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- 10/23/2017 3:54pm

Friendly warning to anyone who's planning on going to the Prophecy, Omens, and Time-Travel building. Some sticky substance has started seeping through the third level floor to the second level ceiling, and walking through either will get you rather stuck. The stairwell is in an equally sticky situation. Several students are trapped in the goop. @Janitor Pete and the others are already appealing to the Spongiform Unimind as to how to properly clean up the mess, but it'll probably be a while til it's all cleared up. No one's really sure what happened yet -- no one's escaped the building as of right now -- but if you believe the rumors, a séance in the Memory Greenhouse turned violent. The person I talked to claimed that it's a combination of ectoplasm, cytoplasm, molasses, and pure spite that's slowly spreading through the building. But that doesn't even make sense. Where did the molasses come from?

Bradley Gray
- 10/24/2017 9:13am

I'd like to apologize to the student body for the mess in the P.O.T.T. building. A few of us in town for the Phantasm Convention are Psyhigh grads, and after a long night of sampling the molasses, treacle, and honey at your local artisan embalmer's shop we thought we'd sneak onto campus and have a look around. Boy you've got a lot more security in place than when we went here, I'll tell you that! We set off some alarms and got trapped in an infinity room and we panicked and things got a little messy. You know how we get when we get spooked! Anyway, we slipped away with the first rays of sunlight, so didn't get a chance to properly clean up. Just some good old fashioned youthful hijinks! Kind of like when Jeremy stole Black Phillip, the Great He-Goat, and put him in the dean's office! Who knows what they were feeding that goat, but Jeremy got clean up duty and it took him a week to get the stink out. Boy we sure had some good times here at ol' Psyhigh yes we did.

Tina Infinity
- 10/26/2017 2:27pm

Now that the Phantasm Convention is over, @YOung Flim, is there a way for students to gain eternal life experience through internships or part-time jobs at the Ghost Hotel?

YOung Flim
- 10/27/2017 1:16pm

We're starting to enter the dead season at the Ghost Hotel, @Tina Infinity. However, it's a great time to become a Junior Ranger on our Ghost Forest Corps! Care and maintenance of the Spirit Trails and haunted restrooms. Excellent night vision preferred.

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