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Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/18/2019 5:32pm

Have you been to gym class? It was my first time and is it always so chaotic? All these people in different headdresses and what I can only describe as folkloric costumes dancing or maybe fighting with staves and pole weapons and a lot of them seemed drunk.

I got there late and missed role call and didn’t know if I was supposed to check in with somebody and then the bears in uniforms showed up and I just knew they were looking for me so I ducked out of there and hid around the corner near some dumpsters to spend some quality time with @Hector Penman’s Super Useful and only Slightly Dangerous school map and find my way to the next class. Hopefully with fewer bears chasing me.

Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/11/2019 9:46pm

I answered like the 100th tiny question on the test when it became totally unreadable and even my magic mechanical pencil couldn’t write small enough. I’d had just about enough of taking tests and didn’t I have another class coming up? Did I miss the bell? It was like waking up from a super small dream and remembering where I was.

So I got out @Hector Penman’s Greatly Less Dangerous school map to figure out where to go next but it was ENORMOUS! I folded it out and it filled the room and was squishing the bears in uniforms and the other test takers. One stern-faced bear walked over tut tutting and spanking a ruler in her hand, probably saying “Maps are not allowed during testing periods” or something but it was in Bearish so I acted like I couldn’t understand.

Luckily since I marked my route on the map in fluorescent highlighter it was quite clear it was time for gym, and there seemed to be a short cut if I traveled directly through the map itself, so I grabbed my backpack and scrambled into the worn out creases of the map.

Finding Your Way Around Campus
9/5/2019 1:27pm

I’m in Psionic Protection 101 too of course (required for Freshmen!) but the map told me to take the ladder up (not down) and I climbed up and through a hatch and popped up into a waiting room with a bear in a uniform at the front desk. He had medals and a hat.

“Right this way,” he said. Or something like that I assume because it was in some kind of Bearish.

He took me into a big room filled with other students taking a test and sat me at a desk with a pencil and a test paper. I didn’t know there’d be a test in the very first day! Jeeesh!

Is there a time limit? The questions on the test keep getting smaller and smaller as I go...

Finding Your Way Around Campus
8/31/2019 8:47pm

I’m really worried about finding all my classes. Especially since 86% of my brain cycles are locked down in a fugue state generating a private key for my psychlocker.

Freshman jitters!

So I’m really glad I bought one of @Hector Penman’s school maps at the Spoonbender. It looks really easy to read and makes me confident i’ll have no problem finding my way. I’m mapping out my paths in different colored highlighter for each day.

Let’s have a map party in the Spoonbender and do it together!!