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9/27/2019 10:33pm

Dear Diary,
The mind control slave bots that run this school have instructed me that I must update my diary if I wish to receive full credit for this semester. Funny that, I thought we already paid off tuition so it doesn't matter what shit work we hand in. Classic PHS shit here you guys.

At the house flood table, Huldra has is a big cry baby. I have offered myself up as a particular, but no bite there — as of yet. I blame the balsinbal bimbies because of widespread destruction of the classic cherubical warm coverings a la Earth.

Wilma Rosenbaum is from the shadows, that's all I have to say about that.

Malik Travis, my sweet Travis. When will you look into my eyes and remember me?

gavcrowleys, you old clap, how many arbitrary restrictions are you going to place upon the school before you suddenly feel the need to loudly sing? like the COWARD you are.

I don't know how many years I'm going to have to spend at this place, but I want out now.

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9/12/2019 10:08pm

well well well

Looks like i've finally been assigned a journal post...

It's not enough that you make us drink the water to keep our powers "in check" but now we have to report directly to you via regularly updated journal accounts in order to graduate from this SHIT HOLE ENTERPRISE you call "education" — just like the calcium pills that were required last semester. I'm sure just like the pills, this exercise will continue to encourage the grinding of my teeth as I sleep, as well as a continued enlargement of my mandibular tori. Is there anything the administration at this school can get right?

Is that enough words for today? Am I gonna get in trouble if I don't write more?

Fuck all of this.

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