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Sparks Fly
8/24/2016 2:48pm

Yo, @Alastor Dimitri! Great to hear from you, kid! Sorry about your shorts.

I'm at Morse Science Community College now, taking classes in their Science Hero department. The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 project got shut down by the PCC (Psychic Communications Commission) until it could be "proven" to be "safe." Bureaucrats. How are we suppose to innovate with all their regulations and red tape?

So in the meantime I've developed a self-cleaning thought expunger, a tortilla maker that doubles as a tank destroying laser grenade launcher, and a totally sweet leopard skin voltage harness.

Hey! Maybe that totally sweet leopard skin voltage harness is exactly what you need, Alastor? Lemme know and I'd be happy to lend it to you.

The Monster of Psy High
3/9/2015 10:44pm

@Alastor Dimitri is doing a lot better now. When @Fawn and I first found him awake in his room, sitting up in his bed, she said he looked like a raccoon in the headlights, with his eyes glowing in the dark like that. He looked kind of white and gold to me, but she thought he looked blue and black.

Since then, he's left his room, and is finally starting to explore Psyhigh like a normal student. He's hardly been to any of his classes since he started, but - thanks to my recordings of his pay-per-view stream - he's not only got full credit for it all but straight A's to boot! Now I've got all kinds of kids lined up who want a crack at the Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000, because they can fight demons or whatever and get great grades and not go to class! It's booked up through summer at this point - definitely my most successful machine yet. The school is even giving me a direct line to their pet Black Hole so I can power it full time.

But I wonder who The Monster of Psy High really was. Was it Alastor's demon all along, with its mud-red eyes of hate and silver hair, trapped inside him until he could confront it and decapitate it and finally become the being composed of pure electrical energy he was always meant to be? Or was it some darker, shadowy figure - the one pulling the strings behind the scenes with the Deer and the antenna? I suppose we'll never really know.

Whoever it was, it wasn't Alastor, he's a great kid. And I'm glad he's finally become the kid he was always meant to be - one composed of pure electrical energy - and able to have a normal life here, as a student at Psychic High School.

The Monster of Psy High
2/22/2015 9:12pm

Students aren't happy that "Alastor's Adventures on The Other Side" is over (case in point the graffiti on my door) but mostly I'm just worried about @Alastor Dimitri, and if he's going to come out of it.

After his body apparently became composed entirely of pure electrical energy, I unplugged him from The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 and wheeled him out into the hall and left him there, figuring I'd just play it cool and pretend it was all normal. I mean, people leave weirder stuff out in the halls.

But he just kept... glowing, and it's almost like he's floating just millimeters above his bed. There's no electrical funny business - nobody's hair is standing on end, no sparks, no heat.

So I wheeled him down to his room and slipped him back in. I hope the machine didn't damage his brain. I think it's all up to him now.

The Monster of Psy High
2/19/2015 9:03am

Oh gee oh gee oh gee... there's some really funny electrical feedback business going on. I really hope I didn't break @Alastor Dimitri! The PPV subscriptions were just starting to pay off!

Anyway, that little witch @Fawn came to my door this morning and told me to "get ready" but who ever knows what she's talking about. Something about the "mole electricians" and "turning it on." Yeah, right, whatever. I gave her a PPV flyer and thanked her for her interest and turned her around and locked the door.

But then, suddenly, Alastor's body began to rattle... and glow.... The PPV feed of "Alastor's Adventures on The Other Side" went dark, Alastor's head started banging on the table... he almost bit his mouth guard in two.

Then with the glowing. And a growing, high pitched hum. His hair started to stand straight out, and he began to levitate off the table.

And more glowing. First there was just a golden aura around him. Then his skin began to sparkle, and beams of light were shooting out of his eyes. And his fingertips. And his toes. There was a little bit of a burning smell... I suppose it was frying his toe jam and bellybutton fuzz.

Then, he settled back down on the table and the hum subsided. He looks peaceful enough... EXCEPT HE'S STILL GLOWING! He's still got his body shape, but it's like he's been filled with beautiful, golden, shimmering static and light.

If I didn't know better, I'd say he's become a being composed of pure electrical energy.

He's still not waking up, though. I hope the The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 didn't, er... break his mind or anything. I'm sure he's fine... except being composed of pure electrical energy.

If he doesn't wake up soon, should I take him to the clinic? I didn't quite get, er, permission or anything to build the The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000, or put anybody in it...

Maybe I'll just wheel Alastor's table out into the hall... or put him back in his room or something and just pretend everything's normal...

The Monster of Psy High
2/12/2015 11:45pm

Sorry about that @JP, our signal to @Alastor Dimitri on "The Other Side" does keep timing out, but I promise you our techs (ok, just me) are working hard to repair the signal and keep it strong, and will bring you more of Alastor's Adventures very soon, right after these messages.

We'd like to thank all the contributors to the PsyStarter project for the Alastor's Adventures PPV Network! Without your continued support, we wouldn't be able to keep bringing you this great programming, from inside Alastor's mind, projected onto a 9th dimensional hypersphere we're able to generate with your continued support! 100% of all contributions you make - in Psibits or Shadecoins - go to keeping the Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 running, and on a continual upgrade path to better bring you Alastor's signal 24/7!

Alright, I think our technicians have been able to restore the feed. Now, back to your regularly scheduled psystream of Alastor Dimitri on... "The Other Side!"

The Monster of Psy High
1/30/2015 9:01pm

The pay-per-view scheme isn't quite going as well as I'd hoped. @Alastor Dimitri's transmissions have been irregular, so my paying customers have gathered up their pitchforks and torches and decided to mob the hall outside my door. Their chants and pounding have been going on for days.

Meanwhile, Alastor remains peacefully in a fugue state, his consciousness transported elsewhere via the Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000.

With the restless peasants outside my door, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. If they're able to finally break it down (it's barricaded from the inside), they'll likely trash my workshop, including the Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000, which means Alastor will be back in our world, out-of-control electrical storms and all.

On the other hand, I've been having take out delivered by drone to my window, but soon my meager funds from the initial pay-per-view charges will run out, and then where will I be? I suppose I could start drinking the Ensure, but that will just end up shortening both our timelines.

Either way, I'm not going to be able to keep Alastor under for much longer...

The Monster of Psy High
1/20/2015 8:21pm

You bet, @Alastor Dimitri! Not sure if I can get quite the right effect with the controls currently on the machine - there's just actually two big dials I sort spin back and forth while I beatbox.

But!! The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000 is designed to respond directly to *your* mental inputs. So, consider that you have a blank canvas, and just go for it! Close your eyes, start counting down from 100, and I'm sure you'll do great. Just remember to report back via the viewscreen!

And while you're there, I'll see what I can do about a long term fix for your overload problem.

The Monster of Psy High
1/20/2015 10:53am

The beauty of the The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000, @Alastor Dimitri, is that it's not just for when you sleep. You're meant to stay in it full time. Er, until we find a "cure" for you, that is.

I'm sure we can get your credits transferred, so there's no problem there. And we'll keep your body fed, just like that gal in the sensory deprivation tank - @Helena Skye - when she's on one of her extended astral trips.

If you're having trouble "dialing in" to a sustainable pocket universe, I think I can fine tune it a little from the control panel. How about a rockabilly planet - entirely inhabited by centaurs! Lots of good music, dance parties... the occasional "rumble." You could join a centaur bowling league! Go, daddy-o!

Or, do you want to be a merman? We could go all Aquaman and make an underwater kingdom kinda place. Tridents, seahorses, seaweed forests. I'm pretty sure I could set that up.

Oh but just make sure you stay out of trouble - not sure what happens to your body if you get injured (or worse) in there.

Really, once you're in, it'll be just as "real" as anything here. You'll make friends, have adventures and stuff. I mean, who's to say we're all not already in a gizmo like that, huh?

And, Alastor, I know you're more than just a battery. You're my favorite generator kid! I'm setting all this up so you can avoid being burnt to a crisp by your own out-of-control power! Who else is looking out for you like me? You're the best, and I just want to keep you un-electrocuted.

The Monster of Psy High
1/19/2015 12:04pm

Through my prodigious mad (scientist) skillz, I have built a machine that should help @Alastor Dimitri with his problem. It won't actually *cure* his electrical issue, but it should focus all that power in a way that will keep him from blowing himself up. Which is how I need him - NOT blown up! Plus, it will provide me with the extra source of income I need to continue to fund my work.

So may I introduce to you: The Mythopedic Pocket Universe Projector 9000!

Fundamentally, it takes Alastor's tremendous energy and focuses it through a series of tubes, creating an entirely new, discrete, bubble reality. Alastor's consciousness itself is projected into that universe in the process, so he will essentially be transported into that reality, which is created by his own mind. Or something. Haven't really worked out everything that goes into the creation of these mythopedic pocket universes. No idea really what it'll be.

While this will all be essentially "real" to Alastor, his actual body will not be transported. It will remain on the projection bed, with a transcap in place on his head, and electrodes attached to various parts of his body. Through the transcap, we will be able to "see" the world that Alastor finds himself in via the viewscreen.

And here's the best part - Alastor's experiences will be available for anyone to watch - on a Pay Per View basis! That's right! I've already put up flyers around campus with the URL, so students can log in, pay a small fee (via Psycoins, or Psypal) and watch Alastor's adventures in his Mythopedic Pocket Universe! All revenue gained through the PPV will allow me to continue my research and kit out the lab in my dorm room.

Oh, and focusing Alastor's power like this should keep it from burning him up. Or whatever.

So, it's all ready - just need Alastor to lay down on the table and fire it up. Keep an eye on Alastor's reports of his Adventures in Mythopedic-land! All major psychic credit cards accepted.

The Monster of Psy High
1/10/2015 12:18pm

Oh, the Sonic Destroyer 3.0 mecha-suit's not meant for you, @Alastor Dimitri. It's for me. You're just the power source for my batteries!

But we do need to get you stabilized, without compromising the quality of your electrical output. Seriously, have you tried just some rubber gloves? I know a place online we can get you a whole rubber outfit...

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