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10/3/2017 3:49pm

I would like to remind our telepathic freshman that it is impolite to eavesdrop in other people's heads. Please remain dignified in your studies.

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The Fire Prince
10/3/2017 3:41pm

I have been unable to keep up with my journal being lost in the strange purple world, but I have found my way back. I learned of a geographic location in the Purple World that directly connected to a place on Earth. Even better, the coordinates on Earth are right in the very center of Psychic High School Campus!

After carefully calculating the correct measurements for a teleportation spell, I waiting until a double full moon and returned to Campus.

Now I must find a way to return to my home world, Utherurth. There my sweet Freidel is missing me.

If you see him, send him my love. I will return to him I swear.

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10/3/2017 3:35pm

A Spell to Avoid Being Noticed by Someone You Haven't Seen Since High School

- A graphite pencil
- A crumpled piece of notebook paper
- A lock of your own hair, cut with a silver knife
- Two tsp of subjects saliva
- A straw
- A match

1) using the graphite pencil, write the subjects middle name on the crumpled piece of paper.
2) tear a small piece off of the paper. Set aside.
3) wrap the paper around your hair and light the whole thing on fire with the match.
4) douse the smaller piece of paper with saliva.
5) apply saliva soaked paper to subjects skin using the straw

Good for four hours of being ignored

The Fire Prince
4/11/2016 5:09pm

The portal in Tartarus didn't lead home at all. I seem to be in a strange world with purple sand everywhere. The sky is purple too. And the water. And I have the unsettling feeling that I'm being watched.

The flames of Tartarus burned the cake, but the Egg seems to be safe. I've been traveling through this strange seemingly uninhabited world for two days now and very little has happened. But today, when I stopped to have a drink of water, I saw a shadow moving out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look, there was nothing but sand.

It makes me uncomfortable to think that whatever lives in these violet dunes might be watching me and following my every move, but remaining perfectly hidden the whole time.

It makes me wonder what they must think of me. Surely they are aware of my strangeness.

Once again send my love to Freidel. I'm afraid I may never find a way out of this world.

The Fire Prince
4/8/2016 12:36pm

Aha! A drachma! Tucked away right underneath this skeleton. All I need to do is pay Charon for a trip to tartarus!

The Fire Prince
4/7/2016 12:30pm

There seems to be another portal out of the Underworld over in Tartarus, but I cannot travel there except by ferry, and I do not have the means to pay. If I could only find a drachma lying around, I might be able cross the Styx, but it seems unlikely that any of these lost souls would not seize the coin immediately upon finding it.

The cake provided by @xiirth is indeed keeping the Egg momentarily content. I must find a way back to the Utherurth and quick! If the Egg hatches in the Underworld, who knows what consequences that might bring. It is the Utherurth that needs the Egg the most.

I just fear that Tartarus might be too hot for the Egg to remain dormant. But, until I find a drachma to pay Charon, I have no hope of bringing the Egg back home, even through Tartarus.

To occupy my time while searching for a coin, I began drawing a map of Asphodel - I am a geography student after all. I have also begun collecting some materials for my studies in Alchemy. There are puddles of Memory Water everywhere! I've also found some curious bones that might be useful ingredients if ground.

I wonder if Greek Gods can be handled the way that Egyptian Gods are @Jes Sd Abest. I would appreciate any divine knowledge you might possess on the subject.

Send my love to Freidel! Lead him to Psyhigh if you encounter him. Tell him that I will find him and protect him.

4/7/2016 12:16pm

@patrick There may be a way to acquire some angelic coal if we could find a means to get into Heaven. I did a project for Professor Florius in Ethereaology that involved communicating with angels, and I learned from an angel named Algernon that they occasionally invite living mortals to Heaven. He said that there is an abundance of Alchemy materials there and if we could find someone with a pure enough soul, they may be able to go to Heaven and bring back plenty of angelic coal. We may be able to capitalize on trading with the angels and since heavenly materials are so rare on earth, it seems it would be useful to have this connection to Heaven

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4/7/2016 9:33am

Spell to Keep Clear Skin

A Marble basin (a bathroom sink might do)
Three red candles with fresh wicks
Two red candles with burnt wicks
Two or three teaspoons of rosewater
A Full moon

1. On a night with a full moon, fill basin to the brim with water and light the candles with burnt wicks
2. Add the rosewater one teaspoon at a time, such that the water just begins to overflow while humming a tune that has significance to you (Amazing Grace, Brahms's Lullaby, whatever song you like)
3. Arrange the three fresh candles around the basin such the one is directly across from you and the others are across from each other. Light each candle one at a time, counterclockwise, focusing on the areas of skin on which you desire clarity.
4. Dip your face shallowly in the basin once for each area of skin that you wish to be clear, concentrating on each area as you dip.
5. Humming the previous song, blow out each candle one at a time, clockwise.
6. Dispose of the water on a moonlit patch of lawn.
7. Blow out the first two candles

The Fire Prince
4/7/2016 9:19am

@xiirth Cake! Of course! How did I not think of it first? Yes, I need you to bring as much cake as you can to Asphodel! I may have found a way to prevent the Egg from hatching while still keeping it alive! Please bring cake with extra lavender and a lemon or two. That should allow the Egg to survive a little bit longer.

Twenty Minutes Club
4/7/2016 9:15am

@xiirth The Butterfly Suits are almost finished, I'll have them for you tonight, unless you'd like to postpone the heist to another time.

And I have an idea for a distraction. We should send the Ghoul from the Tarot Room into the museum to wreak havoc and keep the guards occupied.

@Terror Bean the Red Pumas only recently developed their fear of the Goldentouch when the boss filled their bikes' engines with syrup after they refused to pay for their meals. The bikes became sentient and began attacking the Red Pumas. The Boss rounded up the bikes for future use in case he needs to threaten the Red Pumas again.

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