Delving Deeper Into Dreams: PsyHigh Summer Camp!

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- 6/14/2017 12:16pm

Tomorrow the kids arrive for the camp, so for today all of us "Camp Mentors" are just setting up stations, getting settled, removing monsters from beneath bunk beds, the usual pre-camp junk. It's eerie being back at school, but now with an actual position of authority. Well, besides the pseudo-authority that comes from being an upperclassmen. I feel like an impostor. Hopefully the kids don't pick up on that... but according to the list of kids in my group, one of my charges has strong empathetic tendencies. So I guess there's no hope in bluffing confidence tomorrow -- with my luck this little girl is going to call me out on it as soon as she sees me. Great.

At least with this camp stuff I'll be distracted from the college application stormclouds looming over my head. Did you know State of Sybils University does an entire scrutiny of your five most-likely futures while you're sitting right there in the cavern with the Admissions Elders? Ugh. Stressful. I know, I know, applications aren't open for a long while still, but you never know what's going to happen. As experienced Psyhigh students, I'm sure you guys have already heard the many rumors about people triggering time jumps on accident. There are, like, at least twenty different ways to do it, and with varying radii of effect. If I get caught in another time jump because of someone misusing a Pocket-Chronos (TM), I'm going to throw a fit.

Luckily, once I'm on-duty for this camp I won't have time for worrying or fits. Psychic kids are great at keeping you preoccupied. Even with my Other Eyes, it's hard to keep track of them all and/or prevent their mischief. Last time I worked with a group this age, two boys found a way to grow their horns to full size temporarily. When they weren't falling down and knocking things over due to the change in their center of gravity, they were challenging each other to head-butting contests. We had to tape pillows to the tips of them so nobody got impaled on accident.

Actually, that reminds me, sometime today I should probably get some Anti-Hex Powder and some of those band-aids that hold up against high-viscosity. Maybe that visiting doctor person, uh, @Dr Krimsborg, DPM has some in stock I could buy. At the very least I should touch base with the clinic. I'm sure I'll end up taking a camper or three there for patching-up before the week is out.

Dr Krimsborg, DPM
- 6/14/2017 1:54pm

Of course I have plenty of first aid supplies. I shall drop a kit over to the camp tomorrow if you would like. It would be helpful to get a list of the students attending and their specific abilities and needs... I'm still waiting for a shipment of physicality patches to treat ghosts and other spectral illusions.

Hopefully I shall be able to supply the following for the camp:

15 assorted high-viscosity plasters
15 assorted waterproof plasters
15 assorted fireproof plasters
6 packets of Anti-Hex powder in 3 colours
2 temporary vacuum chambers
111 fan assisted Nanites(TM)
1 Infinice stand for rapid cooling therapy

Should other supplies be required do not hesitate to contact me or my secretary Jess Gynn. Excitingly, she has successfully taken the Oath to begin training as a Psychic Medic when she has completed her studies at Psychic High School. Therefore, as she is staying on campus this summer due to unforeseen circumstances ("Really? You mean the Farseers didn't see that far huh?"), I'm sure she would be happy to assist in whatever capacity required ("Huh, what?! I didn't agree to this!").

Many thanks,
Dr Krimsborg, DPM

N.b. Upon discussion Jess is happy to drop the supplies by tomorrow and perhaps pick up a list of other medical equipment required. I also found a large basin of a strong green acid in my room with the label for Delving Deeper Into Dreams: OshLamar Winterglen. I assume that is a student of yours?

- 6/15/2017 6:08am

@Dr Krimsborg, DPM and Jess Gynn, thanks a bunch for all the supplies. We've already had to use one of the fireproof plasters. My fellow mentor Hurggor is going to stop by the clinic during his next break to give you our most recent list of campers and their abilities. The camp director did a few tricks, and the list should self-update as kids sign-up last minute, drop-out last minute, gain new powers suddenly, and/or lose their anchor to this reality and de-materialize. Don't hold it with your bare hands, it'll give you a rash.

Oh, and thank you for telling us about OshLamar Winterglen. We'd forgotten his parent was dropping him off early! I hope he didn't try to manifest while staying in your clinic, that would be a mess! Ha ha... yikes... Hurggor will take OshLamar off your hands when he visits.

These first aid supplies are going to come in handy, I know it. I've been looking around with my Other Eyes and there are some bad energies around the section of the school reserved for the camp. I predict plenty of mishaps. Either that, or there's a Siberian Sulk Slug that's been leaving slime trails all over. That would be a problem, due to the camp's strict no-pets policy and the fact that Siberian Sulk Slug slime decays skin. But I'm probably just paranoid.

Regardless, I think I ask Myuri if she still has any jarred positive energies that she left at school. I'd like to put some in a spray bottle and mist it over the worse-looking areas. Like air freshener or something. Hopefully the stuff hasn't fermented yet.

Jess Gynn
- 6/16/2017 12:42am

Oh, don't worry @Klarya, I've got some. I went to the League of Saviours with Anita and had a lot of fun! Seeing as I'll be dropping the positive energies down and I've got the list of stuff Dr Krimsborg wanted me to give you for those more unusual students, I'm quite happy to lend a hand with some of the students with complex medical needs. Just tell the students about the whiskers and ears thing, I've been mistaken for a "Furry" too many times. I'm not furry at the moment! It seems though that the whiskers and ears are here to stay. So just... no laughing. I'm self conscious about it.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you! Depending on how busy the camp is, we could grab a cup of coffee/stellar mash/American ectoplasm. I'll pay :) I actually get paid by Doc Krim, which is cool. I'm curious what you're looking into doing when you leave... you'll come back right?

Jess Gynn
- 6/16/2017 3:35am

Oof! Pain shoots through my skull, frying my brain and my Fifth Ear.

I sink to my knees in the middle of Dr Krimsborg's office, clenching my head in a vice grip. Doctor K looks up with mild interest. "Oh," he says conversationally, as I writhe on the floor. "I forgot to tell you about @Calliope Krimsborg. My son, he's coming to the summer camp, the one we're supplying @Klarya with medical supplies for."

I sit up, my head still spinning. My Third Eye seems to have escaped notice, but my whiskers are frazzled to all hell. I try to straighten them with my fingers as I listen.

"Yes," he continued, "his psychic communications are a little stronger than most. Along with lots of other things, but that's a long story. I promised I'd pick him up and take him to the camp, but on the way I had to deal with a sighting of Utora 7, and I told him you would pick him up. I assume he's looking for you now."

I sit upright and Dr Krimsborg kneels beside me. He switches into his Medic Voice. "Take some deep breaths. That's it. I can give you some pain relief if you want, but it's best to battle it out naturally. Can you stand?"

It's amazing how relaxing that voice is. I feel filled with confidence. I stand up and nod. "I'll go find Calliope for you and bring him to the camp."

He smiles, thanking me.

Imagine my surprise ten minutes later to meet a levitating girl looking not a day over ten! "Are you Calliope?" I ask tentatively.

"Yup," she responds, doing a backflip in the sky before floating down to shake my hand. "Nice to meet you Jess."

I'm at something of a loss for what to say, but she breaks the silence admirably. "So, you some sort of furry?"





- 6/16/2017 12:50pm


We have a missing camper. Aged 7, male, blonde wearing basketball shorts and a shirt with a rocket on it. He's also likely to be yelling in traditional Gaelic and throwing rocks at anything vaguely cat-shaped. If you spot him, DO NOT ENGAGE. NOT ONLY DOES HE GENERATE A DANGEROUSLY STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD, HE ALSO BITES. Just notify one of the camp mentors, you know, us frazzled looking people in the deceptively cheerful yellow shirts.

Don't notify me though. I'm on break with @Jess Gynn, so I don't have my neutralizing orbs on me at the moment. Sorry guys.

You know, I told the camp director that letting kids that young partake in the Ancestral Dream Connection workshop would end badly. They simply don't have the proper memory filters yet. *sigh* Poor little Alex....

Calliope Krimsborg
- 6/16/2017 1:25pm

Oh, you mean Alasdair? At least that's all he answers to. I'm guessing so, as he did try to bite me but it just went through me (physical manifestation, remember?). He's sat with me.

I found him. I'm keeping him. Finders keepers!

He likes flying with me. Plus, I can activate my magnetic field and make us whoosh away from each other! I only dropped him a few times and he seems to be okay. Although if I accidentally use the field the wrong way we get glued together which is just... awkward.

He seemed a little weird at the start but he's a lot of fun now. He reminds me of my brother Reuben. He doesn't speak English, but we're chatting using the Neural Network run by those people all in capitals... Grotto something maybe? He just sounds very Irish. I wonder if he is Irish. Maybe Scottish. From somewhere on that stupid island.

But we were having a lovely discussion about puppies when I phased entirely out of existence and left a pile of clothes on the floor. Goddamnit. A neutralising ball made a massive bang as it flew toward me, and the shock made me panic and lose control. It hit poor Alasdair... dear God WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!

It's some huge wispy black creature that looks like an inkwell threw up. I DONT LIKE THIS! It's being pulled out of Alasdair and into that ball... oh god, I think I'm going to throw up.


Turns out vomit is corporeal after all, so now my clothes (and Alasdair) are drenched in sick. He's trembling, I'm trembling... is this what every day at PsyHigh is like?

If so, I swear, I'm getting homeschooled.

- 6/18/2017 6:38am

Well, the kids just started the special Ultra Dream activity. They'll be sharing a dreamscape, and a few (unlucky) volunteer mentors will be leading them through lucidity exercises. The older kids get to take a tour of the darker recesses of a sleeping mind. I remember my first time doing that... I didn't sleep again for a solid week. Not because I was scared; no, I'd just slept so DEEP, ya know?

So yeah, the mentors who aren't wrestling for control over +25 children in the infinite possibilities of a dream, we're in charge of preparing the next workshop (Molding and Placement of Dreams for Others) before the kiddies wake up. It's a fun one, where you try to make a pleasant or funny dream for a friend or family member. Too bad Mind Clay is so dang hard to work with. That's why I've been mostly focused on something I know I can do: securing the perimeter. This way, if anyone "accidentally" forms a night terror, it can't escape and terrorize locals. Remember the Night Plague of 2015? Yeah. A brat at this camp caused it. She's not invited back to the camp, but was offered a scholarship to Dark Coven Academy for Girls. Go figure.

You know, I've been talking with the other mentors, and it seems like we have more than enough supplies for Dream Molding this year. Maybe I'll talk the camp director into donating whatever is leftover to the Dream Department of Psyhigh. The hard part will be walking up Professor Ripvandyke so he can accept to donation... they say he hasn't opened his eyes in nearly a decade. I wonder what he dreams about?

- 6/20/2017 8:29pm

If I ever have to see another tentacle again, I'm walking straight into the Experimental Cursed Mirror hidden in the basement and never coming out again ever.

...I was just joking around. DO NOT GO INTO THE MIRROR. I know psychic kids tend to be inherently curious, but unless you enjoy an endless cycle of entering a nightmare, then waking up into a new nightmare, and then waking up into a new nightmare, etc. until the mirror has drained you of all neurotransmitters.... don't. Your friendly local upperclassman is warning you now. Don't.

Sorry about the tentacles everywhere. Not that you're likely to notice a few extra wiggly things around here. Some of the older kids were picking on little Samantha, and when they detonated a delphi miasma rocket in her room she had had enough. We counselors weren't aware of the problem, otherwise we would've stepped in earlier. So now the troublemakers are in The Cuboid (*shudder* It's an effective punishment.) until their parents retrieve them, and sadly I'm on tentacle duty. Though honestly, I think rounding them all up will be impossible. They get into everything! Fun Fact: They're the smartest part of octopi, even smarter than its brain or eyeball. Also, I think they're budding. Hopefully they don't try to regroup. That'd be bad, and that'd mean we'd probably need to test Samantha's blood.

Don't tell the kids, but I'm so looking forward to Last Day of Camp this Thursday. They're cuties, but they're more than a handful. They're twelve tentacles full. Thank heavens The Father didn't see this fiasco when he arrived on Sunday.

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