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Hector Penman
- 7/23/2017 11:57pm

I'm making a map of Psyhigh. Anybody who wants to contribute, let me know!

- 7/24/2017 2:26pm

My friends Herlio and Myuri and I went dorm room shopping today. Seeing as we're going into our senior year we don't really need to -- I know I've been using the same bedsheets and tiny wastebasket for the past six years I've attended boarding schools -- but it's just something we like to do together, for the fun of it. Sometimes we'll find some cool decoration or sketchy knick-knack to make the dorm room a little more interesting. I know Herlio always displays a collection of small antique garden gnomes in his room. He claims they have priceless attributes that ease hive-mind reticulum navigating. All I know is that he has more than ten of them now, and looking at them with my Other Eyes tells me that to some degree, several are alive.

We always say we're going to go to a new store to browse, but every year we end up back at The Missmeiro Family Gallery. It's just such a cool place. Every time you turn a corner you see something new -- sometimes literally, as the architecture of the building is constantly shifting to accommodate the tastes of the customers currently in the store. It's pretty exciting to see the walls open up and another display create itself, or the ceiling suddenly collapse down upon a section that's no longer needed. Once we found a whole aisle dedicated to different types of sunscreen for strange creatures who burn in sunlight. You know, like Vampires, Trolls, Shadow Demons, Red Heads, those guys. Wish we could've seen whoever it was looking for those. I've yet to meet someone from the Shadowlands Domain.

Speaking of fluctuating floor plans, have you guys heard about @Hector Penman's project? He's going to try to map out the school grounds. Talk about a big project, a 300 acre estate accessible to multiple dimensions is not easily mapped! Especially since some locations seem to appear and disappear between semesters, or get fed up with Psyhigh's union system and quit without even giving us a two-weeks advance notice. At least some things never change, like the Pineal Gland Vaults, the Dean's Tower, The Self-Aware Library (S-AL, as some have called it), the cellar of the Spongiform Unimind, the Spoon Benders ice cream vendor in the cafeteria.... Ah, such good memories.

Oh wait, I don't think students are supposed to know about the Pineal Gland Vaults. Uh... do me a solid and forget I told you about that, okay?

Hector Penman
- 7/25/2017 1:24pm

Thanks for the support, @Klarya! Mapping the school is going to be a big job, but with everybody's input I'm sure we can do it justice. And those places you mention are a great place to start.

What I'm still not decided on is the medium to use. I'm starting with just a lot of notes and scribbles on paper, but in order to adequately reflect a psychogeographic space with so many particular peculiarities, we may need to make some kind of model, with moving parts, like a mobile? I'm soaking a bunch of dried peas right now to start connecting tooth picks with. But it's also very possible that to truly represent the school, the map will need to be life size.

In the meantime, everybody's input is welcome, and I'll start compiling a master index so we don't forget anything.

Hector Penman
- 7/28/2017 8:42pm

Ok, I definitely have:

The administration building
The caverns underneath the administration building (including the lair of the Spongiform Unimind)
The Self-Aware Library (S-AL)
The Spoonbender
The Cafeteria
All the dorms (need all their names!)
Mesmer Hall

But there's so much more. Please post them as they come to mind.

And the forest! What's in there? I need to ask @timberlina.

Thanks everybody! Keep it coming!

- 7/30/2017 11:35am

Hello there, @Hector Penman may I butt in? I've been wandering the grounds for a little over too long, and I know a few spots you may want on your map.

I'd like to remind you that the APSA center, also known as @i am the champ's office, is located in the Administration building... the same hall as Dean Hammer's lounge and the guidance counselor(s) offices. Down at lower campus's quad... the one with the fountain and @Dr Krimsborg, DPM clinic.

Also, some notable locations in the Science Labs include @Matching by Mattie's business in room 375, the grates leading to the sewers and other aquatic areas that students like @Matthew17 dump old experiments into, and @kubert's Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 is in one of the display cases.

Don't forget about the Psychic Camera Obscura theater either. I know there's a subterranean pool somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where. I spend more time on ceilings and the various observation towers. Especially the ones by the Reality Generator Server Room. I think @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. also houses some of their servers in that building, but with all their increase in security lately it's hard to say.

Somewhere there's a World Tree, @Crispy Genie could tell you about that. And I know there's a Whispering Tree Arbor by the Prophecy, Omens, and Time-Travel (POTT) building. Just be careful if you try surveying around there: the flora are somewhat testy.

Actually, now that I think about it, a good place to get a visual reference of an areal view of the grounds would be the Psy Cops' center. There's the junior agent wing of Psy Cops on campus somewhere, to provide security and such. I'm sure @Junior Agent LuLu could get you a copy, if you ask nicely.

Princess of the Dead
- 8/1/2017 1:34am

Hello @Hector Penman,

Another thing that I believe you should have on your map of Psyhigh is the main portal room where almost all the portals carrying students from different dimensions end up. It is located near the POTT building that @Gretel mentioned on the other side of the Whispering Tree Arbor.

- 8/3/2017 6:32pm

Hi, Hector Penman. Jarvis here.

Let me help with the mapping. While I haven't explored the entirety of the campus grounds, I can help you regarding the approximate location and size of some buildings I am required to enter during my time (and before the unfortunate incident) at Psy High.

When you enter the Hermetic Gate entrance, you will see a huge Victorian Garden. A wide cobblestone-paved road leads you to the Main Hall where you can visit Dean Hammer.

The Main Hall is small compared to the other structures inside the campus. If we believe the records, the Hall of Doors (as it was called back then) is the first building erected and where the local coven held their first lecture. Back when I was in Psy High, that's where you can find the headmaster's office, as well as the faculty lounge. The building is smacked right in the middle of the grounds. The details regarding the floor plan is irrelevant; the front door is a portal. The building is a fa├žade. Also, this can also link to the Galactic Cup held every few years.

A few meters east of the Main Hall is the World Tree. Planted by a German archmage back in the 19th Century, it grew from a sample salvaged from the ruins of the school in Bern and now camouflages as an ordinary tree. See the story 'Using the World Trees' for more details.

West of the Main Hall, like around ten meters, are the Dorms, or the "Residences of the Great Houses of Scientia, Occulta and Spiritus", among other names. The first floor is a great dining hall where during Christmas, we build a holiday tree to fight against. The floors above are the dorms proper. At the very top is Dean Hammer's solar. You can't miss it since there's fresh plaster around the third floor. Or is it the second. Sorry, I don't want to remember.

As for the other buildings, I have no idea. Before I could finish school in Psy High, I was whisked away.

Rogelio Horvat-Plunk
- 8/4/2017 7:43pm

Can you tell me where the restrooms are?

Hector Penman
- 8/8/2017 12:45pm

Ok I've made a model of the Aqua Dorms using real water, and a model of the Magma Dorms using... (wait for it!) baking soda, vinegar, and red food dye! It's awesome.

Starting to compile a list of all dorm names and their locations--past, present, and future--so if you have any more to add to that please let me know!

- 8/9/2017 2:16pm

Well the Great Tree knows I don't mind showing people around my neck of the woods, @Hector Penman, but I find myself concerned about the ways in which such a map of the forest surrounding Psyhigh could be misused.

We've already seen what I would consider "overreach" into the woods by the URBP (Unified Reality Border Police). Their removal of the Sasquatch Lands from the map was a political move aimed specifically at disbarring the Sasquatch from "reality," and it's something I take great umbrage at.

It could be safer for many woodland denizens to never be placed on such a map in the first place. But that's just the sound of this old saw, who's generally far more comfortable traipsin' across the canopy than sitting in a stuffy classroom looking at maps.

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