Org Horn

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- 7/12/2015 2:25pm

why is this even a thing.

Dr. Ankhy
- 7/12/2015 4:07pm

Yes, "@bob," your test results have come in and apparently the "thing" growing from your forehead is an Org Horn. We'd like you to come in for some more tests tomorrow.

In the meantime, I suggest not sleeping face down or wearing headbands. Though your forehead may itch, absolutely refrain from scratching there. Just try and keep your hands away from the Org Horn - if you touch it too much it may fall off, and I'm not sure if that's a good idea just yet.

Also, please do not let any other students come in direct contact with your Org Horn, as it may be communicable.

No need to make an appointment - just drop by Caduceus Clinic as soon as you can.

Dr. Julia Ankhy
Psychic Student Health Services

- 7/12/2015 4:39pm

@bob had a weird horn thing on his forehead. Asked @Dr. Ankhy what is was and she said something like org horn or something like that. Told me not to touch it. I am still looking for a roommate if anyone needs one.

- 7/12/2015 6:38pm

day 1 -idk wtf this is

- 7/13/2015 9:41am

What the heck is this I have no clue

Dr. Ankhy
- 7/13/2015 11:14am

It may very well be an Org Horn, @Abby. Is it soft and squishy, and growing off of your forehead? Is it possible that you've been in contact with "@bob's" Org Horn? Which dorm do you live in? Could you have used the same towel, perhaps?

In any case, it would be a good idea to drop by Caduceus Clinic as soon as you can and let us take a look at it, @Abby. We'd really like to prevent a full blown outbreak on campus.

Dr. Julia Ankhy
Psychic Student Health Services

Dr. Ankhy
- 7/13/2015 11:23am

@Heck, it sounds like you might also have "it" - meaning, a communicable outbreak of Org Horn. Is it black, somewhat flaccid, and growing out from the center of your forehead? At later stages it will become more like a traditional unicorn's horn, up to 18 inches in length, protruding directly out of your forehead.

Have you been in contact with either @Abby or "@bob?"

Please come into Caduceus Clinic right away, where we have some epidemiological information we need to collect from you, and to give your Org Horn a proper test.

In the meantime - no sharing of hats!

Dr. Julia Ankhy
Psychic Student Health Services

- 7/13/2015 12:00pm

um hi how about no

Dr. Ankhy
- 7/14/2015 12:25pm

Um, I'm afraid it's "yes," @Claire, if you're beginning to sprout an Org Horn from your forehead, in which case you'll absolutely need to come into Caduceus Clinic and have it checked out.

Initially, the Org Horn may be black and just kind of dangle there, but you'll find that when it is excited by psychic activity it will begin to move on its own, like a small Garter snake, probing its environment like an antenna looking for a signal.

If you're experiencing these symptoms, please report to the clinic immediately. We'll also need a list of names of any other students that may have come into contact with your Org Horn, or even seen it.

Dr. Julia Ankhy
Psychic Student Health Services

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