Fights and battles

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Alra Mist
- 2/25/2016 8:15pm

A fight broke out in my second period Concepts of Chemistry and War class. You haven't seen students fight until you watch a Psychic High School fight. Melissa was twisting the lightwaves of the room into a headlock around Fernanda, and it was the most gorgeous and nauseating thing I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure Melissa forced a new color into existence for a while.

But then, Fernanda slipped out of the hold and started bashing Melissa's face with a Dreamscape Nightmare Ward. That was hard to watch. They exchanged vulgar words and warped realities for about thirty more seconds before Ms. Winklehoffermoffer popped them into seperate states of matter. Fernanda spent the rest of class by the ceiling as a balloon full of hot air (oh, I just realized what a terrible pun that is!) And Melissa was a rather miffed lump of metal that was so heavy the floor started to sag.

It was very exciting. And very concerning. I always forget how much damage our kind can cause when we get... out of hand. For instance, did anyone else notice that there's a giant battlefield where the old abandoned underground laboratory was? It looks like a multi-headed dog and a moody dragon had a tussle! The school guards have been interrogating students all day about that....

- 2/25/2016 9:35pm

Um yes a huge battle did take place in that lab but it involved cerberus, an ancient Greek hydra with insomnia and something else no clue what it was and I know I paid the damages in full and a little extra for repairs plus a massive apology to the psychic crime club. I did warn the previous club president not to take it there but he did anyways so yeah sorry.

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