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LGBT+ club
12/31/2015 11:53am

Hello everyone.

The Tippy-top of the Tower is looking in far better condition than when I first inspected it. Which is good, Because in approximately one-hundred and sixty-eight hours, the first LGBT+ student union meeting will be in session.

Hopefully I will see a lot of new faces. And I hope equally that I will see some familiar ones. Because it would be pretty embarrassing if my friends didn't even turn up.

So uh. Next week. Tippy top of Cafeteria Lab Tower. Bring a friend or something. There will be cake.

- Kayla

12/24/2015 3:49pm

Hi. I'm back home from the hospital now and gosh I feel so bad for leaving Sthephie here by herself.
It felt so good to see her again. I've been away from her so much but as soon as I opened the door I just went rushing over to her side. We sat in bed together and watched star wars one to six together chronologically. I really want to see episode seven with her soon. I hear kylo ren is really cute. If only there was a way to keep Sthephie warm enough while we're going to the screening.

She says she wants to go to a nonpsychic cinema, and start floating her popcorn into the air at the end of the film. People would think she's a twi-lek jedi!!! I said no way that's too dangerous. But I must admit, it would really be a magical sight for a lot of fans.

May the force be with you!

- Kayla

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LGBT+ club
12/24/2015 3:32pm

Hi all! Cleaning out the tippy-top of the tower above the cafeteria research lab was a big task all by myself. And so much dust! Golly!
Nevertheless, it's looking much more hospitable. You can see out of the windows now! I've had to replace the rug, the new one has an anti-haunting sigil, just for good measure, but the circular room seems perfect for cultivating discussion and a community atmosphere.

Also, while I was cleaning out, I found a few posters. An infographic about the 9 dark food groups, a diagram demonstrating the proper ways to hold intangible fruits while preparing them, and a recipe for a basic nutrient solution. I'll be returning those to the cafeteria research lab, but I doubt they will want to keep them. These old things don't look like they've seen light since the 70s. Very outdated probably. So if you're into collecting stuff like that maybe you could have it.

Oh, and don't forget, the first meeting will start on the 7th of January! Right after the standard school day, until an hour after.

- Kayla

LGBT+ club
12/23/2015 2:32am

Hi everyone! So It's day two without a haunted tumor in my brain. I feel so much better. Which is to be expected I suppose.

I'm feeling much less... Mentally cluttered? Which is useful, because I'm doing a lot of reading up on recent events to catch up with everyone on campus.

Also, I think that my sense of smell has improved.

Once I'm up to date with all the major happenings, the psyhigh LGBT+ student union will have it's first gathering ASAP. I'ts just going to be setting out the ground rules really. You know, be nice to each other, no judgement of each other (unless you are a designated judgement official) and absolutely no authentic greco-roman ostraca. I'm sorry but there have been incidents.

So, Tomorrow I will be cleaning out the room at the tippy-top of the tower, and the Thursday after that, we will hold the meeting! I'll update everyone more soon.

I hope to see you there!

- Kayla

12/22/2015 5:04pm

Oh gosh oh gosh I've been away for such an awfully long time.

I'm sure a lot of people will be confused upon reading this post. No, I haven't been posting for the last few months. I've been in hospital in a coma. Yes, I was shocked to find out too!

I've only recently woken up. The doctors said I had a haunted tumor in my brain. That sounds positively harrowing!

Apparently it had been growing in there for quite a few too many years, however it had only recently become an impairment to my pan-tangible health, hence the ectoplasm and migraines, et cetera. I still feel a throbbing in my head.

The doctors also informed me that certain aspects of my personality or mannerisms may change, which I must admit, spooks me out a little. However, change is a part of life, and I must embrace it as it comes.

I'm going to go to sleep. I hope Sthephie has not missed me too much, though i expect she has been far too tired to do just about anything since the middle of november.

Well anyway, it looks like I'm recovering. A winter solstice miracle perhaps!

- A very tired Kayla

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11/23/2015 3:13pm

Hello all. I'm back again, for a while: as long as this respite lasts.

I've been terribly ill recently; anomalous amounts of ectoplasm has just been slowly sliding out of my eyeballs since at least two werks ago. And i've had the most tedious fatigue too.

Well at least me and Sthephie are in the same boat (She's brumating. Oh, and she won't be posting for a while. I know her lack of online presence is sad but really at this time of the year there's no alternative. It's for the best, really). What's worrying is that, I'm not even educated in anything about medium-ing at all. Should i even be capable of ectoplasm production!?
I've sent some samples to the witch doctor, but for now they can't diagnose the disease.

I sincerely hope to be more active soon. Wish me luck!

- Kayla

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The Cassandra Propaganda
11/7/2015 5:11am


Being an electronic musician is NOT just PRESSING BUTTONS. It's more than that!!! I have to press keys. and push sliders too! and uh. i have to turn dials and plug in cables!!!...

Okay, maybe my musical methods aren't the most stage suitable... but we could still try? Oh who am I kidding. we really do need some more band members. I'll shoehorn an announcement into the first LGBT+ meeting that we have! But until then, if anyone sees this post then please feel free to respond!


LGBT+ club
11/4/2015 2:45pm

So sorry about my sudden seclusion everyone! I've just been busy all week. I don't really remember what with however. Maybe it was a time travel thing? Whatever it was, I'm back online now, wide awake, with a lack of walking, talking supposed-to-be-stationary objects, and an all new eagerness to put this LGBT+ club plan into action!

I think the club should take place... fortnightly on a thursday. That seems good. Once a week might be too much. As for the time, how about from when the school day ends, until an hour after that.

I'd like to try and acquire an accommodating auditorium or some equivalent. We most likely won't need a very large space, but who knows? If anyone knows staff who might be inclined to help find somewhere, please ask! I'm going to be asking my creative writing teacher, they seem of a sensitive sort. Until then, if anyone has suggestions/objections/revisions to my proposals please let me know in this thread!

Much thanks to all and apologies for my absence!


Sentient Sleepover Snacks
10/30/2015 3:35pm

Gosh! It's all hallow's eve tomorrow, and the atmosphere appears already suitably spooky!

I was listening to a halloween themed playlist today, and had a sudden epiphany: In order to overpower the posessed products, @Clawd should dance to the ghostbusters theme! His powers are shaped by the subject, story, or statement behind a song, right? So surely a ghost busting ballad implies ghost busting effects!

It's worth a shot at least, i hope!


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Halloween Happening: Arcane Apparition Amplificati
10/27/2015 7:09pm

Hi @Gretel ! As all hallow's eve approaches, I too have noticed some ghostly changes. Most notably: an increase in abundance of items that have become homes for lost souls.

Recently while at a sleepover, @Clawd accidentially allowed an absolutely appalling amount of ghosts to start posessing the party snacks, and a few other household objects in my dorm. They are still dancing around even now.

I don't know the first thing about communicating incorporeally, and they don't seem to be showing any signs of tiredness. I've tried constricting them in a cardboard container and glueing it shut but I felt bad and opened it up again.

@Sthephie Serpenthine is safely secured sleeping behind soundproofed doors. We've made an impromptu "airlock" of sorts to make sure the little posessed items will never get into the bedroom or bathroom.

I think the posession potency is probably a consequence of the Hallowe'en anomaly. Would anyone be able to offer additional assistance?

- Ghost-Wrangler Kayla

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