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Sleep and the Evils Wakefullness
1/14/2016 6:25am

Ketchup flavoured icecream. People food is ridiculous.
Really, @Evanora? Do your psychic powers flurry through the air into the ground? Is your soul spiralling in frozen fractals all around? And each thought crystallizes like an icy blast?

Or is that just something elsa you humans talk about? I can't tell, something cold is slowing my thoughts and memories. I'd hate to be called a house plant, so I make sure to stretch my roots in the fresh air often. That means I'll have to hibernate for a few months now, like the others on Planet Earth. Hopefully my dreams will be slow and peaceful and not like yours. I'll just plant myself right here.

But before I slumber...

@Tyler Russell, of course we're real, why do some new students act like this? You've been brought here by Destiny, who is really quite a nice remote transport presence. Maybe someone will set up a class soon for the unwitting psychics such as yourself, @Julia S. and @Illumina.

Pine Tree Trouble
12/29/2015 11:58am

A successful ceremony, I agree.

Oh right, your pine is alive! That's why the word 'hostage' keeps floating around, @Pearline, sometimes two sets of beings can never reach a true understanding once ideas have been planted. I'll come over some time and meet the aspen. Congratulations on your realisation of immortality! Here's that jar and @Young Jim Horner. Best of luck solving his... little problem, poor sap.

It's poetry in motion. ~~scuttles away, rhythmically waving vines~~

@Hemo the Magnificent, how nice to finally meet you face to leaf. Are you going to be teaching here? I've managed just fine without attending classes so far but it's true Man's fascination with you Mister Hemo goes way, way back into our dim past. Probably back to prehistoric times when Man discovered he could defend himself better with a club than with his hands. That's Man alright. I'd rather not use you as a fertiliser, last resort only, yes? It sends disturbing shivers down my xylem.

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Pine Tree Trouble
12/24/2015 4:14pm

I heard it through the grapevine, though it's a little slow with the cold. I finally got around to talking with those pines, formal communication went quite well considering I'm not from around these parts. A good thing I've been spending most of my time inside or I wouldn't have the leaves for it at this time of year. It seems the shimmy gene has been getting around, I knew I couldn't trust Ted to keep it to himself. Maybe you'd better talk to him @Alexander, if this is what happens when pines get hold of it, just imagine what the weeds would get up to. Now, our evergreen guests are rustling about the place with strings of coloured lights and we're completely out of AA batteries. Camouflage or something apparently, it beats me.

The last time I volunteered for something @Akane Kiyoko I can't say it went to plan, so this time I've read up on all procedures and alerted trusty @Beefur9 in advance. As for the blood, my vascular system is somewhat... Completely and utterly different to yours, so I am instead nominating @timberlina and @Emilia Plissken, you have the knowhow. Along with @Wonderwall97, by now you should have somehow realised what you've gotta do. The woods are evidently calling to your blood. @dimvu as long as you keep a hold of your legs. @Harry Berger, it will be painless. Alexand- wait, no, I bet there's far too much sugar in your system. @Pearline because you angered the pines in the first place. And @Nobody and @Young Jim Horner who have been expressing some interesting psychic abilities recently. The latter didn't seem too enthusiastic so I carried him here in a mason jar. Any complaints? No? Too late. All you'll need to do is prick your human phalange with a pine needle and drop a couple of drips into the soil after Akane has finished speaking. If you recite some of your favourite song lyrics as you do it will only strengthen the rite. Of course it's a pine sapling we'll be planting, but you understand I've already sabotaged it and it will be incorporating the DNA of 8 exemplary Psyhigh students. For science.

I believe we're about ready to begin.

The Friendly Creature
11/12/2015 6:33pm

One day later and I've made it to Krezner block floor 4 as well. I let @Rogue run ahead through the portal because well, it really needed a bathroom and who am I to keep someone at my pace? It was oogling at me like it's never seen a walking plant before! Humanoids, I tell you.

As I was hurrying after Rogue at half a mile per hour along the hall I heard @Pearline and @Diadem from room 22, thanks Pearline. Their dorm did just happen to be the closest toilet. Or perhaps I put that portal there in order to get plant pots into the dorms. You'll never know!

Ooh, thank you @Nobody, starting tomorrow I shall locate all of the pots and plan my routes. Pots in other dimensions are really useful too. You'll fit right in here, Rogue.

So, now I've settled amongst the kittens with some nutrient solution, what is a PsychicLink, Pearline? Is it something to do with those symbols that seem to spin in my mind when you think loudly? პ? Do I have to find my own?

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The Friendly Creature
11/11/2015 2:28pm

Oh, oh, I know the answer to that question.

Lately, I've been lurking carefully around the Mystology Department. You never know where MORMO is hiding out and I plan to avoid them at all costs. I've heard whispers that I'm paranoid, but they're being fooled too.

Lurking? Yes, creeping. That's right. That whole ordeal with the shapeshifters and the leftover shimmy gene allowed me to grow my roots undercover. It still takes me ages to get up a flight of stairs, but my six leaves are doing great and I have a total of thirteen-hundred and seventy-eleven ago-- what was that?

Phew, just Claude. Good kitty.

I've found an obscure @Rogue humanoid, I am trying to bargain. Well, I've been feeding it these cranberries Ted gave me until it needs the bathroom.

Come on, Rogue. Can't you see me waving my leaf at you? Let's get you out of here. The nearest bathroom is out this door, across the hallway and through the portalbridge to Krezner block, floor 4. In return for this information please place some plant pots filled with peat soil about the dorms. I need rest stops.

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/23/2015 5:47am

I won't do it @Kayla May I won't let them.
whatever the @Gene Sequins do.. I won't transcribe. I swear it on my very first two leaves! I can still use the left over [daNcedaNcedaNce], maybe my roots can shake it off... shake it off.. shake, shake...

I sent my emergency help droplet gene [SOS] to the new machine the other day whilst I still had energy. I can only hope they got it. I translated it for them as best as I could under the circumstances:
Amino Acid: /start/ Histidine/ Alanine/ Leucine/ Proline /stop/

And again.
His Ala Leu Pro
His Ala Leu Pro




Something's...... something's terminating for me.. is that..? .. you're twitching.

the new machine
10/19/2015 5:36pm

/request= Halp

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/14/2015 6:49am

/identity= modified_marine_firmicute_HTE831 _1830..2966
/synthesis_status=locked_by_ prokaryotic_β_clamp_continuous
/approve [caldron_start=7pm; trans_table=Friday] = confirmed

Ohhehehh, some @Gene Sequins are tickling my root code. How flattering, of course I'll synthesise for a synth patch. This is going to produce some pretty powerful psychic waves, so if you feel like dancing you should probably go to the cafeteria this Friday. And if you don't feel like dancing, you should probably remedy that in the cafeteria this Friday!

Bear with me, @Pearline you can tell me all about what a PsychicLink is after these shimmy genes settle down. I bet you're going to be busy with decorations too.

Soul of Silverfawn
10/11/2015 9:39am

So, I'm not sure if I can make it rain after all. At least I tried, but from the gossip, it was @Kate Bliss II all along. The weather has been great though, and what I did do is officially become a seedling. That's right, can you see? When you walked by I waved my shoot. It's little and white and has seventy-twelve agoplasts in it. I counted. I can see so much from up here, not only do people walk past, but they fly past waay up high too! Do you think I'll grow that high?

I wave extra when I see @Nobody walk by, thank you for replanting me! I'm sorry I couldn't help you find that cave you were looking for, maybe I can't hear souls. I heard @Pearline can though. Will you read mine one day, Pearline? Do seedlings have souls? Oh oh, I'm sorry, I'm waving in the direction of one place they call the bathroom now. Just follow right past the canteen and the trampled-looking wolfsbane.

Something I'm thinking is that it's getting a bit cold lately. I fell at a strange time and I don't think my roots will be strong enough to walk by this winter.

10/1/2015 7:23am

I'm really happy that so many people have been coming to visit me. The other day whilst @Pete the Girl and I were watching the Supermoon, @Grady Pidgeons mused and taught me that I can grow up to be anything I want to be.

After that I went a bit quiet and ignored the other garden guests. I'm sorry, it's not that I'm sad at all! Please don't think that. I've been busy reassembling all of my chloroplasts and adding moon dust. Now they're agoplasts and my count is seventy-five, that's enough. I promise I'll sprout in no time, I'm going to be the same colour as the moon!

And look! My telepathy must have worked because it's starting to rain! I made- wait.... Wait-wait-wait-no-no-STOP! I can't swim! Aaaaa...

....If anyone can help me, I'm really tiny and I'm clinging to a fake seaweed at the north edge of the gardens. I just need to be put into some nice soil, somewhere where there won't be any more dark matter rainclouds. Please? I'm not even sprouted. I feel so naked.

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