Fortuna Strikes Back

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- 6/29/2015 8:37pm


Within a few minutes, the weather has been reduced from extreme, sweltering heat, into a massive heap of snow. I am scared as well, Pacifica. I am now wearing three coats, it is so cold. Below negative ten degrees... something is truly wrong here.

~Gff-mff hmff mph hff hmph mmpff.~

Eralonia? I can barely see you under all those coats... what was that?

~*GASP* I said, Gretel's prophecy was right. This snow will keep for about one more day, then we will be back to the flaming fun in the sun.~

Things are REALLY going wrong. Mattie is being nice, and snow in Summer... Something is causing this.

~I think I know what-- or WHO.~



- 6/30/2015 5:36am

Note to self: never read another student's post starting with MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS when you wake up in the morning. No offense to you @Scilph, I just can't handle the beginning of a major crisis before I have my morning coffee. ("You can't drink coffee anymore Pacifica!" I know, I know, I was trying to make a joke. *grumble grumble*

I don't know if it is Fortuna that is causing all this. Dean Hammer DID say that it was the Demonic Powers Administration was behind the heat wave. And @Matching by Mattie's... um... new leaf (?) seems to be from the removal of her make-up -- I always knew that stuff was evil. I can't see how Fortuna would be the cause of all this... then again, this is all really bad luck. Hmm.

Before we take a course of action, I'm going to go do some research. We already know some things about Fortuna; she lives at the Forever Diner, she hates Psyhigh, she can zap people out of time, judging by her name she probably has some luck influence capabilities, can see the future, she said she's related to one of us (!), and she likes bacon burgers. After my part-time job at the Self-Aware Library, I'll see if I can dig up a book on her. Or maybe S-AL has some old yearbooks I could search for her in. Hopefully this will turn out to just be another weird incident at Psyhigh. But... ("Look Pacifica! My good luck caused the frost to melt off our window and door! We can open them again!") ...nothing at Psyhigh ever seems like a coincidence.

- 6/30/2015 8:56am

Dear Somebody,
I'm still in The Room. It's very lovely, and whenever I need something it just appears! It's almost like magi- oh yeah. I've started bringing my own food though; especially sprinkles. Anything that appears here tastes a little off and smells like various ocean dwelling sea creatures.

In other news, Claude is spending much of his time outside today. He doesn't like heat, but he loves the cold. Back in our home town, it often got as cold as fifty below (zero)! I prefer milder weather, myself, but Claude loves snow. He's surprisingly good at skiing.

Even though I'm temporarily alone, there's lots to do here. I've gone swimming, built a castle of cards, attempted an obstacle course on the ceiling (it's seems to have been made specifically for my powers of invisibility), built a dragon out of cards to destroy the castle, baked a cake made entirely of sprinkles, and....something else.... I've forgotten. Oh well.

I went up to the surface for my class, and what I've seen is terrifying. I had to stop in my room to grab a book for class, and Mattie was nice to me. NICE TO ME! She politely gave me the book, asked about my day, and didn't even attempt to give me ANY advice! She didn't spout any LOVE TIPs either, and I saw all her books in the trash! Her Charmed Whisper Fly was sitting in a corner depressed because it didn't have anything to do. She said she didn't need it anymore so now it's zooming around the ceiling of The Room while I write this. Maybe I'll send it to the surface to find food or whatever Whisper Flies eat. *a popping sound is heard* never mind, something just appeared in The Room. But still.
I hope Mattie is ok. She's a little... overbearing, at times, but the "New Mattie" is slightly terrifying, er very nice. She still isn't able to put any makeup on because now it's all frozen solid.

Walls isn't doing much better. The last time I saw him... Frankly, he looked terrible. He was barely able to make a projection! I sincerely hope this isn't Fortuna. Again. Maybe I'll drop my class and just stay down here. It's quite lovely. As long as you don't eat the food.
Also, if no one finds anything in the library, you're welcome to come down here and try. All you have to do is think, and something usefully related to your train of thought appears. I'd try it myself, but I'm not sure what to ask for. Just ask Claude if you need help finding your way.

Farewell for now,

- 6/30/2015 9:54am

This is turning out to be a very unlikely morning. Nobody? I think you should leave the catacombs. I don't trust whatever force is getting you the food. For all we know, it could be trying to poison you. And I'm not sure if the Ms. Mattie Darling thing is because of the makeup, or maybe Fortuna's doing something.

~Scilph... I hate to admit it, but you seem slightly... paranoid.~

Paranoid? Me? No no no. Just looking out for everyone. I'm not paranoid.

~It's just as likely that it's someone else as Fort-- oh.~

What? What is it?

~Scilph. The napkin.~

...OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! She wrote us another wretched message.

"I will reveal you for who you really are... behind the screen."

...What? What does that mean...? I am confused... Eralonia, do you know what this means?



~No. No, I do not know what this means. I think we should... should just let this blow over. We'll... we'll just forget about it.~

Are you sure? "Behind the screen.." what could the signify--




"Behind the screen."

Matching by Mattie
- 6/30/2015 10:17am

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a nice night of sleep. Say what you want about the erratic weather patterns recently, but it's much easier to drift off in the cold under quilts rather than in the roaring heat under a loud A/C system! *gentle laugh*

Now I know a lot of you were looking forward to... *frustrated sigh* What was it called again, dear? *Ava's uncertain voice is heard talking to Mattie* Ah, yes, thank you. No, no, please take a seat! I'll be finished with this in just a moment. Please, make yourself comfortable. Back on topic, I've had to cancel Customer Growing Club permanently. It seemed a bit unethical, and I couldn't abide by it. How terrible would it be if the little people in our universes discovered they exist only for our casual hobby? Oh, tears prick my eyes just imagining their distress! If you all are desperate for something to take your mind off the weather or an activity for the summer, please stop by my dorm room for an replacement event. The wonderful miss Ava and myself I have a list of lovely alternate projects that will be benefical to you and the community! There's prayer shawl making, and growing food for the poor, and painting murals to brighten up the school (don't worry @Walls. I picked out special hypoallergenic and non-flaking paints so you wouldn't be irrated, honey.) and so many other things. I myself will be participating in a project that came to me in a dream... Oh, I can't wait to get started! The dream told me -- um, that is, I decided -- to call it "Finding the Real You". Who wouldn't want the oppertunity to see beyond the screen and into their true soul? I'll let you know when the group is meeting, we'll have a grand old time I'm sure.

Wishing you pleasent dreams,

-Ms. Mattie Darling

- 6/30/2015 11:01am

{I've been researching Fortuna Facts for a few hours now. You may want to listen to this:}

{"Fortuna: A Sorceress-type woman who has powers beyond those of many higher forces. She has the ability to summon people to her lair (The Forever Diner in the Forever Realm. It is said to be located in Dimension #9999) send messages on napkins through 402 different dimensions, send people messages through dreams, decipher many different possible futures, and create life from glass. She has said to be killed over 3,000 years ago, but much evidence has proved that false. Her intentions are almost always purely evil and intentional. If seen, she should be avoided at all costs. Seek shelter, preferably in Dimensions #0083, #0246, or #0002." That's all it says about her.}

{This is really worrying. We've already dealt with her once. I don't think we can hold out for too long. Ms. Mattie Darling has DEFINITELY had an encounter with Fortuna.}

{Behind the screen... what meaning does that have?}

- 6/30/2015 1:00pm

The kids from Children's Circle Preschool were brutal today. They haven't been able to play outside for days, because of obvious reasons. *trys to rub frost off arms* This has caused them to be hyperactive balls of UTTER DESTRUCTION. I got sick of trying to herd them all and just gave up. I opened the door in the Self - Aware Library (S-AL) that leads outside, and they rushed into the courtyard like a tornado towards a barn full of cows. Sorry to everybody who was enjoying the snow, I didn't know that the little girl in pink could make icicle monsters. On the bright side, the kids got so cold after about twenty minutes that they didn't want to do anything but huddle in groups under blankrts and maybe nap. S-AL and I were very happy to oblige.

My research on the force we assume is Fortuna is ongoing. @Morris sorts the books, so he is a lot better at finding information quickly. S-AL never gives me the books I want, only the books it thinks I need. But why would I need books on genealogy or "How to Cope with Grudges"??? Yeah, yeah, Atlantica and I have a paper due on our family tree and our past lives (though the past lives are optional) but that's not the main issue right now. Besides, classes are canceled until the doors stop freezing shut. Thank goodness Atlantica and I can focus our good luck enough to find a few doors that are still functioning. It took about half an hour of random doors and lots of side hallways I've never seen before to even access S-AL!

This hasn't all been for naught though. I have found some information though that /might/ help us. First off, the last reported sighting of Fortuna at around 985 B.C. (thank you to Morris) is insane. Even with unnatural longevity associated with psychic powers or special circumstances like Scilph, 3,000 years is a long time to exist. Think of how many memories the brain would have to store... or how long the heart would have to pump... or how her teeth should've all fallen out. Obviously, something happened between 985 B.C. and her birth to give her a way to cheat aging or time or something. An escape from the timeline she seems to know sooooo much about. Well, look at this! *slams a dusty, aged, stained, and almost destroyed yearbook onto table* The Psychic High School Yearbook, class of 1934 - 1935. There was a girl who enrolled as a freshman with the name of Fortuna Atrox. She had a special mention on the Valedictorian page, saying she managed to obtain straight A's despite arriving halfway through the year. There's even quote from her teacher saying that she was "A pleasent girl with a big heart to match her big brains." Weirder still, her only psychic powers mentioned here are reality bending and creating very small and temporary separate dimensions. Nothing about animating glass or dimension traveling.

Am I researching the wrong girl? What am I missing? What could have happened that made Fortuna, the evil sorceress of 985 B.C., into a mild-mannered girl of 1934? What enhanced her powers? And what could make her turn to the dark side of the psychic world? I need to find more of these yearbooks. Maybe just another hour of searching, or maybe if I talk to Morris and compare findings--

("Hey Pacifica, I'm tired of reading these picture books. I'm going over to one of my BFR (Besties For Resties) dorms!" Yeah, that's cool. Thanks for your help sis. Who's room are you going to, in case I need to find you later? "@Matching by Mattie's! I want to help her paint the walls of Walls! *laughs hysterically at own joke*" Uh, yeah, Okay. Have fun. "Will do! She said that she can't wait to see me behind the screen! I don't know what that means, but it sounds super duper ooper fun!!!")

- 6/30/2015 2:55pm

... ... zz ... !! Gah sorry, I was making a post, I uh, remember now

Sorry if I uh, have been neglecting posting for uh... a little while I just feel quite awful, I can barely keep awake, or whatever 'awake' is for me

I uh, thought this weather wasn't affecting me but it seems.... the new icy temperatures are making the school, the foundations and the heh, ... zz ... !! walls, walls I suppose keep expanding and contracting and moving all the time and it's wearing me down I suppose, I feel on edge and uncomfortable and so very tired... Sorry if the few projections that are roaming around don't talk back or look a little uh, haggard, I can't seem to get through to them very well

I wanted to perhaps focus on something, play a game with @Nobody maybe, but she went to explore the catacombs when it got uh, hot and I can't follow her. Claude dropped by the boiler room a couple of times when I was uh, there... zz...

*Calls up a projection* take over this

{What? I feel as bad as you do}

*groans* pleeeeaaasssee

{Fine fine okay. It's been weird, we keep getting tired and slowly pulled back into the walls. And when all the projections are gone it's kind of like being unconscious. Or dormant. Or something like that. We got uh, startled awake when someone started painting on the walls. Turns out it was Ava and @Matching by Mattie painting murals. They're using really nice paint though. Not that lead based rubbish that some of the older parts of the school are painted. Thanks guys.}

waait wait... @Morris is right, Fortuna is up to something and it uh... has something to do with Mattie it must have... she's uh... changed into someone very strange... And it's not just the weather making me this *yawns* sleepy... We might have to cancel on milkshakes Morris...

{Wait no please don't go to sleep, I'll be pulled back into the walls!}

perhaps @Nobody has better stay down in the catacombs... don't want anything bad happening... something bad is going to happen... nobody touch my ... board games ... jeez is it cold in here...? ... zz ...

slug master
- 6/30/2015 3:01pm

This bloody weather I swear. Just as had packed a LARGE QUANTITY of my possessions into boxes and taken them down to somewhere cooler it just started SNOWING. Snowing? Really? Augh. I mean on the bright side at least I can wear clothes happily. Plus cold weather means I can wear hats and scarves! Maybe I can even start knitting again!

But on the worse side of things I've heard that this weather is coming from Fortuna's doing... I don't really know who she is but I've heard everyone talking about her and I know that she was at least connected a little to the whole EBIBs business. I know that @*Atlantica and @Morris did some research on Fortuna and she uh, I don't know, something about different time periods? She was around for a long time and it's weird though! I'm sure- SURE, that I remember a past life with Fortuna in. The same Fortuna I think, she was a malicious lady and um, the ending of that life is a little hazy...

I mean, that was a life from a while ago though. I don't, I don't remember where that even took place. Augh! I want to help so much but all the stuff in my head's all jumbled up.

I'm going to try and help though! I'm going to make a map of all the lives where I've come across this Fortuna girl or even heard anything of her or anything that could be helpful/related to this! I'll try my best to help this school! I may um, stay to myself a bit but I really do like it here and I mean, I do care about people here and all. I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone. And this is a particularly good life I don't want to go onto another one any time soon!
(Maybe I'm overreacting but I'm just worried about all this talk of Fortuna, I think she might be really bad)

- 6/30/2015 3:32pm

{I'm seriously anxious about this. The Fortuna-personality change is really making me confused... how could she have been so... nice? And what is she doing now?}

~I couldn't find anything else on the subject.~

{This is driving me insane. We don't know what she can do! We don't know what she's capable of, and we don't know if we're ALREADY behind "The Screen"! What happens behind "The Screen"?! I'm freaking out, and-- and I don't know what to do--!}

~Morris. Calm down.~

{N-no! She's trying to do this! She knows that she's d-driving me over the edge, a-and I won't have it! I-i'll find that awful piece of scum--!}

~Morris, calm do--~


~Morris, that was an alternate universe. I saw it too, in the cave with the FutureWaters. Fortuna didn't do that.~


~Don't you dare say it, Morris. You know better than anyone not to say it--~


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