two international criminal organizations that I know of, and who knows what else. A boy that is apparently lacking in as much common sense as he is bound to walk into a mess of trouble. He AND his friend @Tony24.

@Lazzeretto better hope he's a morning person!

- 5/6/2015 7:33am

<iniziare traduzione vocale>
There, that is better. I don't feel like speaking English right now so this translator I found is very helpful.
It is very very early in the morning. Like... I don't know what time it is, I've been up too long. 4 days of sleeplessness. I don't know why.
Oh look, it's those people who run around the campus. I don't understand them.

It's quiet up here on the roof. Why is there a drill Sargeant? Is this a military area? I hope not. @Jr Agent LuLu would not want me around here if it is. Or up here in general.
But it is so nice out. And I love the way my hair blows in the wind when I hang upsidown. This is one of the few bat like tendencies that has emerged from vampirism.

I kind of want to mess with them but maybe I shouldn't. What if they try to take me away.....again.father wouldn't help me this time though. He sent me here because he is tired of me. Oh well. Maybe I should have some fun. But I'm so tired.. *a small ball of flame dances between my fingers then shoots down and burns a hole in the grass right in front of @Jr Agent LuLu *

I love fire. It has always been my favorite thing wherever I am. Unfortunately it can be dangerous *watches darkly as the Antonelli emblem is slowly burned onto a brick on the wall* it can cause problems. But it is so much fun. I have enjoyed working with @Tony24. Hopefully he will survive and I can assist him in the future physically and metaphorically speaking.

Oh no, here she comes. I should probably. Oops.
<device disconnected. journal lost. Recovery mode initiated. reboot. Reboot. Reboot. Re>

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