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Matching by Mattie
- 10/18/2015 12:21pm

She's fabulous... She's gorgeous... She's being mentally linked with over 2,050 other minds... Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee's Mattie Darling!!! *studio applause plays*

Well, well, well! How are all these lowerclassmen doing back at ol' Psyhigh? Oh, wait, I know. You guys threw a party, and brought CHAOS TO THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. ...Good job! Reminds me of the good ol' days when I'd wreck havoc in halls with my BFF Odite. She had to wear a mask because she was so pretty people would fall madly in love with her after over-exposure. We had competitions to see who could get the most seniors to ask us to dances! *wistful sigh* Yes... those were fun times... until she got madly jealous of me for always winning and vowed to destroy me and everything I love. We didn't talk much after that. But seriously, can you blame her? EVERYBODY is jealous of ME! *flutters eyelashes innocently*

What was I talking about? Oh, yes, that's right. The dance! You might not have seen me, but I was, like, totally semi-attending your little get together. I was only 19/75 there, yet I could still, like, conceive how lovely it was! And luckily, my subliminal messaging powers were still working full force. That's right, I may have helped a few of you with your relationships that night. @Pearline, you and Omega make, like, SUCH a cute couple. Oh, and @Gretel, I totes saw you looking at that Samuel boy! When you're done having your moral crisis, I would be happy to hook you two up! @Sthephie Serpenthine, I worked so hard to get that cute shape-shifter boy to ask you to dance. And you hissed at him? Honey, we have GOT to work on your social interactions. You could've at least given him a chance, like @Sarah Tonin did with Kyle. Even though she and Kyle (who is a complete hottie btw, minus the smoking) were an unlikely couple, they had some real chemistry! Until the whole "incident". See... that's why you all need my help in the love department. This is why the WORLD needs my help in the love department! *Mattie's friend Ava is heard yelling at Mattie from the background* How many times do I have to tell you Ava?!? I'm NOT meddling, I'm HELPING. These children are lost in the realm of love without me! ... DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!!!

Er, sorry about my outburst my lovely fans. I'm still a bit hyper from, like, the party and coming back fully into this plane of existence. Inter-dimensional travel always makes me a giddy! *hair flip* Though my body feels rather flat now that I'm confined to three dimensions again. Or is this four? I've been gone so long I can't even recall! *cute giggle* Hopefully I can get done some match making work for my favorite business/organization, "Matching by Mattie", before classes resume or I'm yanked from Psyhigh again. Not only am I, like, totally way behind on my homework, but I heard a bunch of cute new boys have transferred into school this semester! *Ava makes a snarky comment* No, Ava, I haven't forgotten that I'm currently in a relationship. But I have forgotten why I, like, put up with your attitude. Like, RU-DAH. Just because I'm dating somebody doesn't mean I can't check out other hotties! I consider it important research for "Matching by Mattie". *Ava is heard mumbling angrily*

Well, Ava may still be a pain in the tush, but at least my wonderfully loyal roommate @Nobody is still here! ...I think. Nobody, are you in here invisible? Or are you visibly not here? *muffled and reluctant reply* ...Why are you hiding under your pet monster? *another muffled and reluctant reply* Oh, puh-lease. Don't be silly Nobody! @Gretel didn't say your life was in danger! Why don't you come out of there and we can grab a coffee? I want to tell you ALLLLLL about how fantastic my new job is! *Nobody's monster breaths a small flame at Mattie* *Mattie screams and runs from the room* YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID NO THANK YOU! THESE ARE DESGINER JEANS, I AM NOT HAVING THEM BURNED TO AN UNFASHIONABLE CRISP!

With love,


Sthephie Serpenthine
- 10/18/2015 12:55pm

Ohhh Mattie, bab i feel kinda sorry. i kno u meant well tryna pair me with that sssshapeshifter dude but like. uh, where to start.

well firstly i'm not into dudes at all. (bummer i kno boys!)
uh. also, even if i was, i'm in a relationship!!! @Kayla May is my match, thank u vry much.
Oh and like, the hissing wasn't me. my hair is just super protective of Kay and I.

I'll let it sssslide this time, since you've been away for a while, and it's an easy mistake to make, kay isnt one for pda. just dnt let my hair kno.

Good 2 c u back tho!!!

- 10/18/2015 1:26pm

Hey Mattie! I'm relatively new here, but that doesn't mean I haven't heard stories about you! Thrilled to have you back. I'm supposed to be researching Dundas Castle, I have a test tomorrow on photosynthetic koala spies, AND I still have to clear up suspicions against the new machine regarding the ASAS dance, but I'll take a little break to introduce myself. Oh, wait, Omega's still locked up in the other bedroom, I'll be right back.

And I'm back! Heh, long story, that. I'm Pearline (obviously), I'm a freshman, and I read sould. Mind if I give a listen? ((Hmm, soft, pink and fluffy on the outside, dark and gooey on the inside. Oh! a truffle soul. I would have one of those had I not been born soulless.)) Anyhoo, I'm glad to see you, because I need you to work your matching magics! I need a roommate, STAT. See, the previous tenant decided to move in with her parents and come here on weekdays, so I put an ad around the school detailing the requirements for a roommate, but it's invisible or something. Sooo, I need you to find me someone who fits these requirements, who will be great in a friendly relationship. But make sure you do it subtly, like make the ad fly in their face or something.
Now, I have to get back to doing everything mankind is capable of doing simultaneously, so get back to me on that. AND SHUT THE DOOR AS YOU LEAVE, PLEASE!

- 10/18/2015 2:07pm

Woah, it's like

- 10/18/2015 2:14pm

Woah, it's like, totally gnarly that Mattie is back, i mean, i don't know MUCH about her but she sounds pretty rad! it's like, so awesome that you were kinda at the party bro, Hope u got to see my SICK moves LOL!!!!

there's like, that whole thing about the dance going on, but im sure @Pearline is TOTALLY gona crack that case or whatever, LOL!!! she's like, super smart and stuff, trust me it'll be SUPER cool, ill totally bust out some sweet congratulatory MOVES when it blows over and stuff, dude!!!

Kayla May
- 10/19/2015 11:45am

Gosh hi Mattie! welcome back! I've heard all about you! Well, not completely all about you, that would be weird, but i know that you are an irreplaceably important individual at psyhigh!

Don't worry about the shapeshifter thing, honestly. Me and Stheph are used to ppl saying we should date dudes haha... (every family gathering ever) Maybe it's that psychic property that all lesbians have which is messing with your matching.

- Kayla

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