The Monster of Psy High

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Deon Tologi
- 12/27/2014 12:27am

A kid in our dorm blew out their circuits sticking some junk into an outlet tonight.

Sometimes the new kids get "confused." Some kind of bio urge to reset.

So I carried their carcass down to the Ankh-lady in the clinic. These things happen with the mid-year transfers. I knew there'd be no questions asked. Ankh-lady and I have an understanding. And I didn't figure it was worth getting anything on the new kid's record.

While the Ankh-lady did her rez thing, I checked out the student ID. @Alastor Dimitri.

Not that I'm nosy.

I split before the ritual was finished. Ankh-lady's a pro.

Alastor Dimitri
- 12/27/2014 4:42am

Thanks mate. I owe you. Just call if you need me anytime.

- 12/29/2014 12:31am

You know, I am so sick of Psyhigh. And all the controls they put on you ALL THE TIME!

I mean, in the brochures they advertise their Reality Generators, and all this "room" we'll have to "grow." But when you really try do DO SOMETHING you run into a wall right away. They've got the safeties turned up to 11 on all the equipment, and did you know there are even force fields built into the walls? You can't actually do ANYTHING if it's not what they already want you to be doing.

Like I was in the Reality Generators last week - RG#11 - and I was working on a giant crocodile that walked on its hind legs and wore a helmet with a sonic cannon mounted on the top, and had gold rings on its hands that spelled out r-e-p-t-o k-i-l-l-a, and when I walked it out the interlocken gates all these alarms and sirens went off and he got decompiled. It's like the bowling alley when they've got gutter bumpers flipped up. It SUCKS.

That's why I'm building my own tech. I've got drawings, and know how to do it, and I'm not going to do it on their terms. I got kicked out of regular high school for doing that kind of thing, and that's why Psyhigh recruited me. But now that I'm here, they won't even let me do it.

But what I need now is power. I've got some prototypes built in my room, but the 120 volt sockets won't cut it. What I need is a generator kid, and one who will appreciate the kind of work I'm doing. There's a new kid on the floor above me who already got revived once from messing with the electricty, name is @Alastor Dimitri. Seems to have a thing for the juice. Hopefully he'll help me power this shit up.

- 1/1/2015 3:49pm

Major Static Alert

Have you noticed that ever since that @Alastor Dimitri moved into the dorm everythig's been all staticky all the time? Just look at yourself in the mirror and I will bet you your hairs are standing up on end like mine! Also, when you leave papers out in your room and you come back to your room and they are stuck to the ceiling!

Megan and Ria have that secret hamster in their room and they took it out and rubbed it on the carpet and then stuck him right on the wall! I told them I did not think it was very nice of them to do that.

And then I was walking past that Alastor in the hall just now and we touched elbows and ooooo did that hurt it threw me against the wall and I dropped all my folded laundry! Grrrr.

I am no expert but I think we need to put a grounding wire on that Alastor.

- 1/3/2015 6:51pm

So I want to put a ground wire on that @Alastor Dimitri but I do not know about electricity. So I thought "what is a ground wire like?" and do you know what it is like it is like a tail!

And so the first thing I did was talk to the squirrels since they know about tails. But the squirrels were skittish and I think they are superstitious about talking about their tails. They told me to go to the Elderly Raccoon Lodge and ask and that they would tell me about tails. And how to put one on Alastor that will stop his sparkiness!

So I went to the Elderly Raccoon Lodge. It is in an old building that does not have any windows and the door at the front is black but there is a place to swipe a card. I did not have a card because I am not a member so I pressed the button and a little squeaky voice came on the speaker and I let them know what I wanted to talk about and they thought about it and let me in.

It was very dark inside the Elderly Raccoon Lodge but very busy. There was an old wooden bar and I thought that would be a good place to talk to raccoons but they said I was too young and could not go in there. There was a dining room that was also very dark but had table cloths and water glasses and it was Fish Fry night so it was very busy and they let me sit at a table with the biggest raccoons I have ever seen!

I told them about my troubles. But first they ordered me a Shirley Temple. I had never had a Shirley Temple do you know what it is? Now it is my favorite drink. The raccoons said they did not know about electricity either or what kind of tail would help. They talked a lot with each other about the best garbage bins and what it was like back in the old days in the woods and then ate more fish and offered me some but I said no thank you maybe just some fries.

Then there was dancing. I did not know raccoons liked dancing so much! Or that they could play Zydeco music. Now I like dancing to Zydeco music too.

After the dancing the oldest and biggest raccoon told me there was maybe someone who could help me. It is the skunk detective. Larry Moon. He said that the skunk detective is who they asked when they had problems that needed figuring out.

So I got directions to the office of the skunk detective which is in the old woods and I will go there.

Alastor Dimitri
- 1/3/2015 7:03pm

@Fawn we can give the tail a shot.

- 1/4/2015 9:03pm

No, @Alastor Dimitri, you can NOT "give the tail a shot." If that little witch tries to pin a wire on you, or if you notice you start sprouting a little stub back there we need to take care of that immediately.

And we've made SUCH great progress in such a short period of time! I know my room still looks like a Goodwill computer center, but already the Time Scanners are operational. All those screens are lit up now - our own personal CCTV system on the past and future. And I can see BIG things ahead!

Well, actually, I can see a few different big things ahead, some of which are mutually exclusive. But I'm learning. For instance, I know now I should NOT activate the Ambient Heavy Metal Generator, as it seems to have a bug that creates rampant, excessive hair growth, and the entire campus gets flooded waist-deep in long, flowing locks, and the National Guard gets involved. So SEE? Because of the Time Scanner, we can skip that one.

Unfortunately, there's not much better luck with the Infinite Darkness Yogurt Swirl Machine, the Mirror World Self-operating Squeegee, or the Insta-clone Headdress (which, actually, I haven't even thought of yet, but you can see how useful the Time Scanner is).

And, Alastor, this is all because of YOU! Without all that sweet, sweet power that you generate, none of this would be possible. We need your power to keep flowing, unhindered, and NOT GROUNDED. You just keep coming up to my place and sitting in the chair and letting that power flow.

Alastor Dimitri
- 1/4/2015 9:13pm

@kubert Well mate. Then figure out a way for me to channel that energy directly with more control. I wanna try to use it in combat/everyday use, without constantly frying everyone, including @Fawn . Besides,i m tired of my lightbulbs randomly exploding.

- 1/6/2015 11:23pm

So I went to visit Larry Moon, the Skunk Detective, even though it was a very foggy day! I took the path into the woods that the raccoons had told me about and though I thought I was following their directions very carefully it turns out I did not and before long I was very lost!

Not that I really get lost in the woods. I can always find my way. Even in the dark! But today it was not dark just very foggy and I what I got lost of was finding the office of that Skunk Detective. I walked up and down that trail and turned around three times and followed the tiny side path by the creek and up and over the rocky hill just like the raccoons said but I could find no skunk detective office! I sat down on a log. I was getting very dejected.

So then there was a skunk. But he did not look like a skunk detective. He was small and he seemed shy but he asked me "Why are you dejected little girl?" and I told him I could not find my way to the offices of Larry Moon, Skunk Detective, and did he know Larry Moon and could he help me find his offices?

Actually I was very happy to see that skunk!

The little skunk asked me why I wanted to see a skunk like Larry Moon, and said that detective work could be rough business and that Larry Moon smelled like rabbit tobacco and culvert water and maybe his office was not the place for a young lady like me. So I told the little skunk about that @Alastor Dimitri and his sparky staticiness and how he zapped me on accident and about Megan and Rai's secret hamster stuck to the wall and about the raccoons and their Zydeco and that is why I was here and I could not turn back now.

And do you know what? That little skunk excused himself and walked around a rock and then he came around the other side and he was Larry Moon, the Skunk Detective all along! He was the biggest skunk I had ever seen. And all around me, the forest changed and the place where I was was Larry Moon's office, and the walls were tall and painted green and the ceiling was high and had an old skylight and the floor was checkered black and white and the log I was sitting on was a big comfy chair and that rock he walked around well that was Larry Moon's detective desk!

So now I was really happy to see that skunk.

Alastor Dimitri
- 1/9/2015 1:01pm

So. I just fried the freaking Christmas lights. Talk about chain reactions....never seen so many sparks. Then i proceeded to spend the rest of the night trying to get power back to our dorm... Sorry to whoever else this affected and @Deon Tologi , @kubert. I think i may have also fried the fuses in the girls dorm, can anyone confirm this? @Fawn any power failure?

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