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The Fire Prince
4/6/2016 5:12pm

@Mulemai Selenei Heyo, I'm a Louisiana native, born and raised and I have experienced some circumstances where Set has relentlessly attempted to scare travelers. I hear you're from a foreign land, so I'll help you out. The best way to get Set away from your way back home is to AVOID any physical contact and lure him out. Many have tried to do this through boat races and such, but Set's become far too clever for that. The best way to lure him out is with his own Nephew, don't ask why this works, just know it does. Once the two begin their shenanigans, you should be able to get to your passage and back home! Hopefully I helped.

P.S - If the plan with Set somehow doesn't work there's another way to get back to your land. I've heard of a man in Ethiopia who claims he travels through different worlds. I'm not sure if he's legit or anything, but I wouldn't pass him up. He goes by the name of Novi Omnes, and resides in the Temper Valley.

4/6/2016 4:34pm

I'm not good with words, so here are a few about me.

Greatest Bumblebee Jump-rope Pusher of all time.