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beginnings ?
11/9/2015 10:02am

@Pearline, to answer your questions, 1. I believe I have a soul, 2. Demons and I aren't really on a summoning basis so definitely not, and 3. yes, it is one of my lucky numbers. I would love to take all 6 kittens off your hands! I can come get them sometime in the near future.

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beginnings ?
11/5/2015 10:26am

@Pearline I would love to room with you! I feel like you should get to know me a little better first.
For starters, cats and falcons are my spirit animals. I have one with me at all times. I'm also quite adept at transporting small objects over varying distances, which means there's probably going to be lots of food in our dorm at any given time. I'm still exploring other psychic abilities. I am also not a daytime person. I think that covers about everything!

11/2/2015 8:55am

I've always wondered whether or not there was more to the world than what the average human sees. Do dragons and fairies and all those other mythical creatures really exist? Are there forces out there that modern science is (as of yet) unable to explain? Why is 42 the answer? I intend to find out.

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