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5/1/2018 3:55pm

I was exploring the gardens behind our dorm when I first saw her. Sillhouetted against the moon I just knew she was for me. Sparks flew and we made out there and then, behind the ornamental wall. I love my new taser.

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5/1/2018 6:57am

The view outside my window has changed, very much for the worse. I thought it might be a mistake to reduce my alcohol intake to the recommended daily amount (for a small town). As the philosopher PM Dawn said many times, "Reality used to be a friend of mine...". Well we're certainly enemies now. I can't even see where reality starts. Or where fantasy ends. What is the difference? Somebody told me that it's a function of π, but that sounds like nonsense to me. The circles of my mind? Maybe. If only my friend Melon Seawater could help me. I can't find reality how can I find Melon? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of you. (Well, isn't that the point?) I should never have skipped “ESP, Telekinesis and Thought Transfer (Foundation Level)”.

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Mapping Psyhigh
5/1/2018 2:28am

That lovely time of year again. May. In like a Velociraptor, out like a Brachiosaurus. Being new to campus I'm looking forward to exploring the grounds, gardens, food chains and higher dimensions. It can all get a little confusing though. It's a shame that we don't get a map when we start. It would help newbies like my self immensely.
I've already made a new friend - @Melon Seawater. I'd like to see more of Melon, but she's really throwing herself into File Cabinets of Mystery, so doesn't have much time, space or continuum to spare at the moment.

4/24/2018 12:15am

What a day. Sorry. That should read "What? A day!".

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