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Delving Deeper Into Dreams: PsyHigh Summer Camp!
6/16/2017 1:25pm

Oh, you mean Alasdair? At least that's all he answers to. I'm guessing so, as he did try to bite me but it just went through me (physical manifestation, remember?). He's sat with me.

I found him. I'm keeping him. Finders keepers!

He likes flying with me. Plus, I can activate my magnetic field and make us whoosh away from each other! I only dropped him a few times and he seems to be okay. Although if I accidentally use the field the wrong way we get glued together which is just... awkward.

He seemed a little weird at the start but he's a lot of fun now. He reminds me of my brother Reuben. He doesn't speak English, but we're chatting using the Neural Network run by those people all in capitals... Grotto something maybe? He just sounds very Irish. I wonder if he is Irish. Maybe Scottish. From somewhere on that stupid island.

But we were having a lovely discussion about puppies when I phased entirely out of existence and left a pile of clothes on the floor. Goddamnit. A neutralising ball made a massive bang as it flew toward me, and the shock made me panic and lose control. It hit poor Alasdair... dear God WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!

It's some huge wispy black creature that looks like an inkwell threw up. I DONT LIKE THIS! It's being pulled out of Alasdair and into that ball... oh god, I think I'm going to throw up.


Turns out vomit is corporeal after all, so now my clothes (and Alasdair) are drenched in sick. He's trembling, I'm trembling... is this what every day at PsyHigh is like?

If so, I swear, I'm getting homeschooled.

6/16/2017 3:02am

My dad just set up my account cause I'm going to attend PsyHigh after the summer. God it was creepy, his eyes rolled back in his head as he did that mantra thing. Is it normal that I now have an illogical fear of Swedish Fish? I swear one of them kept calling my name. And I have to carry that deer antler around for like a week now. It's sort of hard when like 60% of my free will is controlled making sure I don't break things and, more importantly, retain my corporeal body.

Also: he keeps calling me a boy. Technically I'm an interspace being of indeterminate gender, but he sees me as a boy. Every person interprets me in a different way, I get that, but like, I'm a girl? Or I feel like I am. I don't know how gender is supposed to work or anything. I guess I'm not good at making myself look more feminine.

Whatever. Dad just ditched me, said something about "finding Utopia" or something. He's a little strange but at least he keeps taking me to the Airzone. He tries his best. I mean, every kid he has adopted has some sort of medical difficulty, which I guess is why all of us got stuck in interstellar care for millennia. Time fails to work when you're there.

Anyway. Better go find that summer camp he told me about. And apparently his secretary is on her way to find me... @Jess Gynn, I think? Help me? I'm sending a psychic wave now. I need my reality medicaments soon. Otherwise I can't stay corporeal and that's just awkward for everyone involved. Especially me. When I come back arms and like, noses are all rearranged. And my clothes don't come with me. So I'm naked. It's just embarrassing. So, yeah. Find me soon?

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