Princess of the Dead

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Mapping Psyhigh
8/1/2017 1:34am

Hello @Hector Penman,

Another thing that I believe you should have on your map of Psyhigh is the main portal room where almost all the portals carrying students from different dimensions end up. It is located near the POTT building that @Gretel mentioned on the other side of the Whispering Tree Arbor.

8/1/2017 1:14am

I remember my first day here at Psychic High School like it was today. That's probably because it was. Before I came to Psyhigh I was the only one who could see the skeletal apparitions wandering around the neighbour hood. However, here everyone can see them but they all worshipped me and only me. No one knew why until I found out that I am a Princess of the dead. A demon. Founding out who I'm truly am helped me figure out all sorts of other things such as why I could run really fast like that 'Super hero' or why I could see the dead or why other feared me. I'm still discovering new things about me but that will have to wait till tomorrow. I've made new friends I saved from a ghost funnily enough.

Goodbye for now and I will check in tomorrow.

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