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11/6/2015 8:14am

Ughhh it's getting colder. i feel so bad for not being as active but it's just ssssooo difficult.

i need help tbh. does anyone know any sssspells or sigils that could keep me warm? like, i'm not saying the dorm heating is bad but, uh. well, it's bleedin freezing in here, and i'm in the middle of a big blanket pile.

and congrats to @Pearline on getting student of the month! u deserve it. I cant think of a student thats contributed more to the sssschool while i've been here. U make a really great effort all the time to cultivate the community and like, help new sssstudents (like me!) which is super important and stuff. anyway yeah thanks g.

o and sorry to @Hormiga Man @Triptolemus and @Kate Bliss II that me n Kay missed the Cassandra Propaganda. i rly woulda loved to go, and kay's been talking about how awesome Power Value Stance sounded like, all week. she has this like, dream of being in a band and touring and doing sssshows with me as her vocalist.

one day i swear we're gonna just do it, but we need a guitarist or ssssaxophonist or just any instrumentalist really. Sure we could make music, but we cant have a performing band with only vocalssss, synth, and a drum machine. That's a singer and a nerd sssstanding on a stage for half an hour, occasionally pressing some buttons.

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10/31/2015 5:58pm

SSSSup everyone. Halloween was fun ig. Ppl kept thinking i was wearing a cosssstume tho lol. :/
The best part was the caramel rats they were SSSSOOOOOOO TASTY like. I feel sorry for all yall that are unable to digest this kinda stuff. Gorgon/naga/rodent eater halloween cuisine is the BESSSST. U guys r missing out big time.

I've been so tired that i missed all the halloween parties which SUUCKS. But luckily @Kayla May isnt a party person so she's been looking after me all week, cooking for me and helping me catch up w my studies after multiple days sleep. She's so CUTE goddamn.

It's kinda nice during the winter. I dont have to do much. I sleep through most of it. And then when i wake up i'm studying like CRAAAAZY but kay always helps so its fine. What would i do w/o her honestly lmao ily bab.

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Sentient Sleepover Snacks
10/23/2015 3:16pm

Brooo this is wicked sick. Uhh i jusssst woke up tho. Ig it may get annoying.. Idk. If it does i'll just lock em up n take them to the hazardoussss materials dept.

Anyway sry i been sleeping so much. Me n th snakes sssshare a metabolism and they go thru this thing called brumination. It's like half-assed hibernation. Which means i have to ssssleep for longer, but i dnt have to eat as much. The school is chill w/it. I get extra tutoring to compensate. Plus it'll only happen while it's cold.

So ssssome pretty fcked stuff went down? Like, MORMO or smth. Whatever. Seems like kay is fine. Idfk who or what MORMO is but if they so much as lay a finger on her... Hell hath no fury like a pissssed off gorgon.

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/19/2015 2:37pm

Whoaaaa dude what the hell is thissss?!

agent?!?!?!? ERADICATION???!!!!!!?!?? uhhh GUYS why is NOBODY FREAKING OUT. i KNEW he was up to ssssomething!


@Neuman Grange @Beefur9 @Consuelo do u guys kno anything about this?

Return of Mattie!
10/18/2015 12:55pm

Ohhh Mattie, bab i feel kinda sorry. i kno u meant well tryna pair me with that sssshapeshifter dude but like. uh, where to start.

well firstly i'm not into dudes at all. (bummer i kno boys!)
uh. also, even if i was, i'm in a relationship!!! @Kayla May is my match, thank u vry much.
Oh and like, the hissing wasn't me. my hair is just super protective of Kay and I.

I'll let it sssslide this time, since you've been away for a while, and it's an easy mistake to make, kay isnt one for pda. just dnt let my hair kno.

Good 2 c u back tho!!!

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/18/2015 2:31am

@Sarah Tonin a sssshapeshifting virus?!?! Whoa. Uh, i havent sssstudied cryptopathogens yet but did u catch that from kyle? If not, then, when ur tongue got all up in his ear, did u give it to him 2? What would happen if a shapeshifter caught a shapeshifting virussss??? Freaky lol. Maybe its like, part of how they get more shapeshifters; they infect people and then b4 u kno it the infected person becomes a shapeshifter 2, cigarettessss and all!

Dnt blame @Pearline tho, she's had the puresssst of intentions all along!!! Like sure u got a shapeshifter virus but no need 2 get ssssalty?

Also maybe some ppl could help if u described ur ssssymptoms a lil more. U mention growths and urges but like. What even are they. An urge to "shift"???

But ssssrsly. Hope u get better ig. That was a wiild night. Also, r the new machine ok? I havent heard from them since... Spooky

Oh yh and my hair is ok again. They just needed some time to calm down.

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/17/2015 1:33am

OKAY THAT DANCE WAS SMTH... My head is sssstill spinning and my hair is standing on end. (I blame the nutrient solution and the music) I hope they are ok, jfc. if my bbs are hurt, somebody go get @Neuman Grange and @Gene Sequins a bodyguard, becausssse all hell WILL break loose.

Hopefully they will return to normal once i feed em some mice... Unlike keratin hair, snakes take YEARSSSS to grow back.

Anyway uh. I met @Pearline at the dance, she's ssssuper outgoing and hardworking! I admire tht a lot in ppl. We were both watching @Clawd dance for a while. He's so dedicated to his art, omg.

It was pretty embarassssing though when a shapeshifter dude asked to dance with me. I was gonna let him down softly but my hair just HISSSSED at him straight away! He got so scared he turned into a cat and legged it... Tbh, it was pretty funny tho. Kay was grinning at the incident behind her mask for quite a while. Everything after that was kinda blurry. That was when i took some nutrient solution. Ugh. Science has gone too far lol

The Annual Science and Shapeshifters Dance
10/16/2015 4:10pm

Ayee wassssup. I'm still writing ig. I'm kinda warming to the idea of a journal. In a few yearssss i'll be able to look back n c all the cool friends i made while at psyhigh, like @Clawd !!!!!

I met him today in telekinetic dance class, and omfg we get on like a house on fire. He's sssso funny and cool and like, his STYLE is like, super great. He's so talented too, def better than even the dance teacher lol.

I'm so coming to the shapeshifter dance today. Idc abt much there tbh, its mostly a bunch of weirdo geeks, but Claud will b there, and its honestly worth going just to see him dance.

Kay stitched some anti mind control sigils into the jacket i was gonna wear tonight. I'd be annoyed but they actually look pretty sick. I don't know why shes so paranoid tho. Its just a bunch of robot dweebs.

Anyway, if my next post is written in javascript, tell kay her sigils SUCKED. Bye losers.

10/15/2015 4:24pm

This journal thing is PRETTY DUMB imho. If i wanted to talk to my friendssss id use facebook or something idk. Plus it's like SSSSUPER tedious 2 write all this stuff.

Im only doing this rly bcs my NERD roomie said its "~worthwhile~" and that "~recording regular reports really refines your reputation for writing reliability~" , whatever the heck that meanssss.

Sssso yeah today was my first full day at Psy High. It's better than VRH i guess but the Expectations are higher too. Im thinking about joining the mayan mind wresssstling team. Im p sure i could suplex most of the dudessss around here but idk how well i'll do in more academic stuff; im p crap at math.

today i went to a class in sssspirit animal veterinary care, which was pretty rad ig. We had to astral project before we could see the teacher demonstrate stuff, and one kid got abducted by shadow people lol. which would be TRAGIC if they weren't rescued and brought back to their body in mostly one piece. But they were rescued. and they are ok now, so it's HILARIOUSSSS.

Yeah. So schools great. But ima stop writing now n get some of my beauty ssssleep. I deserve it tbh.

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10/14/2015 2:55pm

Heyy sisssssterssss, mistersssss, and uh.. nonbinary people? That last one doesnt have as much of a ring to it. Or any 'S'es to hiss for dramatic effect.

Anyway, i have fiiinally arrived!!! I was suppossssed to be here about 3 days ago on the flight with my BFF GF @Kayla May but i missssed it bcs my hair REALLY didnt want me to go... Dnt judge me, i'd like to see some of you twerps do any better with SNAKE HAIR of your own. And plus, it would have been sssooooo awkssss for like, everyone on the plane if my hair was making a fussss the whole time.

So yeah, my name's Sthephie. Well, technically it's Sthephen but my parents were ssssh*t at namessss and totes thought i was a dude for the first few years of my life b4 i was like.. Yo... U kno im a chick right??
Anyway. Sthephie. Remember it or ssssuffer. Just kidding.

But yeah, i'm over here to stop kaydoodles nerd ass getting whooped by bullies. Any y'all hurt my girl and i'll look at u funny. Then you'll be paralysed...

WELL THAT ABOUT WRAPS IT UP. I gotta go find my classes n stuff, sssseeya round, DWEEBSSSS.

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