Ghost Hotel

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YOung Flim
- 10/10/2017 5:20pm

We're broadcasting from the Ghost Hotel. We're spooky, and interviewing spectres and spirits in town for the Phantasm Convention. Call in with your questions now!

Kritz Babbage
- 10/10/2017 9:40pm

I'm a young person interested in an acting career. When I stay in hotels and they make the beds and leave a mint under the pillow, should I leave a tip, @YOung Flim?

YOung Flim
- 10/10/2017 11:12pm

Yes, in that case you should leave a tip, @Kritz Babbage, because your bed gets made up by actual people and not ghosts. And they could use a tip because they're not getting paid well to begin with.

Ghosts are more likely to rearrange your things while you're out of the room, or appear at the foot of your bed at night and stare at you. They also appreciate tips, but instead of actual money they prefer palindromes written in white sharpie inside of ashtrays, haunted plastic pirate coins, or tiny pieces of mirror arranged in little circles, infinity-wise.

Tina Infinity
- 10/11/2017 2:56pm

How are ghosts even able to travel to a convention? I thought ghosts were stuck in whatever place they haunted, @YOung Flim.

YOung Flim
- 10/11/2017 8:37pm

As members of the Ghost Union, all ghosts are required to attend one convention a year for personal development. This allows them to maintain their ghost benefits, like Universal Ghost Care, ghost scale wage for all apparitions, and collective bargaining rights against the Forces of Nothingness (FoN).

Membership in the Ghost Union also offers great discounts on coach airfare on virtually all airlines, as part of the Aviation Poltergeist Treaty of 1978.

- 10/12/2017 12:53pm

@YOung Flim is this a hotel BY ghosts, FOR the people, or is it by ghosts, for ghosts? .. or.. or by people, for ghosts? ... wait- i think i misread..

Also, what are the chances there's a demon there disguising itself as a ghost? What do you do then? Are there ghost evacuations? How many possessions happen each year? ....i don't know why i'm asking these questions, either. why am i so suddenly interested in ghost culture? uh.... i'll be on my way now.

YOung Flim
- 10/12/2017 11:16pm

The Ghost Hotel is for the use of itinerant, migrant, and traveling ghosts, @gavcrowleys. Ghosts stay here on holiday, for business, or just passing through. Some non-ghost entities (or "people" if you will) are able to see the hotel and inadvertently enter the hotel and book rooms. This is rarely a pleasant experience for any of the parties involved.

Because of their hermetic nature, ghosts are awkward in public situations. Generally spending so much time alone, they lack the requisite social skills surrounding privacy and appropriate behavior that non-ghosts take for granted. While a ghost books a particular room at the Ghost Hotel, they may spend little or no time in it, and instead spend their time wandering the halls and moaning, entering other rooms and rearranging furniture, or screaming while passing between the walls.

Bradley Gray
- 10/16/2017 5:47pm

Boooooooooo! I'm in town for the Phantasm Convention and you know how we ghosts get when're at these things! Woooooooo hoooooo! We do like to cut loose. (But that stuff they say about us peeing all over the floor is NOT true. It's just ectoplasm.)

Anyway, I had *such* a good time I got lost and couldn't find my way back to the Ghost Hotel. I spent all night haunting the streets of your cute little town till I finally found the Ghost Hostel. Not the Ghost HOTEL mind you -- the Ghost HOSTEL. There was a group of German and Italian ghosts staying there who had basically taken over the place. They were very friendly. We've friended each other on Spookbook.

Elizabeth Webb
- 10/16/2017 6:52pm

I talked to a dead construction worker of a local library today. The library's bricks are rumored to pop out at its enemies and hit them in anger at being overstuffed with books. He was very critical of the library's attitude at its offerstuffedness.

YOung Flim
- 10/17/2017 12:11pm

Here's the info on the keynote speaker at the Phantasm Convention, @Elizabeth Webb:

Abigail Boucher, the original "mad librarian," is perhaps the most famous ghost librarian working in the business today. Originally driven mad by patrons misshelving books, Abigail perished of desperation in the stacks of her beloved library (quiet desperation being the second-most common cause of death for librarians in the early 20th century).

She continued to haunt the library for decades, hurling books at patrons and eventually knocking over entire banks of shelves. Her home library was eventually dismantled brick by brick, but then, in a misguided attempt at fundraising, these bricks were distributed and used as cornerstones for new libraries. This resulted in hauntings coast to coast, as the spirit of Abigail Boucher was holographically distributed into every library that used her bricks.

Today there's an Abigail Boucher in lots of towns, but we've got the closest to the original that's left. She's more batty than ever, but always puts on a great show. Don't miss her presentation on the final night of the convention, midnight in the Haunted Ballroom.

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