The Fire Prince

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Mulemai Selenei
- 4/5/2016 10:18am

I was just expelled from Silver City Academy today for breaching the current rule about discussing foreign worlds. I'm a geography student, you see, and I had just come to learn of worlds outside of the Utherurth that have their own countries and their own cultures waiting to be connected with each other. I discovered a way to come to a world that calls itself Earth from which I am currently writing this entry. I had planned to return to Utherurth, but it seems the path was one-way. Not that it matters. I would not be welcome there anyway. The Dean of Geography was not pleased with my discovery and had already begun the paperwork involved with my expulsion when I left. I do wish I had had a chance to say good by to Freidel before leaving. If any of you meet a Freidel the Leprechaun please let him know that I love him and that I will return to him when I can. Tell him that Mulemai is looking for a way home.

Mulemai Selenei
- 4/6/2016 10:06am

I found another portal on the other side of the country. An old fortune-teller revealed it to me through an interpreted dream. I'm heading to a city called Frasiar to find new information on a passage to Utherurth. Once again, I ask that if anyone meets Freidel that they explain my whereabouts. His safety is of utmost importance to me, and I have learned recently that the Silver City Academy seeks to question him about my studies. If he was with me, I could protect him. Perhaps, you might lead him to PsyHigh and we could find each other thus. Tell him that I love him and that I'm coming for him. Tell him that I still have the egg.


Mulemai Selenei
- 4/6/2016 11:45am

So, Set (the Egyptian god of chaos for those of you who are unsure) kind of escaped from his prison and is now wreaking havoc in Louisiana. If there are any student doing field work in the area, I'd appreciate some assistance. He's blocking my path to the passage between worlds. I'm not particularly skilled in combat and really could use some help.

Also, while I'm here, I might as well mention that the egg is considerably warmer today than it was yesterday. If you see Freidel, please tell him where to find me and tell him that the egg is hatching. We don't have much time. The Egg cannot hatch on Earth!

Jes Sd Abest
- 4/6/2016 5:12pm

@Mulemai Selenei Heyo, I'm a Louisiana native, born and raised and I have experienced some circumstances where Set has relentlessly attempted to scare travelers. I hear you're from a foreign land, so I'll help you out. The best way to get Set away from your way back home is to AVOID any physical contact and lure him out. Many have tried to do this through boat races and such, but Set's become far too clever for that. The best way to lure him out is with his own Nephew, don't ask why this works, just know it does. Once the two begin their shenanigans, you should be able to get to your passage and back home! Hopefully I helped.

P.S - If the plan with Set somehow doesn't work there's another way to get back to your land. I've heard of a man in Ethiopia who claims he travels through different worlds. I'm not sure if he's legit or anything, but I wouldn't pass him up. He goes by the name of Novi Omnes, and resides in the Temper Valley.

Mulemai Selenei
- 4/6/2016 5:25pm

@Jes Sd Abest Thank you for your help! I drew an Eye of Horus on the ground and Set immediately began bawling like a baby! I had no idea Gods of Chaos were so emotionally unstable

Unfortunately, the portal did not take me back to the Utherurth, but instead brought me to the Underworld. I don't have a drachma to pay the ferryman across the Styx, so it seems I'm stuck here in Asphodel for now.

The Egg is cooling down. Probably the energy emitted by the Styx is preventing the Egg from hatching. I'm afraid to keep it down here for too long, I don't know how this environment is effecting the Egg's development.

Once again, I send my love out to Freidel! As soon as I find a way out of the Underworld, I will pay a visit to the Ethiopian Man and learn about traveling between worlds from him. Perhaps then I can go home and allow the Egg to hatch.

- 4/6/2016 6:31pm

@Mulemai Selenei wait, uh, youre in the underworld? oh dear, ummm, do you need any help? i could uhhh possibly come down there with one of my cakes and let you have a slice to let you out of there, or even possibly try to make one that sends you back to your umm Frediel

Mulemai Selenei
- 4/7/2016 9:19am

@xiirth Cake! Of course! How did I not think of it first? Yes, I need you to bring as much cake as you can to Asphodel! I may have found a way to prevent the Egg from hatching while still keeping it alive! Please bring cake with extra lavender and a lemon or two. That should allow the Egg to survive a little bit longer.

- 4/7/2016 11:20am

of course! ill bring as much uhhh cake as possible, and ill um make sure to add those ingredients for you, @Mulemai Selenei i will also um find some ingredients that may cause your Egg to last longer than it should without hatching ummm

Mulemai Selenei
- 4/7/2016 12:30pm

There seems to be another portal out of the Underworld over in Tartarus, but I cannot travel there except by ferry, and I do not have the means to pay. If I could only find a drachma lying around, I might be able cross the Styx, but it seems unlikely that any of these lost souls would not seize the coin immediately upon finding it.

The cake provided by @xiirth is indeed keeping the Egg momentarily content. I must find a way back to the Utherurth and quick! If the Egg hatches in the Underworld, who knows what consequences that might bring. It is the Utherurth that needs the Egg the most.

I just fear that Tartarus might be too hot for the Egg to remain dormant. But, until I find a drachma to pay Charon, I have no hope of bringing the Egg back home, even through Tartarus.

To occupy my time while searching for a coin, I began drawing a map of Asphodel - I am a geography student after all. I have also begun collecting some materials for my studies in Alchemy. There are puddles of Memory Water everywhere! I've also found some curious bones that might be useful ingredients if ground.

I wonder if Greek Gods can be handled the way that Egyptian Gods are @Jes Sd Abest. I would appreciate any divine knowledge you might possess on the subject.

Send my love to Freidel! Lead him to Psyhigh if you encounter him. Tell him that I will find him and protect him.

- 4/7/2016 1:10pm

@Mulemai Selenei if uh, needed, i can continue to make cakes for um the Egg, and i uhh may be able to find more materials for the Egg that may allow it to stay dormant for ummm a longer time, as im currently in an um cake making class at school that shows me many materials, but if there is any way to help you out, ill uhhh do my best! ALSO, i recently met your beloved Freidel!!! he told me to tell you that he loved you and that he hopes that you can make your way back to him soon!!!!

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