The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance

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- 10/12/2015 7:29pm

A very busy day for me! I visited a very lonely @Kristopher in his dorm today, where we had a dreadfully intelligent discussion on lizards and past lives. However, I made the mistake of wearing baggy clothes to a lizard-infested area, because they like to hide in the folds of your clothes and puke on your dorm carpet. Which reminds me, I should probably get a pet, as I heard they earn extra credit in several animal-communal classes. @Nobody has two cats, I think. I might consult her on that.
Reading the school's archives in search for consolation about life without a soul, I discovered Nobody's writings on the Cave of Souls. I may visit the cave to talk to the souls there. I'll remember to thank Nobody later.
If this is indeed a school that mocks that of the Normals, there must be school dances. Odd school dances, but school dances nonetheless. Maybe @Big Jim would be the one to consult about that?
Oddly enough, I am making friends. I wish I could make more, but just about everyone seems to be in a different dimension.

Gene Sequins
- 10/13/2015 11:21am

source 1..3630528
/organism="@Kayla May"
/strain="Sumbarine Nanoball"
/db_xref="taxon:MoogMother32 "
gene 1830..2966
CDS 1830..2966
/product="DNA-directed polyphonic synthesis III beta chain"
/translation="Enhanced Electro Jellyfish Shimmy"

BASE COUNT 1165552 a 648314 c 647106 g1169556 t
1 actttcaaaa aaatcagcgt aaaaaacata ctaatttggg caaattccca cctgttttta
61 gggacatttt tctttgaatt agagcctcag cagctcgtca ttgctgaatt ttcttgaagt

Big Jim
- 10/13/2015 1:21pm

It's time for the annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance!

This Friday night at 7pm - directly following the Mayan Mind Wrestling match with Mystic High - we'll be holding our annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance in the cafeteria.

Music will be generously provided by our very own @Gene Sequins, bringing his special brand of Psychogenetic EDM Disco to our school, right on the heels of his latest Eastern European tour. Gene says he picked up some recently unearthed Soviet-era technology while he was away - including an Iron Torrent Semiconductor that's sure to get us "moving."

Nutrient solution will be supplied by @Neuman Grange and his New Machine crew. Decorations and social media will be handled by @Pearline - so if you'd like to help out, give her a shout!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Kayla May
- 10/13/2015 3:24pm

@Gene Sequins if i understand your previous post properly, you are referring to the Pittsburgh Modular oscillator module, DNA symbiotic waves being patched into the semi-modular marvelous Mother 32, no?

From your reference to the date and time of the Annual Science and Shapeshifters dance, may you be possibly pertaining to equipment or patches you might use in your set on Friday?

Also, DNA-Directed polymerase is EC number, which you have reffered to, but you have also said "DNA directed polyphonic synthesis" That's a great phrase!

I've likely missed out on a lot of data that is too advanced for me to comprehend, but I currently almost completely cannot contain myself waiting to find out how all this ties together in more detail!

If you are using the mother 32 on Friday, I will be doubly delighted to see you there! If not, i'll still be at the dance, and watching your performance avidly! EDM-Disco would sound great with a classic moog modular sound, especially with an authentic analogue eurorack setup.

Much thanks, from an intrigued fan.


- 10/14/2015 6:49am

/identity= modified_marine_firmicute_HTE831 _1830..2966
/synthesis_status=locked_by_ prokaryotic_β_clamp_continuous
/approve [caldron_start=7pm; trans_table=Friday] = confirmed

Ohhehehh, some @Gene Sequins are tickling my root code. How flattering, of course I'll synthesise for a synth patch. This is going to produce some pretty powerful psychic waves, so if you feel like dancing you should probably go to the cafeteria this Friday. And if you don't feel like dancing, you should probably remedy that in the cafeteria this Friday!

Bear with me, @Pearline you can tell me all about what a PsychicLink is after these shimmy genes settle down. I bet you're going to be busy with decorations too.

Sarah Tonin
- 10/14/2015 11:59am

I'm really new here but have been reading all the posts and I'd like to help you with decorations for the dance, @Pearline. What do you need? Do you have a budget? And what specifically are you doing to address the needs of the shapeshifter community?

- 10/14/2015 2:05pm

@Sarah Tonin: I'm thinking of lots of white and geometric shapes and curves to make it look futuristic. We could substitute a shallow graduated cylinder in for a punch bowl, and test tubes for glasses. We need a four-dimension disco ball. Mirrors should line the walls where there aren't windows. Double helix streamers around the dance floor would look insanely cool, and is a very basic representation of the shape-shifter community. Could you do me a favor and find some shape-shifters? I'm thinking we could crown a shape-shifter as King or Queen of the dance.
Honestly, it might just be easier to create an alternate reality in the reality generators, but I don't know how to work those. Budget, limitless, if we have psychics skilled in the art of Jedi mind tricks and mind manipulation. ((If you are one of those people, I need you to help me buy things.))
Thanks for being the first to help out!

Sarah Tonin
- 10/14/2015 9:39pm

Ok @Pearline sounds like you've got the decorations all covered they sound great. Even though I am new at school I will do my best to find out where the shapeshifters hang out and make friends with them. But I think the problem is they look just like you and me right? In that case there are some hanging out outside my dorm right now I will try and talk to them and figure out their moves and lingo.

Sarah Tonin
- 10/15/2015 4:08pm

"Are you... shifty?"

I discovered that is not the way to break the ice with the shapeshifters. I saw them hanging out in the parking lot behind the dorms. It was getting dark and in the shadows it was hard to make out what shapes they were. But I walked right up to introduce myself and spoke to Kyle who had on a leather jacket and his hair was slicked back and he had a toothpick in his mouth and was spinning a yo-yo.

"Yeah, who's askin, doll?"

Who calls anybody "doll?" Was it some kind of slang they used for "straights," or whatever they call non-shapeshifting peoples?

And it wasn't a toothpick, it was a cigarette!!!

"Uh, I'm Sarah, and, uh... I was wondering if you were going to the Science and Shapeshifters dance on Friday, because, see, there's @Pearline, and she's in charge of the decorations and she want---"

"The dance? This Friday? You betcha, doll. Pick 'ya up at 8!"

Then the House Mother came around the corner and they thew out their cigarettes and faded off into the shadows.

And that's how I ended up getting a date to the dance. But I didn't even want one! And what will I wear? And what if he wants me to do... shapeshifty things?

Oh no @Pearline this is all your fault!

Pete the Girl
- 10/15/2015 5:07pm

Well dagrabbit, turns out I was half wrong about those little werewolves. By which I mean I already knew they weren't werewolves, but squirrels - pesky little delinquent squirrels. So I gave 'em all a big dose of squirrelsbane and tossed 'em in the back of my truck drove them up to meet the boss, the big rodent himself, master of treetops and birdfeeders, breaker of nuts supreme - the Emperor of Squirrels.

My truck is in good shape so I didn't have any trouble on the washed-out logging roads you gotta take up to the Seat of the Squirrels. Their raven guards saw me comin' a mile off and let everybody know, but when I got there the squirrels were civil enough, and invited me in to their Temple of the Law and I took off my shoes and ate from their Nut Plates and drank their fermented Nut Juice and got introduced to the boss.

And do you know what? It turns out they're Weresquirrels! Maybe not all the squirrels, like the little ones you see at school. But these squirrels in the Temple of the Law were big ones - five and six foot tall! Sittin' in chairs, pullin' up their pants, the whole nine yards. Turns out they can turn into regular human lookin' folk whenever they want. Like say they want to go into a Dennys or something.

So I got to mentioning the Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance down at the school, and about Psyhigh being open to all different kinds of lifestyles, and they got real excited, chittering and running up the walls of the Temple of the Law, and asked if they could drop in to the dance. Naturally I told them they'd all be more than welcome.

So it looks like you'll all get to meet 'em! See you there!

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