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- 11/11/2015 8:17am

I got really confused and scared after being in that weird, dark place so I ran until I bursted through a door. I think I broke it, but I don't remember. I took several right turns and went up a flight of stairs.
When I heard a very strange and disturbing sound, I went through the first door to my right and hid behind a big chest.
I'm still crouched behind the same chest and I don't really know what's next. I heard people pass the door. They were talking about someone named Cassandra and her propaganda and something about flesh-eating stuffed animals, so I figured I'd just stay here a little longer.
A friendly, yet strange creature comes by every so often to bring me food. But I really have to pee.

Does anyone know where the restrooms are?

- 11/11/2015 2:28pm

Oh, oh, I know the answer to that question.

Lately, I've been lurking carefully around the Mystology Department. You never know where MORMO is hiding out and I plan to avoid them at all costs. I've heard whispers that I'm paranoid, but they're being fooled too.

Lurking? Yes, creeping. That's right. That whole ordeal with the shapeshifters and the leftover shimmy gene allowed me to grow my roots undercover. It still takes me ages to get up a flight of stairs, but my six leaves are doing great and I have a total of thirteen-hundred and seventy-eleven ago-- what was that?

Phew, just Claude. Good kitty.

I've found an obscure @Rogue humanoid, I am trying to bargain. Well, I've been feeding it these cranberries Ted gave me until it needs the bathroom.

Come on, Rogue. Can't you see me waving my leaf at you? Let's get you out of here. The nearest bathroom is out this door, across the hallway and through the portalbridge to Krezner block, floor 4. In return for this information please place some plant pots filled with peat soil about the dorms. I need rest stops.

- 11/12/2015 1:21am

I think the creature wants to help me. It keeps waving at me and doing this weird little dance with its feet. I think it wants me to follow them.

Okay, @Silverfawn , I'll follow you!

The Friendly Creature showed me the restrooms. Thank god.

- 11/12/2015 7:57am

Yeah, Ted produces berries. Is that an issue? It's not like I eat them, or anything, that'd be weird. Ted is my friend, I'd never abuse him like that. And as his friend, I have to say, I'm kind of worried for him. I oftentimes show up to feed him and find him already full. Is he learning to feed himself? Will he not need me around anymore? Or worse...will he not want me around anymore? I mean, he's still happy to see me, and we play great games of "I spy" when we visit, but...if he's learning to feed himself...

Well. I wont let it get to me. I feel like Ted will make the right decision. He likes me as a friend...right?

Besides. I wonder if maybe he isn't fending for himself, but if someone else is feeding him. I mean, he IS just a bush. It's not like he can suddenly dig into the ground and pull up earthworms and beetles for himself, right? Or maybe he learned to absorb them through his roots...? My point is, I'm not entirely sure this is all his doing. And if I find out someone has been...wait, are..are some of Ted's berries GONE?! Did someone pick his berries?! Who would have done that? Don't they know he's alive?! Don't they know those berries are a part of him? That they are as much a part of him as my arm is a part of me?!

I'll be back later, this is a serious issue, I need to see to it that Ted either let them do it, or the person who did it gets the revenge they deserve.

I have a feeling he let them.

He's nice like that.

Until next time.

- 11/12/2015 6:33pm

One day later and I've made it to Krezner block floor 4 as well. I let @Rogue run ahead through the portal because well, it really needed a bathroom and who am I to keep someone at my pace? It was oogling at me like it's never seen a walking plant before! Humanoids, I tell you.

As I was hurrying after Rogue at half a mile per hour along the hall I heard @Pearline and @Diadem from room 22, thanks Pearline. Their dorm did just happen to be the closest toilet. Or perhaps I put that portal there in order to get plant pots into the dorms. You'll never know!

Ooh, thank you @Nobody, starting tomorrow I shall locate all of the pots and plan my routes. Pots in other dimensions are really useful too. You'll fit right in here, Rogue.

So, now I've settled amongst the kittens with some nutrient solution, what is a PsychicLink, Pearline? Is it something to do with those symbols that seem to spin in my mind when you think loudly? პ? Do I have to find my own?

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