The Cassandra Propaganda

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Hormiga Man
- 10/30/2015 9:25am

Perplexing Cabinet Mysteries!

Catch The Cassandra Propaganda


tonight at 9pm in the Mesmer Auditorium

also: enormous inconsequential t-shirt sale and fashion show!

Admission $5

- 10/30/2015 3:48pm

did someone say....FASHION SHOW!!?? dude, you can't count ME in!!! and im like, SO there for t shirt sales too, it sounds GNARLY.

so is this like, a play or something? ive never really gotten into the whole like, MYSTERY aesthetic but it's rad to try new things i guess, and in this kind of school i better get used to it LOL!!!!!!!CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHO THE SPECIAL GUESTS ARE!!!!!!!!!!

ok, time to pick out a cute outfit...

Ella Shanks
- 10/30/2015 7:52pm

So I got all the controls back into the right positions. The horizontal control, the vertical control, the differential, side-learning, the emotional depth, pallor, pallor II, I was up all night! But something's still out of whack, and it's centered over Mesmer Hall. Can any of you see that out of your dorm room windows? It's like a big purple lightning bolt that won't go away. If this is my fault I feel really bad, everybody, and promise never to touch the controls again.

Kate Bliss II
- 10/30/2015 8:04pm

Oh that's just my friend's band warming up for the show, @Ella Shanks. Power Value Stance! That's their name. They're in Science Leaders of Tomorrow club with me. And if you've seen those stange lights around campus? Like the little blue one, and the green one, and the red one? Those were pigeons that got electrified during their practices. It seems to wear off after awhile. You'll have a blast I promise!

It's them and Mind in Two Worlds and One-Party System that are opening for @Hormiga Man and his Cassandra Propaganda tonight. It's supposed to start at 9 but you know those things never start on time.

You should totally go. I've got earplugs and goggles and a protective smock you can wear if you want to play it safe. But I'm sure it will be fine! Let's go!!!

- 10/30/2015 8:53pm

The Cassandra Propaganda Experience is like a play, @Clawd. There's mysteries, and secrets, and your ears will ring all night and you'll never see the world again the same way. Plus, you get an ear of corn! You've really got to just experience it yourself.

- 10/30/2015 11:19pm

@Triptolemus OH!!! that is so GNARLY, i am TOTALLY down for corn, that like, seals the deal. Plus, theatre is SO my thing, thanks for explaining!!!!! I'll see you there hopefully LOL!!!!

Ella Shanks
- 10/31/2015 12:49pm

Wow, so, OK, maybe I should have worn the goggles and the lead smock and and least the earplugs that @Kate Bliss II offered me but I really wanted to experience it directly, myself, you know?

I still think my internal psychobathymetric pressure is way off, though I assume that should reset itself. But at the end, after @Hormiga Man brought out what was in those baskets and showed everybody... I can't really remember what happened next. Does anybody? I just kind of remember being outside, in the corn maze, looking at the moon, looking down at my feet in the dirt... Somehow I guess we all made it home?

- 11/3/2015 4:02pm

*loud thumping noises* Well, I finally captured all the-- *vulgar swearing* --Hush down there, that's very inappropriate! -- Ahem, I finally captured all the spirits that were released on me during Halloween. Only twelve this time, I was surprised. The one year that my little brother and I spent Halloween at our half-godmother-aunt's house a total of thirty-seven haunts appeared on the doorstep. We almost ran out of holy water and blunt objects that night. Unfortunately, three of the ghosts were only trick-or-treaters dressed up as ghosts. Their mothers were rather startled when we chanted loudly and shot water soakers at the children. But after that squirrel got turned inside-out, we weren't taking any chances. *muffled laughter and approving applause* Yeesh, you guys are gruesome. Who even applauds for something like that?

Anyways, I've got an ebony Pandora chest in my room filled with rather unpleasant and malevolent spirits. Most of them faded back to the nether after their capture, but these four claim to have sworn vengeance on me because of... what was it again sir? *muffled ranting* Ah-ha, yes, my great-great-great-great grandfather's childless step-sister who was a gypsy and conned these fine gentlemen out of lots of money. *muffled wailing* Oh, and also broke their hearts. Grandfather believes she was a three quarters siren. She had a lovely singing voice. *muffled wailing gets louder* BACK ON TOPIC *bangs on chest to silence ghosts* if anybody would be so kind as to advise me on how to dispose of these rather violent souls, I'd appreciate it. Or if you want them to experiment on, be my guest. They won't diffuse into oblivion until SOMEBODY attacks or intimidates them, and I just don't have the heart to do it.

Come visit me on the ceiling of the Self-Aware Library if you can help me out.

Kate Bliss II
- 11/3/2015 6:46pm

I thought the Cassandra Propaganda show turned out really well? Didn't you?

Actually I didn't stay to see them. Was it good? I left with my friends from Power Value Stance after they were done, and we went and hung out in the woods and tried to find @timberlina's tree house (we didn't).

Anyway, at the show that was me standing right up next to the stage for Power Value Stance. I'm sure that @Hormiga Man didn't mind that we didn't stay - we've seen his show enough times before and it's better to let the "new blood" get closer to the action. I also know him well because he's always in the Science Leaders of Tomorrow club's dumpsters looking for material for his cabinets, and, since I'm in charge of Waste Disposal for the club we run into each other a lot.

The Cassandra Propaganda is always working on new routines, though, really, they're always worth seeing! And sorry I can't tell you more about their show because there's a blood NDA you sign as part of buying the ticket whenever they play. I think there's actually a kind of binding spell that keeps you from discussing it.

Ella Shanks
- 11/4/2015 1:33pm

Yeah I think it has something to do with Pataphysical Frame Rate? The Cassandra Propagana fiddles with our anthropomorphic video aspect ratio using large temporal frequencies, which causes central flicker fusion. Temporal frequencies are translated to spatial frequencies through motion, and the spatio-temporal frequency spectrum of an apparently natural scene becomes apparent, giving the audience a view of the outside of the box. This is a signal that isn't usually available to consciousness.

When things happen in and around the box at higher temporal frequencies than half of the sampling rate (the Nyquist frequency), the result is temporal aliasing, the creation of artifacts caused by high temporal frequencies interactions with a slow sampler (the audience). This is what produces the artifacts that @Hormiga Man presents at the end of the demonstration.

I know I promised not to fiddle with the controls anymore, but just imagine if you could do a Cassandra Propaganda on the Big Picture?

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