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Arts & Crafts
11/24/2015 10:10am

Aw, shucks. I busted the front axel on my rig running the BMX course on lower campus, so I'm outta commission for a bit here, @timberlina.

Hopefully @Pearline can take care of you. Her jeep looks sturdy enough!

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/15/2015 5:07pm

Well dagrabbit, turns out I was half wrong about those little werewolves. By which I mean I already knew they weren't werewolves, but squirrels - pesky little delinquent squirrels. So I gave 'em all a big dose of squirrelsbane and tossed 'em in the back of my truck drove them up to meet the boss, the big rodent himself, master of treetops and birdfeeders, breaker of nuts supreme - the Emperor of Squirrels.

My truck is in good shape so I didn't have any trouble on the washed-out logging roads you gotta take up to the Seat of the Squirrels. Their raven guards saw me comin' a mile off and let everybody know, but when I got there the squirrels were civil enough, and invited me in to their Temple of the Law and I took off my shoes and ate from their Nut Plates and drank their fermented Nut Juice and got introduced to the boss.

And do you know what? It turns out they're Weresquirrels! Maybe not all the squirrels, like the little ones you see at school. But these squirrels in the Temple of the Law were big ones - five and six foot tall! Sittin' in chairs, pullin' up their pants, the whole nine yards. Turns out they can turn into regular human lookin' folk whenever they want. Like say they want to go into a Dennys or something.

So I got to mentioning the Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance down at the school, and about Psyhigh being open to all different kinds of lifestyles, and they got real excited, chittering and running up the walls of the Temple of the Law, and asked if they could drop in to the dance. Naturally I told them they'd all be more than welcome.

So it looks like you'll all get to meet 'em! See you there!

little werewolves
10/9/2015 10:57pm

Well I picked up some wolfsbane at the flower shop next to the western wear store because I figured, what the heck? And you know what that stuff really does the trick. I spread it out around the dumpsters and the hedges around the cafeteria and those little werewolves came right out and started sniffing it and rolling in it just like it was catnip. Made them docile as all get-out, it did, the cute little things.

So I was able to get a real good look at them, and you know what? They aren't little werewolves at all - they're squirrels! Go figure! So I'm really not sure at all what @Kristopher was talking about.

Anyway, with them all neatly conked out like this on wolfsbane (squirrelsbane?) I've gathered them all up and put them in the back of my truck (they're tucked comfortably in an old, quilt, don't you mind!) and I'm going to take them to the Seat of the Squirrels, which is the ancient and traditional temple of the Emperor of Squirrels. It's just up in the hills a little way, and these little squirrels have obviously been getting a little out of hand and I think they need to be taught a lesson. But not by me - no way! These little werewolf squirrels are going to get a talking to by the head squirrel himself.

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little werewolves
10/6/2015 3:09pm

I swear the little werewolf problem is getting worse. Little critters scurrying behind the dumpsters, hiding in the bushes along the path. I'm used to having to stomp on rattlesnakes and big spiders and scorpions on the prairie, and kicking cacti, so thank god for my boots!

I'm thinking of getting some silver spurs for added protection. Anybody want to go down to the western wear store with me? I can totally get you outfitted.

little werewolves
9/23/2015 8:30pm

Psyhigh is crowded with students!

I don't know what @Kristopher is talking about -- I can barely get a seat in the cafeteria at lunch! The mermaid girls don't eat there, but there's @Eleanor Joan, and @Trinket and @Silverfawn and @Nobody (mostly invisible) at @Neuman Grange (weirdo) and @timberlina and @Scilph and @*Atlantica* and @Gretel and @Blach and @Rainbow Tracie and countless others who just aren't into social media. Everybody is probably just buried in HOMEWORK like @Kristopher should be.

But @Kristopher is right about the little werewolves -- this place is crawling with them! I don't know if you've had the same problems I have but my ankles have been getting nibbled for days. I think it's this big full moon coming up - which is also an ECLIPSE! Did you know that? Anyways it's a SUPERMOON so that is probably what is bringing all these little werewolves out of the woodwork. They're almost cute, with their big furry heads and tiny claws, but they do bite. It's a good idea to start wearing boots, like me. Am I starting a Psyhigh fashion trend?

At least I think most of them are little werewolves. There was one particular nasty one that could be @Meggatha's lost pet stuffed animal.

I'm just assuming this little werewolf problem won't get out of hand. Will they go away after the supermoon? Do they turn back into little people after they're done being little werewolves?