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Finding Your Way Around Campus
8/28/2019 6:43pm

I’m surprised you haven’t discovered the Spoonbender, @Len. It’s been offering the same great coffee and other psychoactive hot and cold drinks and snacks to Psyhigh students at competitive prices for years! Maybe you’ve been stopping by before it was built? Or after it was destroyed.

I’m back on campus distributing my “GREATLY IMPROVED” and “MORE SAFE” Psyhigh maps to incoming freshman. Find them for sale in — you guessed it — the Spoonbender!

Mapping Psyhigh
8/25/2017 1:30pm

Product recall!!! Do not use!!!

After giving @Carlysle my SHEWM prototype (the Student High Efficiency Walking Map)... they seem to have disappeared. I know I shared it with a few more of you as well, but after double checking all the calibrations I discovered a couple of possible errors which *could* result in the user finding their way into a "next door" reality.

While it's unlikely these "next door" realities differ enough from our own to be dangerous, they are, at the very least, not THIS reality, and could result in your missing classes in this reality, or having a duplicate set of parents and friends, or running into the "next door" version of yourself (which they never say is good).

So please, if you have a SHEWM prototype in your possession, DO NOT USE IT to find your way around campus, do not trust or share the directions it gives you, and please return it to me as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding!!!

Mapping Psyhigh
8/16/2017 7:56pm

Today I was very pleased to present the first prototype of the Mapping Psyhigh Project. It's SHEWM: the Student High Efficiency Walking Map!

I made it for @Carlysle in exchange for vital psychocartographic data. But I realized it was a great time for a proof of concept for the mapping project as a whole.

Carlysle's notebook was a goldmine. Not only did it have extensive data on the libraries and their movement, but including information on Carlysle's favorite places on campus for bubble tea and snacks, goat viewing (aggravated and otherwise), restroom locations (thought you would be interested @Rogelio Horvat-Plunk), some first draft poetry and sketches... and that's when I realized I should just stick to the "map related" information the notebook contained. (Though really, since all of our experiences are deeply influenced by who we are, how could a map accurately reflect someone's reality without knowing more about them? But, I digress.)

So, in order to properly display the locations of all currently recorded Psyhigh psychogeographic data points, depending on time of day, year, position in the Milky Way relative to our local subcluster, horoscopical house, language of the user, mood of the user, point of view of the user as influenced by other entities observing the user at that time, etc., I put together our first working model. The SHEWM.

It's roughly the size of a hat box, and projects the map (depending on the coordinates requested) out of many tiny holes onto the walls, ceiling, and floor of the surrounding room. For this version, a red ribbon is drawn between destinations (presumably the user's class schedule), in the order provided.

It was just a matter of applying the Clairvoyant Travelling Salesman Problem and the Fourth Primary Color Theorem to the psychogeographical dataset I was provided. Certainly not "magic!" But remember! A map is only as good as the data it was built from.

I'm sure it will be a great help to @Carlysle to get between classes this year. And I can't wait to continue to make improvements on both the data and the technology of this very first prototype.

Thanks for all the contributions so far and keep them coming!! We're doing so great!

Mapping Psyhigh
8/8/2017 12:45pm

Ok I've made a model of the Aqua Dorms using real water, and a model of the Magma Dorms using... (wait for it!) baking soda, vinegar, and red food dye! It's awesome.

Starting to compile a list of all dorm names and their locations--past, present, and future--so if you have any more to add to that please let me know!

Mapping Psyhigh
7/28/2017 8:42pm

Ok, I definitely have:

The administration building
The caverns underneath the administration building (including the lair of the Spongiform Unimind)
The Self-Aware Library (S-AL)
The Spoonbender
The Cafeteria
All the dorms (need all their names!)
Mesmer Hall

But there's so much more. Please post them as they come to mind.

And the forest! What's in there? I need to ask @timberlina.

Thanks everybody! Keep it coming!

Mapping Psyhigh
7/25/2017 1:24pm

Thanks for the support, @Klarya! Mapping the school is going to be a big job, but with everybody's input I'm sure we can do it justice. And those places you mention are a great place to start.

What I'm still not decided on is the medium to use. I'm starting with just a lot of notes and scribbles on paper, but in order to adequately reflect a psychogeographic space with so many particular peculiarities, we may need to make some kind of model, with moving parts, like a mobile? I'm soaking a bunch of dried peas right now to start connecting tooth picks with. But it's also very possible that to truly represent the school, the map will need to be life size.

In the meantime, everybody's input is welcome, and I'll start compiling a master index so we don't forget anything.

Mapping Psyhigh
7/23/2017 11:57pm

I'm making a map of Psyhigh. Anybody who wants to contribute, let me know!