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Children's Circle
1/17/2016 1:18pm

What?!! OMG I had totally forgotten about Children's Circle. How could that have happened? No, really, how could that have happened?

Memories flooding in now though! Like that time we made those giant paintings with maple syrup. And ice sculping! That one teacher got super mad that we mixed the kinetic sand with the invisible flubber. It made me feel weird and ashamed which I don't think was the true mission of Children's Circle. Does anyone remember that?

I totally remember the song now too. Oh wow this is soo cool. Thanks everyone for starting this discussion.

Yours in Egret and Owl secret handsignals! Wink wink! Let's keep the remembering,

Rainbow Tracie

11/13/2015 9:12am

Hey, even though Friday the 13th is usually my absolute favorite, I am thinking of changing my name to Dark Foreboding Cloud Tracie, or DFC Tracie for short. Elsa has been expelled! And it is all my fault :(

It all started after we resumed training with Frank (Professor Silver) in the cave to work on destroying the "thing". I didn't realize that Elsa had started to totally slack on her classes. I thought she was totally rocking Ancient Mysteries 101...it always looked like to me that she was working her butt off and was participating in class. I guess Frank gave her a secret directive to keep an extra eye out for any anomalies on campus. (Yeah I know...its Psy High, the whole place is an anomaly but whatevs). She had been putting a sleeping draught in my nightly chamomile tea so that she could sneak out at night and patrol.
She even got her boyfriend to patrol at night with her for a while but he started to get freaked out cuz Elsa wouldn't really explain WHAT exactly she was doing and eventually he broke things off with her. Elsa was soo focused I didn't even know about the break up!

Long story short... things came to a head when she attacked @Pinapple Head 's mom at the first PTSA meeting. She and Frank believe that @Pinapple Head 's mom, Linda, is somehow in league with the forces behind the creation of the "thing". So yeah the school had enough grounds to expell Elsa and put Professor Silver on administrative leave. Expulsions are rare here guys, this is big. I think it is unfair because Elsa was trying to protect the school and come on!!! it's Psychic High School, shouldn't Elsa score some bigger points for trying to fight the forces of evil with all the good in her giantess heart?

Now Frank and Elsa are missing and I really can't do anything. I am just waiting here til Thanksgiving break and I am going to ask my parents if we could try to search for them.
Meanwhile the "thing" grows larger and other students are starting to notice. I am going to search out Elsa's ex boyfriend and see if he knows anything.
Sigh, TGIF

DFC Tracie

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9/12/2015 2:24pm

Hi again!

Its been a while I know. The work Elsa and I were doing with Professor Silver in the cave before school started got totally interupted because Prof. Silver (he lets us call him Frank) got called in to help Mrs. Bherdol with the Pixie Incident. I'm calling it The Pixie Incident 2015! What a calamity. But here is the thing...the pixies had a positive effect on the "thing"(I'll start putting quotes around it, some folks complained, I just don't want to draw attention to it by capitalizing and having it get confused with other "things" cuz there are lots of different "things"). It's growth has slowed..its still there obviously and something I have to deal with but I am still here and the world is still safe! Frank, Elsa and I will continute our intensive studies on Elder Giant culture later in October so I get to focus on classes and stuff now for a few weeks.

Oh and Elsa has chilled a bit. I think having a prime directive..i.e...protecting me from evil and junk was stressing her out but The Pixie Incident seems to have redirected her energy a bit. She has also met a cool boy! He is not a giant, but he is extremely tall. To be honest and stuff, I am a little jealous. Of course, totally akward giantess with severe insecurities and no social skills hooks up with tall hottie. Sigh. High School can suck even if you get to go to the coolest High School in town.

A lot of kids have been writing in their journals lately about what it means to be normal here. Or weird. Or whatevs. Seriously people, I have a "thing" and my roomate is a giantess. Its just like regular High School. I'ts just that we students along with our parents were searching for that "different" high school experience. "Alternative School" is how Elsa describes this place. My parents wanted me at a place with "experiential learning objectives". I actually wanted to attend my neighborhood high school. I have a lot of friends there and I thought it might be cool to hang around people who AREN'T ghosts, or giants or wereraccoons. But hey, high school is high school no matter where you look. No teens are normal. Actually I take that back @Pineapple Head, I heard your mom is starting the school's first PTSA, THAT is normal for ya! Elsa and I are going to the first meeting!!

See ya there!
Rainbow Tracie

8/5/2015 11:22am

Hey again!

Rainbow Tracie here, reporting live from Professor Silver's office, which is in a cave, in the woods. I am not even sure what he teaches. Elsa asurres me he is super nice and stuff.

So Elsa is all, "Tell her Professor Silver, tell her! Tell her how I was selected by the Councel of Entities to protect her because of the catastrophic potential of the thing!"
And he is all, "It's true Rainbow Tracie. You must belive it and you must stay close to Elsa until this thing is resolved". And I am like, "What?!" "Do my parents know?", and "I never even knew there were Elder Giants until I came to Psychic High School..I thought they were just on that one T.V. show from the 80's!"

Professor Silver goes on to explain that my parents do not know and should not be told because if they knew what the thing really was they would pull me out of Psy High and have the thing excised permanantly and that could kill me and the destroy the planet. Seriously? I so did NOT sign up for this but I don't want my parents to freak and I don't want to leave Psy High. I love it here.

I guess I need to stay roomies with Elsa for now. Professor Silver is arranging for us to have every period together in September. Ugh. What Elsa doesn't know is that she could really use MY help and protection. Jeeze, Girl needs to work on her social skills!

Tonight on lower campus the Gaulish Coligny and Weather Psychics clubs are co-hosting a Lughnasadh Feast. (Ha! Like they know! Right?) But I thought I would bring Elsa. Maybe she will meet a cute tall boy with flowers in his long hair!

In the meantime she and I have to meet with Professor Silver on Wednesdays and Fridays (yeah, in the cave) to study the history and meaning of the thing.

More later!!
Rainbow Tracie

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7/29/2015 1:16pm

Poor Elsa. She is a good roomie and all and she means nothing but kindness but she thought she saw the thing coming back and decided to call the Psychic Biohazard Aurora Team. They could only send Auroroa Team 2 cuz Aurora team 1 is having a workshop with the Optimists Club for the next week and a half.

Psychic Biohazard Aurora Team 2 FINALLY left and gave the all clear to the rest of my dorm (my whole floor hates me and Elsa now!! "We will get you for this Rainbow Tracie! And Elsa!!) after determining that the thing was just a shadow manifestation of its former self... but could reappear at a later date. It could be days or years. Whatever! I just want to get back to my regularly daily student fun schedule. Oh wait...I have an exam in an hour in Ancient Runic/Old German Cantations. Grrrr...

Elsa is just too freaked out about the thing. She needs to take a chill pill. I love her and stuff but maybe she should have a different roomie. She would do a lot better in Aiken hall with the mostly international women students. She thinks she has "been put on this earth!" to take care of me. Seriously she really does think this, its like she thinks she is my protector. She says all Eldar Giants have a path or a calling that they learn when they are in high school and they keep that path for life and she thinks I might be her path. Um...no pun intended but that is a heavy load, for her and me. She wants us both to go together to meet her advisor, Professor Silver who specializes in Eldar Giants. I might as well go at least to maybe get Elsa off my back.

The thought plickens!!
Rainbow Tracie

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7/28/2015 2:41pm

Ugh. I got sent to the school infirmary again to have that thing removed. I got that one nurse that no one likes..the one who smells like dill. I wanted to wait and see if it would go away but then Professor Simms said to me in the hall, "Hey Rainbow Tracie, you should go to the infirmary about that thing. I can't really let you back into my class until you have it taken care of."

It's not like any of my friends even care and it doesn't hurt or anything.

Anyway, Dill Nurse was all, "We are gonna have to remove this the old fashioned way!" and she pulls out a daggar! Im all, "Wait what about that one nurse who is all about psychoesotheric methods of removal??" And Nurse Dill says "It's the summer session Rainbow Tracie..she is on vacation!". "Can't I just call my dad? He will say it is ok to wait til other nurse comes back!! I know he will!" and Dill Nurse was like, "This won't hurt a bit".

That is all I remember and then I woke back up in my dorm room and my roomate Elsa was waking me up saying, "I'ts ok Rainbow Tracie! It's OK!!!!"

Elsa can be a little overwhelming if you know what I mean. She weighs 1000 pounds and I am saying that for real, she really weighs 1000 pounds. She is the last of a dying breed of eldar giants and seriously they are huge. Elsa is totally vegan too so she thinks it is funny to tell other kids that she is vegan but weighs 1000 pounds. I know it's hard for her sometimes here but she worries about me more than she cares about herself. She told me to have that thing checked a few weeks ago and I ignored her.

Anyhoo, I got up slowly from my bed and looked in the mirror and that thing was was gone. I wonder if this time it will stay gone or come back again. Who knows. I'll keep ya posted.

Rainbow Tracie

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