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The Fire Prince
4/6/2016 5:25pm

@Jes Sd Abest Thank you for your help! I drew an Eye of Horus on the ground and Set immediately began bawling like a baby! I had no idea Gods of Chaos were so emotionally unstable

Unfortunately, the portal did not take me back to the Utherurth, but instead brought me to the Underworld. I don't have a drachma to pay the ferryman across the Styx, so it seems I'm stuck here in Asphodel for now.

The Egg is cooling down. Probably the energy emitted by the Styx is preventing the Egg from hatching. I'm afraid to keep it down here for too long, I don't know how this environment is effecting the Egg's development.

Once again, I send my love out to Freidel! As soon as I find a way out of the Underworld, I will pay a visit to the Ethiopian Man and learn about traveling between worlds from him. Perhaps then I can go home and allow the Egg to hatch.

4/6/2016 5:16pm

Spell to Attract Flowerfolk

One tulip bulb
Three rose petals, ground into fine powder
Seven inches of a sunflower stalk, crushed
Four drops of holy water
A Ceramic Bowl
A Cherry Wood Spoon
A Silver Knife

1. Put bowl with holy water over the redflame. Allow the holy water to evaporate, then bottle the Holy Water Vapor for later use.
2. Remove bowl from flame and mix together rose petals and sunflower stalk with your hands until you have a smooth paste.
3. Cut the tulip bulb into three wedges. Roll two of the wedges into the paste.
4. Put bowl back over the flame. Put the third tulip wedge in the bottle of Holy Water Vapor.
5. Stir the rose, sunflower and tulip mixture with the Cherry Wood Spoon without removing it from the flame. After five full rotations with the spoon, begin applying the Holy Water Vapor mixture into the bowl.
6. Leave the bowl in a moonlit windowsill overnight.
7. Harness the magic of the Flowerfolk exactly eleven hours after finishing the spell.

4/6/2016 4:37pm

Oh, thank God!!!

@Jes Sd Best Will you help me get these damned Bumblebee Jump-ropers out of my house?

I've been waiting for a good pusher to enroll

- Mu

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Twenty Minutes Club
4/6/2016 4:26pm

@xiirth there's a fountain near the treehouse in the rear of the school that has Jasperia Flower Water in it, It's an incredibly rare kind of water. If your friends don't have that kind, they will likely make the trade

Twenty Minutes Club
4/6/2016 2:13pm

@xiirth Young Batfish Deer have incredibly delicate skeletons, whatever kind of plan we have to steal it, we must be very careful.

As for the metal that turns your skin green, I believe it may be chimaerium. It shouldn't be too much to worry about, though the affected areas will remain green for quite some time. Chimaerium is easily dissolved with Caspian Sea Water, though I don't know where we might obtain enough to dissolve a whole vault, and we must be careful not to damage the bones!

To break into the exhibit, I suggest a Immaterial Spell. I have all the ingredients for one in my alchemy locker, though I only have enough for one spell. If you wouldn't mind, i'd prefer if you go into the vault. I have a lot on my hands right now. I'll have the spell made at 4:38, so you can get in as soon as the exhibit closes.

If the Red Pumas catch you, tell them that you work for the Goldentouch, and they may leave you alone. They have a deep fear of powerful alchemists.

I'll keep watch outside the building to guide you in moving the skeleton, as I've said it's incredibly delicate.

The Evil V.E.T.
4/6/2016 1:33pm

@Nobody There should be a small wooden key on the floor in the corner near "Susan"'s desk. If you can get to it and if my psychometry skills aren't failing me, I believe it may help you find a way out and perhaps even distract "Susan."
Good Luck!

- Mu

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Twenty Minutes Club
4/6/2016 1:03pm

I'm sorry @patrick I didn't mean to offend. I did not know that was your ethereal iron. I had assumed it belonged to the Red Pumas, considering they are the one's who run the museum. I've not yet forgiven them for unleashing Set from his prison (see The Fire Prince story). I only wanted to get back at them somehow.

Is there any other object from the museum that might help me get even? Perhaps we could steal that @xiirth

@patrick I do have an abundance of hellfire, I can start shipping some to you right away. I have no access to angelic coal, however, might I interest you in some skeloplasm? A friend of mine has a bone farm out west where i can get an endless supply.

As for the angelic coal, I believe the Spiritual Department might have some in it's storeroom. Ask Doctor Trufu for the keys.

Sentience and Consciousness Programming
4/6/2016 11:50am

Professor Torrentius teaches a class on Sentient Automatons and their Role in Psychic Society, perhaps he may have information on Robots as well. His office is underneath the pool, or you could attend one of his classes in the Fresa Wing room DE2256 on Mondays at 6am. I'm sure he'd be happy to help @Guy Jester

- Mu

The Fire Prince
4/6/2016 11:45am

So, Set (the Egyptian god of chaos for those of you who are unsure) kind of escaped from his prison and is now wreaking havoc in Louisiana. If there are any student doing field work in the area, I'd appreciate some assistance. He's blocking my path to the passage between worlds. I'm not particularly skilled in combat and really could use some help.

Also, while I'm here, I might as well mention that the egg is considerably warmer today than it was yesterday. If you see Freidel, please tell him where to find me and tell him that the egg is hatching. We don't have much time. The Egg cannot hatch on Earth!

Twenty Minutes Club
4/6/2016 10:40am

I have an idea, if I may join the Twenty Minutes Club @xiirth

In the Magical Metals section of the Masonry Museum in Maryst, there is a secret vault in the depths of the dungeon containing a large sampling of Ethereal Iron which, as I'm sure you know has all manner of useful properties such as improved digestion of herbs, powerful malleability, and incredible swordmanship, all of which might be useful in consecutive crimes.

The vault is guarded by three security guards armed with spirit tasers and psychic shields. This obviously renders our clairvoyance skills rather useless, however I know a homeless man who can communicate with ghosts who might be able to make a deal with the 7th Street Phantom to distract the guards while we work on opening the vault. That should take about five minutes.

The vault is made of Gorgon's Nickel, and thus impossible to look at straight on without being killed. It is also infused with Fool's Gold, so our brain capacity is at risk if we intend to touch it without rather thick gloves. I suspect I may be able to create some sort of suit made out of Butterfly Silk that may ward off the effects of the Fool's Gold and allows us to deal with cracking the code that keeps the door locked. The code is encrypted in a Lincoln's Cipher which can only be solved with the help of a U.S. Secretary of Magic. Luckily, I have a friend from three hundred years from now, who is going to be an ex-Secretary of magic in 2301. With telepathic contact from him, we can find a way to crack the code in under seven minutes, which leaves us eight minutes to grab as much Ethereal Iron as we can and cover up our tracks with a powdered spell I've been working on recently for an Alchemy project that makes everything appear normal.

If all goes well and smoothly, we should be able to finish covering our tracks in a little more than three minutes, allowing us five minutes to actually leave the building.

What do you think?

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