Dirty Lagoon

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Nautical Nell
- 8/20/2015 12:33am

I wish they'd clean the canals a bit more. I mean, it's great that the scales & tails students to have a way to get from the Aqua Dorm to the school buildings and down to the lagoon - most schools don't offer that. But have you seen the way the garbage builds up in those narrow concrete ditches? Laffy taffy wrappers, paper cups, old shoes, clinging to the sides or swirling right in the middle of it all...

Students should litter less, but if I could get my own skimmer net I'd be happy to start cleaning them out myself. It'd kind of disgusting.

Jenny Haniver
- 8/20/2015 9:35pm

yeah. some of us still like to go down to the lagoon and hunt. or even out to the river and beyond. you takes whats you gets out there in the big waterways, but i've seen more psyhigh trash than ever floating out into the lagoon. 4-D glasses wrappers and tin-foil party hats and disposable ouija boards. we can't put up grates or anything because then we couldn't swim thru, but this junk is totally gross.

Nautical Nell
- 8/22/2015 1:50pm

I was reading through Orca Teen magazine, looking for ideas about decorating my room, and there was a whole article about using sea garbage and all the cool stuff you could make out of it, like hammocks and swaying trees and shimmery nets. I mean, you've got to be careful that it's safe and you don't get tangled up in it, but it was pretty cool.

I'm going to start collecting all the garbage and try some of the projects from that article.

And anybody can come down and visit me any time! The Aqua Dorms are totally land-lubber friendly. My old boyfriend @Karpie DM used to come by a lot but then we drifted apart. Ha ha get it? Drift? Yeah, hmmm.

Jenny Haniver
- 8/22/2015 11:35pm

you know i was flipping through an old Orca Teen magazine at the orthodontist's the other day and i read that article about the Momokawa Fish Stick Company. did you read that? they use ultra-destructive fishing techniques and are wiping out whole colonies of deep ones and elder things and putting them all into their grody fish sticks and other processed fish products. i'll bet they also put whatever gross garbage they suck up too - some of which is coming right out of this school! and also boy am i angry at that @Emily Marie let me tell you.

Nautical Nell
- 8/25/2015 12:06am

Don't let @Jenny Haniver scare you, @Emily Marie. She's just playing around. Playful! Like a dolphin! Or a seal. Or a school of piranha! She is from a more carnivorous clan, it's true. But she can't jump very far at all.

But what are we going to do about all this garbage? I'm serious! I've been scooping it up with an old colander I found at the Sea Shell Shoppe and filling bags and bags with it. Bottle caps, notes from somebody's psychogeometry class, smashed phones.

I want to dump it all in the cafeteria! That would be a cool protest, right? I just need somebody who can move around on land to help me out. I tried to talk Octagona into it, because she can actually skitter pretty fast across stuff, but she was afraid she'd get busted and sent back to her evil mom's undersea kingdom.

Anybody want to stand up (ha ha get it?) for cleaner waterways, come find me in the Aqua Dorm!

- 8/25/2015 5:51am

Dear Somebody,
I've been practicing turning other things besides myself invisible! Like my last journal entry. However, I seem to have forgotten how to turn it visible again. And I've forgotten what I've written. Oh well. It probably wasn't important.

In other news, Sunday was not quite as busy as the rest of my weekend, and Claude and I went to the movies where we saw new "The Incredible Quadruple". I've forgotten what it was about, and Claude says he liked the first ones better (probably because one of the characters was "The Golden Kitten"), but I remember that I can really relalate to the character Sarah. Maybe because of her hair colour.

Also, @Nautical Nell, I would be definitely willing to help with the protest for cleaner water ways. Since I can turn invisible, I probably won't get caught. Maybe. But as a healer, I have to suggest that we put it in the hallways instead of the cafeteria. That way we can get the point across (that if land students find trash in their walkways gross and unpleasant, then aquatic students certainly do), without causing any (severe) health problems. A lot of the cafeteria food is
experimental, and exposure to contaminated items could cause an epidemic or explosion.

Perhaps you could start a petition as well, and ask for volunteers to clean? If the trash got into aquatic student's food, it would certainly be at least as much a hazard as it would be in any other cafeteria.

However, I get lost easily, and my cat Claude who usually guides me places won't go to the Aqua Dorm, so perhaps we could meet somewhere else? If you think you could use my help, that is.

Farewell for now,

- 8/25/2015 2:41pm

Hello! @Nautical Nell i'd love to help out with the protest! After all we need to keep things clean for when some of the Great Old Ones decide to finally rise up from their watery slumbers! I don't think they would appreciate being surrounded by nasty icky waste, i know i sure wouldn't haha! Also i agree with @Nobody with leaving the trash somewhere other than the cafeteria, we might wont to protest but we don't want to DISEASE anyone, at least not yet haha!

Perhaps we could leave it in other places as well that's totally super inconvenient for people! Like in bathrooms!

However the petition and volunteer cleaning sounds fun too, even if there is less adrenaline involved.

stell'bsna phlegeth! -- Blach

Nautical Nell
- 8/25/2015 11:44pm

I'd like to say I'm really happy for everybody's support of my cleaner waterways initiative.

Except I can't! Jeez guys, can't you get a little spine in those mammalian backs of yours? "Oh, I really support your cause, but maybe you could put our garbage somewhere, oh, out of the way, so it's not really a bother?" GRRRRRRR!

@Nobody, as a "healer," thinks your own garbage dumped in the cafeteria wouldn't be sanitary? Me and my subaqueous kin are literally SWIMMING in it every day. BREATHING it! I can't even count the number of times I've had to pull gum wrappers out of my gills.

And the dork lord @Blach wants to keep it out of the cafeteria too, and thinks the garbage you people are dumping BY THE POUND each day into my undersea atmosphere might be too "nasty" and "icky" for the Great Old Ones? Listen here, my furtive, tenebrous, classmate: my people have been avoiding the cesspool of Dagon's Temple for centuries -- because it's a putrid crap pit! If anything, it seems you're all TRYING to turn the submarine world of my sisters and I into a poisoned land of indescribable squalor and stench - and likely spiraling, cyclopean edifices to boot! Ok, actually I like the spiraling, cyclopean edifices. BUT I WANT THEM CLEAN!!!

At least @Matching by Mattie doesn't offer condescending advice about the "best way" to make our point. @Jenny Haniver is about two steps away from declaring a full-fledged mutiny on you land people -- or "Dry Ones" as she calls you. You've seen her teeth -- you don't want to see her with a knife.

Maybe I can recruit another student to dump these sacks in your cafeteria. I'm thinking @belle_tori might have the gumpshun. Or, of course, @Emily Marie, because she kind of owes @Jenny Haniver. But obviously it's not going to be a way to make any friends around here.

Look, it's your garbage in the first place. As long as it keeps sticking in my hair and getting sucked up my nose, I think it needs to get returned to you in the most impactful way possible.

- 8/26/2015 7:26am

HEY! "Dork lord"? I resent that @Nautical Nell

But if you're trying to call me some kind of chicken here then i resent that EVEN MORE!! Like a super duper amount. So fine i'll do it!!! But i super don't want to do it alone, it's just no fun that way. You always have to have some kind of tag-time ragamuffins to REAAAAALLY pull this stuff off!

As for The Great Old Ones i was showing my respect! Not all of them reside in watery slumber, but i thought for the ones who do wait in rest there might not appreciate being surrounded by empty plastic packs of gummys!! The odd corpse here and there though probably wouldn't go amiss! But that's for the re-decoration AFTER things have been cleaned lickity-split!

So you can count on me!!!

stell'bsna phlegeth! -- Blach

Jenny Haniver
- 8/26/2015 3:31pm

hey, whoa, everybody chill! i'm supposed to be the hard one, @Nautical Nell! :) i think everybody needs to step back and take a deep breath. @Blach and @Nobody i'm sure you have the best intentions and ol' nellie was just losing it for a mo. imma have a talk with that sea nymph and make sure everything's frosty. and about me and the knives, well, really, that's all in the deep dark past. i'm here at psyhigh as part of my parole AAMOF, due to a little eco-piracy trouble me and some friends got in once upon a time. no biggie! maybe you read about me in Orca Teen magazine. but i swear that's all behind me and everybody's gonna be real cool from now on, i'll make sure of it.

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