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The Evil V.E.T.
3/22/2016 2:02pm

Students around the school are suddenly in hysterics-- Gwenette has been crying for hours in our room. Apparently some group of V.E.T. people have busted onto school grounds somehow and whisked away about 75% of the animals here. Familiars, pets, seeing eye-dogs, animated stuffed animals, they're all targets it seems. I can feel students' distress all around the school as they and their animal companions are ripped from each other. AH! I've just felt another heart break. How horrid a feeling!

@Nobody, I wish you heaps of luck in your investigation. Gwenette is nothing without Pete, her great uncle reincarnated as a robin. If you want assistance, I still owe you from that time you gave me a map. Maybe my shadows can track Claude using his sent on the map? Let me know. Until then, I will be joining the school milita being set up to protect the few animals left. I was told by the recruiter they're called the F.O.O.L.S. (Fauna Oriented On Losing Side). They were supposed to be the F.O.N.O.L.S., adding the word "Never" in there, but Markie caused a typo. Poor Markie: hooves are terrible for typing. Anyways, please join the cause my peers! Protect our pets, and stop the grief that's resonating in my skull!

Rewriting Your Reflection
3/14/2016 8:38am

Sorry to be an eavesdropper @Nick Gleason, but I heard your musings about the mirror world and I agree that things are getting out of hand. Not that that's an unusual thing to happen at Psychic High School.

The mirror in the girls restroom is no longer just a silvery hand, but it has also produced an arm and a rather intimidating shoulder. If you take too long washing your hands, it tries to take a swipe at you. So while I don't know whether its good or evil, at least we know it's protective of the environment.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled drudgery through homework assignments that actively hate me. Huzzah.

Rewriting Your Reflection
3/10/2016 3:50pm

Wow, these reflections mean business. After I caught Gwenette being hypnotized into forming a portal ritual for her reflection (for the third time in one night!), we decided to throw in the towel and cover the mirror. It took me five tries, but eventually I made a pretty secure shadow curtain over the looking glass. I'm not sure if the unnatural howls of anguish are from the shadows or the reflections, but suffice it to say that both are displeased.

As a thanks, Gwenette finally took me out shopping for new clothes. Since I couldn't look into any mirrors, I had to just trust my new friend's judgment on the outfits. Thank heavens I found a part of the shopper's market -- or as my peers call it, the "maul" -- that had long skirts. I've got about ten now, and a variety of tops to go with them. While I do feel exposed without my original black robes, it is nice to not be tripping over the hem and getting weird looks from the fashionable girls.

I'm supposed to be studying right now for two big tests I have tomorrow. However, I've been procrastinating. Studying has the word "dying" in it for a reason... especially when the shadows get sassy and try to strangle you. Then again, it's either study for my tests or listen to Bennivo. He said I need to find a way to contact Mother, let her know that I'm okay and safely in another timeline for a little bit. But if my choices are talking to my mother or wrangling murderous beings of darkness... I think I'll go study for these tests first.

(Oh, and @Big Jim, one of the mirrors in the 3rd floor girls restroom has been looking rather three dimensional lately. I don't know if it's normal here for silvery hands to be growing out of mirrors, but I felt obligated to report it anyways.)

3/8/2016 8:22am

My guidance counselor, The Amazing Dolorenamo, has switched one of my shadow classes with In-Depth History class. Apparently it's an experimental course where they project your mind into famous historic events. It's pretty unstable currently, but The Amazing Dolorenamo insists that it will be the easiest way for me to adapt to the different timeline here. Ever since we found out that I'm from a separate dimension and time period, TAD and Bennivo have been bent on helping me fit in better. I'm just going to call him TAD, it's easier to say and fits him better. Let's just say TAD is not Amazing.

Anyways, TAD pulled some strings with Tulka and got me a suitable dorm room. My new roommate is pretty nice too. Gwenette's got some empathy influence too, so when I have to deal with all these excess emotions flowing through the halls she knows how to help. She keeps saying that I have to update my wardrobe though. According to her, long black robes and a belt of tortured shadows are not fashionable here. I guess I can try wearing something else, but none of these "gene" pants I keep seeing. I was always taught that girls wear skirts or robes, not... PANTS. You people are so peculiar. Sell phones, genes, drinking water all the time....

I ought to go work on my reflection now. @Big Jim sent out a notice about it, and if I wait too long the nighttime shadows will completely obscure my reflection. I swear, I keep seeing the strangest things going on in my mirror out of the corner of my eye. Oh, actually I can see that my reflection is starting to-- HEY! STOP THAT YOU LITTLE--

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3/7/2016 8:41am

Um, I guess I should start with the good news. I have learned what a sell phone is! Some of the students who heard I didn't have one started a fundraiser, and the senior class raised enough to get me my first sell phone. One girl was crying when they come up and presented it to me. She said she couldn't imagine how hard life would be without a sell phone. Because of my heightened empathy (thanks to that silly Psyhigh Heart) I started crying too. Which made all the other girls cry. We cried for about ten minutes, while the guys pulled out their sell phones and played a small game that simulates war. I wanted to investigate more, but the girls' emotions were pretty intense. My eyes are still watery.

Speaking of the Psyhigh Heart, that's a part of the bad news. Apparently Bennivo went to his superior when he noticed that my memories of Psychic High School are pretty inconsistent with the facts at hand. After some investigation, the Time Team figured out that sometime during the year I spent as the Psyhigh Heart Caretaker, I slipped through one of the holes created in my dimension by Sandra and a time hole created by @patrick and ended up in an alternate dimension at least 200 years in the future.

The things that make no sense now make sense as to why they lack any sense.

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3/4/2016 8:35am

Golly do I hate homework. I've been staring at the corner of Gymnasium 12 (the one next to the gym half-filled with lava, but across from the Witch Hunt Simulation gyms) and I cannot finish this assignment for heaven or Earth. Mr. Black wants us to pull the shadows out of the corner, swirl them around our legs, and then stab them into the scarecrows he set up. Everyone else has already finished, but once again I'm still trying to get a grip on this little puddle of darkness here.

Every time I reach out to the shadows, I can literally see them jump away from me! The other shadow students have shadows sitting on their shoulders and brushing against their legs like cats... what am I doing wrong??? I'm afraid to ask for help though, because that only makes my teachers as confused as I am. Mr. Black says I can't leave until my scarecrow is impaled, so I guess I'll figure it out eventually. Hopefully.

I need to get out before my lunch hour though. I got a pass to go to the Time Team Psyhigh Headquarters. Apparently they've requested a meeting with me. Passes are kind of difficult to use at this school, with all the mind traps teachers set up to deal with truant students, but as long as you hold your pass over your heart and don't step on any Andromeda Galaxy letters painted on the ground you'll usually make it through alright.

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3/1/2016 4:19pm

Life's been busy lately. I checked out a few dorm rooms that were open to new tenets, but none have worked out yet. @Nobody's dorm was nice (shout out to another friendly student! Thanks for your help!) but it seems as though Claudette would rather I not move in. It's just a hunch, but the burn marks on my arm make me think she dislikes shadow witches like myself. Other dorms were worse; one was actually just a giant Venus Fly Trap that had furnished itself to look like a pretty swell apartment. Another had a student who collected all their friends', teachers', and roommates' hair. I noticed a distinct lack of these friends and roommates, so I slipped out the door before they got their scissors. Thank goodness the shadows were cooperative for once, my exit was speedy and silent. Though now my legs have big black splotches on the knees and my hair smells like a Cerberus chew toy. Tulka the admissions head is supposed to find me some more potential rooms tomorrow, but for tonight I'll be staying in the Self-Aware Library again. At least it's well-lit there.

Bennivo -- the senior I mentioned before who's helping me reintegrate -- has been giving me weird looks at our meetings lately. When I said I didn't know what a sell phone was he started sweating! Apparently everyone has a sell phone now... I've yet to see one though. None of the dorms I've visited have a phone one on the wall, and the old phone booths have been replaced with crystal ball communicators (which is understandable, crystal balls have wonderful reception). Bennivo said he'd get more information soon... but if anybody could point me to a sell phone that'd be great. My mother hasn't been answering my letters, and I'm getting worried.

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Fights and battles
2/25/2016 8:15pm

A fight broke out in my second period Concepts of Chemistry and War class. You haven't seen students fight until you watch a Psychic High School fight. Melissa was twisting the lightwaves of the room into a headlock around Fernanda, and it was the most gorgeous and nauseating thing I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure Melissa forced a new color into existence for a while.

But then, Fernanda slipped out of the hold and started bashing Melissa's face with a Dreamscape Nightmare Ward. That was hard to watch. They exchanged vulgar words and warped realities for about thirty more seconds before Ms. Winklehoffermoffer popped them into seperate states of matter. Fernanda spent the rest of class by the ceiling as a balloon full of hot air (oh, I just realized what a terrible pun that is!) And Melissa was a rather miffed lump of metal that was so heavy the floor started to sag.

It was very exciting. And very concerning. I always forget how much damage our kind can cause when we get... out of hand. For instance, did anyone else notice that there's a giant battlefield where the old abandoned underground laboratory was? It looks like a multi-headed dog and a moody dragon had a tussle! The school guards have been interrogating students all day about that....

2/24/2016 8:35pm

Tonight is the last night I'm sleeping in this horrible hall. I was silly to think it could be habitable anyways... this part of the school was dangerous for me back when there were Shadow Masters keeping things safe. Now it's a wild frontier of feral shadow familiars and incomplete spells. And as usual, every dark corner has it out for me. No wonder thr headmaster left it to rot behind layers of tortise-aura based plasterboard.

Really the only reason I've stayed here so long is the memories. This was my life for eight whole years after mother sent me away. I learned so much about my history, met so many people, got so many bruises... but it's time I accepted that this life is gone. Time to rejoin the living. I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll take you up on your offer @Nobody. As long as your rather astonishing cat doesn't grow the Vision Inducing FraFra Plant of the Ehzuzian people, I'd be really excited to move in. If it's okay, I'll stop by after my tutoring session to make sure that you actually exist and aren't another evil river spirit leading me astray.

In other news, I'm really getting the hang of this new Empathy skill I've developed. I sensed the loneliness of a tomato plant earlier, so I talked to it, and it actually blossomed! I helped something! Mother would be ashamed, but it feels nice to be nice. Evil never felt as good. Then again, the more I look at these petals the more I think these might be nightshades. Maybe I shouldn't have put them into my tea... oh dear....

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2/24/2016 1:55am

I can't sleep a wink right now. Too... scared... so I guess I'll just post in my journal. It's rather relaxing actually, I wish we had these electronic journals when I was in school before.

@Saturlex, it's okay to feel sad. I feel sad a lot... but eventually there's something worth cheering up for. If you're like me, you can learn how to surf the wave of saddness until it's over. It's as simple as riding a shadow strom! ...At least, I'm told riding shadow stroms is easy. Things feel rough, and you might feel like a big failure nobody likes, but that's just part of being a growing up kid. Or maybe you don't feel like that. Maybe I just have problems. That's equally likely.

The nighttime is so cruel. I wish I lived in a reality that was always full of sunshine, where the flowers bloomed year round and laughter was as common as the wind. Of course, that's not a good place for a shadow witch to work. We get the blackest forest, the gloomiest port towns, the darkest realms. But when I wake up at night, I really get afraid of all these shadows crowding around. It probably wasn't the best idea to move back into my old dorm where I'm alone in a decrepit hallway that's slowly rotting away. Or maybe some other student nearby is scared and I'm picking up on that emotion again. Wouldn't be the first time... I'm pretty sure the poor creature on the floor below me has chronic nightmares.

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