The Horrific Makeover Crusade

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- 7/31/2015 10:07am



Uwaaah! That's a little drastic, Morris!

~Nice rubber ducky towel.~


~The boy's locker room, maybe?~

{Ew, no. That's disgusting.}

~Says the boy covered in glop. And Scilph-- ah.~

What? What is it?

~Mattie, she--~

{You're adorable with short hair! She gave you a pixie cut!}



~Nice going. Hey, I think you can set the water back to normal in the sower if you say "stop" and "no".~

{Okay, I'll try.} *footsteps* *muffled* {STOP! GAAAAH! NO NO NO! REFRAIN! DESIST! QUIT! OFF!}


Matching by Mattie
- 8/1/2015 2:30pm

Hello again readers of Psyhigh! I see you've come crawling back to me and my posts, just like my ex-boyfriends Brad, Tony, Rodrigo, Hans, Tomas, Yuri, and Don. They didn't come crawling back at the same time of course. That would be ludicrous! Not even I, in all my majesty, could handle the adoration of seven boyfriends at one time. I'm vain of course, but I'm not insane!

I've been tinkering with telepathic beauty supplies since the accidental success of @Kristopher's hair. His hair has retained volume and shininess usually reserved for shampoo commercials since Wednesday! I'd be jealous if I wasn't so proud of my telepathic tools' handiwork! So, in my usual benevolent nature, I've been unconventionally entering people's dorms and surprise upgrading their showers.** I'm just astonishingly nice like that. From what I've seen in the halls, this is a VAST improvement. Guys with more hair gel on their head than hair... girls with layers of perfectly applied makeup... and everyone smells of that French perfume inspired by me specifically, obsessionnelle ventilateur fille! Seeing everyone wander about in the halls, swooning at the sight of everyone's new found beauty... it brings a tear to my eye. *dramatically fans eyes to keep from tearing up* Well, they're either swooning or passing out from the suffocating levels of perfume in the school. But at "Matching by Mattie", we like to think positively!

That's all for today Psyhigh. I'll see your gorgeous new styles by the afternoon I reckon. Nobody can avoid a bathroom forever! *wicked grin* See you all-- *shrill scream* THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHER! HELP! IT WILL KILL ME! LOOK AT IT, IT HAS MURDER IN ITS EYES! HELPHELPHELPHELPHELP!!!! *@Nobody's dragon Claudette swoops in and eats a tiny helpless lizard* OMG, that lizard almost killed me. I was THIS CLOSE to death. OMG. I need to go get a cappuccino to steady my nerves. OMG, I'm crying right now. OMG. @Nobody, I totally, like, owe you one.

With love,


** "Hi, Ava here. What Mattie means is to say is that she's breaking into students' rooms, sabotaging their showers, and stealing their normal non-evil bathroom stuff. Thus forcing them to be attacked by her telepathic products instead." Don't be silly Ava! The way you say it, I sound like an antagonist. I'm the hero here!!! Now get off my computer, I want to go ask the others if they would like to go get cappuccinos with us. I want to tell them about my near-death experience.

- 8/1/2015 3:55pm

{Geh.... I'm still covered in makeup. Mattie, one day... one day you will be... GOT. You're gonna get GOT. *sigh* I'm not allowed to be inside... since I really got the brunt of the Makeover *shudder* I have extra stuff smeared all over me. I'm dripping everywhere. Hey, at least Blackie can keep me company... right, Blackaroo?}

*woofing and panting*

{He sounds more like a dog than a... sentient box. Hm. Anyway, Scilph is still upset about her hair. It used to be DOWN TO HER KNEES, and Mattie swiped it all off with one swish of a scissor. Dang. That was scary... but thankfully, she didn't notice... until I told her. Eralonia is currently plotting revenge... but first, she's going out with Mattie for a Caramel-Salmon Frap at PsyBucks. She can never turn one of those down... but Eralonia does love lizards, so if she sees one bobbing in her drink, she'd be happy.}

{Oh, Blackie... he met Claudette, and I think they got along well. They both enjoy prancing about. Blackie also met Krissi (can I call you that? Krissi? @Kristopher, when I get cleaned up, I want to formally meet you. You seem like a pretty cool dude.) and he accidentally flung some ink at him. It missed, but poor Kris seemed like he'd faint. Black ink flying right at your face would startle anyone. Sorry about that!}

{Also, congrats to Gretel! Your description is pretty cool. It's always fun to win student of the month! I have gone down that hall a couple of times-- my picture is slightly see-through, and Scilph's is more silvery. I like how they add our own little touches to it. Yours is very pretty as well!}

*muffled* ~Morris? I have called someone to repair the shower... hopefully this will work. I'm going out to PsyBucks, I'll be right back. I'm wearing my cute blue-and white striped dress! What do you think?~

{Cute. Can you chuck a lizard at Mattie for me?}

~Sure, unless she picks up the tab. I'm not making her wet her tights if she's paying for my drinks. If you need anything, yell for Scilph.~

{...Our room is on the 7th floor...}

~You can do it if you try. Well, later.~ *footsteps*



- 8/1/2015 8:48pm

Uwaaah... my beautiful tresses... *sniff* GONE! All four feet of my hair has been lopped off of my head... and all I am left with is a measly... evenly trimmed... pixie cut! This is *sniffle* awful! I have been growing my hair out since I was born... and now they were cut away from my head on one foul swoop! It all happened so fast... *sniffle* Mattie, this was your lowest. I am truly pained by... by this... horrid, horrid crime you have committed! There is low, there is rock bottom, and then there's the core of the Earth!

*sniff* I am not crying. I have mascara in my eye.

I was able to wipe off the remains of makeup on my face. I feel less... heavy... without it. *sigh* but I cannot regrow my hair. *sniffle* let's... let us not talk about that for now. I-I guess... I like this cut... now? Maybe...?

An-anyway.. uhm, something else to talk about... oh, how about this! My electrical powers have gone under control. I occasionally make lights flicker, but no more power-outages! I am proud of myself. Morris has been helping me. Oh, and I can also read minds... but I can only do it when I TRULY need to know something. It happens when I least expect it. I cannot control it. What else... I can summon ghosts. I brought Morris here. I can do more ghosts... but I do not wish to. It makes my stomach feel very ill, seeing ghosts besides Morris. It just reminds me of--

Never mind.

Ah, uhm, something else... normal powers? Talents, I believe... uh... I can play the ukelele! Hold on a moment... *shuffling* *ukelele strum* I know a few songs... they are all from Steven Universe. If you would like to listen to me, or have a duet, I would be more than happy to sing with you! Now, let's see, other talents... I can... watch TV very well? I can find many theories (especially-- uhm, only) on Steven Universe. Am I addicted? I am not addicted. It's normal. OH, I AM ALSO GOOD AT ART! I enjoy drawing very much. Whilst listening to soft, gentle music. Loud noises make me cry.

Morris says I get along very well with others! I do enjoy making friends... and Eralonia says I am a very good cook... I love Green Tea. I make that a lot. I should have a party--! Even though Atlantica does it... I'll do it for her! Just because Attie is gone, does not mean there should be a lack of parties! I will throw one tomorrow-- I will play the ukelele and drink Green Tea and watch Steven Universe and draw~! It will be much, much fun!

Oh, thank you for listening, listeners! Talking has truly lifted my spirits. I am joyous now... I will begin preparing for my party!



Matching by Mattie
- 8/2/2015 11:31am

*has crazed look in eye* I am baaaaack! Helllooooooo my lovellyyyyyy peeeeeerssssss!!!! Mattie Darling here, wallowing in the success of my telepathic beauty supplies and makeover showers! Everyone looks glorious! Unfortunately, some poor soul jealous of my generosity is developing a method to disarm my possessed-ish makeups and etc. Until that poor misguided anti-fabulous student succeeds though, Psyhigh is the most fashionable interdimensional school EVER! Your, like, so welcome. And I'm not finished yet. No, I have seen how far my passion for fashion can propel me. And I'm moving beyond makeup and haircuts. Soon, the closets of all Psyhigh students will be 100% current and fab!!! "But Mattie, how can you possibly do that? And btw, you are totally my hero!" Well, adoring and curious fan, the process is simple! I learned it in my Sophmore class: "Mini Dimensions and You". And now that my Costumer Growing Club has helped me practice the techniques of universe creation, I can make a universe that is accessed through every closet in Psyhigh! I will make a small pocket world, fill it with ONLY the hippest, most fashionable, most glorious clothing and accessories (for boys and girls, no worries) and make the entrances and exits to this walk-in closet everyone's dorm room closet! There is a strong possibility that everyone's old clothes will be destroyed in the process.... but the sacrifice is worth it. Mainly because most of you have terrible fashion sense anyways. But now, Everyone will have nothing but fashionable clothes forever. FOREVER! *evil laugh* I just need some time to get the clothes, and connect everyone's closet, and concentrate enough good vibes to stabilize the new universe. But when will students of Psyhigh be away from their dangerously glowing closets and giving off intense good vibes? WHEN??? Hmm.... *reads @Scilph's post* A party?!? OMG, Scilph is like, totally my new favorite person. Especially with her new haircut. Now, I'm off to begin part two of Project Improve Psyhigh Fashion!



- 8/2/2015 2:01pm

I have finished creating the decorations for my party~ It will be such fun!

~I'm excited. Can't wait for this!~

Mhm! I bought this beautiful rose flower crown for the occasion. I feel very pretty with this on~!

~Uhm... Scilph?~


~You may not want up get your hopes up about that party. Read this... Mattie's been taking crazy pills again.~

Ah... AHH... OH NO.

~She's... she's becoming Fortuna.~


~I know how this will work. She'll create the pocket dimension... happy with it at first, but it won't be good enough... she'll want to make it bigger, a permanent dimension... she'll get trapped, and then--~

~The circle will continue.~

How do we stop her?


~I don't know.~

- 8/2/2015 4:04pm

Ew. I feel really sticky. I went to take a nice calm bath and instead I was attacked by a bunch of make up and hair stuff I never bought. Judging by the "Matching by Mattie, where all our ingredients are artificial!" label, Mattie is behind this. *sigh* I just wish the possessed hair products hadn't straightened my hair. I like my curly hair. It's all bouncy. Plus, to keep it my hair straight you need a lot of hair spray. So my entire body is encased in layers of hair spray. It's gross feeling. Almost as gross as all this eye shadow caked on my lids. Oh, wait, I wanted to tell you guys about a prophecy dream I had. My head still hurts from it. Here:

Lots of people in our world have facades,
Masks that they don to fit in with us all.
But behind these masks, what lies beyond?
Remove the false confidence, remove the weak wall.
They are constructed figuratively by most people,
But teen girls are notorious for making this literal.

And then a huge bottle of chemically stuff flooded the dreamscape. It felt like I was drowning... but it removed all the crazy make up I was wearing in the dream. So that was a plus. I hope to see you all at @Scilph's party, but until then I'll be sitting on a ceiling. I need to recover from my "Make over Ambush".

- 8/2/2015 4:28pm

I am very scared for the upcoming "Dimension Pocket Crisis" that will happen... Eralonia tried to look into the futures to see it, but only saw static. But she knew it would occur at 7:30 tonight, right when Eralonia tries Green Tea, Walls wins at Explosive Scrabble, and Claudette sets a curtain on fire. Eralonia refuses to let me take down the curtain, as it will affect the future.

~It will! Such a paradox will open that--~

I really like this curtain... it is a nice burgundy...

~More of a tawny mauve. ANYWAY, we just need to hold our breath and hope for the best. Let's check the guest list and see who we should warn... @Gretel, @Walls, @Nobody, Claude, Claudette, @Kristopher, possibly @Morris, if the makeup gets hacked off off him... Mattie's coming whether we invite her or not. Miscellaneous part of the list... Gordon--~


~Gordon? Gordon Gortimer? Don't you remember?~


~Go figure, his power is giving others amnesia... who else... Lupus the "wolfboy" Ventra, the girl with golden wings, a couple of ghosts-- a centaur? Scilph?~

I wanted to add some diversity.

~*sigh* alright... and a few others. Okay. I believe we have no one to provoke even more impending doom.~


I am fearful...

~... So am I.~


~Don't sweat this. I know what Gretel's prophecy means... partly. She's saying how many of us choose to hide our flaws behind makeup, a wall of confidence... maybe to stop her... we need to take off everyone's makeup?~

That sounds plausible.

~Ah... speaking of "taking off"--~

That is a very bad transition. I do not think I want to hear this.

~Just shut up and listen. Mattie said during the "Beautification" our normal clothes will be gone. I think they'll disintegrate.~

WHAT?! I will inform everyone to put on some "fashionable" clothes from Mattie to save us from further embarrassment... Thank you for telling me that. Aren't you going to change as well?

~No. ALL my clothes are fashionable.~

You are so vain.


Matching by Mattie
- 8/2/2015 5:22pm


People admire those who have ambition. They love to see a person start with nothing, work hard, and end with everything. So if you're trying to attract some more girls/guys/other from higher on the social ladder, start a project! Get create, and show off as often as you can how hard you're working. If you're selling lemonade, hand out flyers for your stand. If you're building homes for the poor, carry a hammer with you at all times. If you're volunteering at a soup kitchen, lug around a giant pot of soup. If you're creating a pocket universe that will force all your peers to fit your vision of fashion for as long as they're at your boarding school, hand out flyers for your universe AND the lemonade stand! Pocket universes make people thirsty. Just remember: while ambition and hard work is attractive, sweat isn't. Stay fabulous while you work!

With love,


(P.S. Stay away from my makeup. It's never coming off again. Don't listen to @Gretel, she's crazy. You wouldn't want to see me without my makeup anyways, I look atrocious. *uses subliminal messaging powers* See? Nobody wants to take off my makeup. Nobody can! *stifles manic laugh*)

- 8/2/2015 5:32pm


Knew what?

~IT ALL MADE SENSE, IT ALL PIECED TOGETHER! THIS WAS THE FINAL SHRED OF EVIDENCE! HAHAHA! Ooh, now I can finally be the bigger person! I can finally do this! I'm right! I was correct all along!~

About wh--

~Oh, but the poor girl... putting up this facade for so long... I will make her feel better. Because I am the older cousin!~

Please explain, Eralonia.

~Not now, Scilph. I'll explain later... right now, I must get Nobody!~


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