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Cassa N. Dra
- 2/14/2015 3:01pm

Since I feel like writing something, might as well start off with an introduction. After all, what better way to start a journal than with an introduction?

I'm Cassa-Nathalie Dra, of Thentre (Cass or Cassa's fine). A girl. Newly registered. Do I have some sort of "magical power"? No I don't. It's not magical at all. In fact, it's quite natural.

I was born with the ability to read people's minds. It seriously isn't that cool, but it gives me the opportunity to look at secrets, secrets that may become useful at a later day. Also, I can see what you think of me. So please, be careful. To me, you're an open book.

Of course, this power isn't unlimited. Yet. I still get extremely tired after reading a lot of thoughts. Also, some people enjoy thinking several thoughts at once. It's a headache for me to find the thought I want, since those people shove too many thoughts and memories into my brain. It's ridiculously hard to process.

I don't like talking about me. We can talk about you, but I already know random little bits and pieces about you. Also, I might be be on the edge of insanity. -She- kept me in that closet for too long. I was deprived of oxygen. The sweet scentless air that fills me, that clears my mind. -She- wore too many perfumes. I wanted to ask -her- to let me out, but -her- thoughts of darkness, of hated, pierced my mind, my soul, my heart. Every. Single. Time.

I'm sorry. I wrote too much. I will be late. I'm still finding my way around. I hope to see you around. I haven't talked with anyone for so long! This is just a letter of introduction, for anyone who has half a mind to read through my thoughts. Thank you!

Though I am aware this is a journal, I will leave it somewhere for people to read. They'll return it, I know they will. Maybe I will meet someone nice enough to call my friend. In the meanwhile, I will lurk in the corner, and hope...

Hannah Lalonde
- 2/14/2015 3:11pm

Hello, I'm Hannah Lalonde. If you haven't guessed, I'm a girl. I hope to be someone you can talk too. After reading through your thoughts on your journal entry, I believe you're in need a of a friend. So, if you don't mind, could I possibly be a potential friend in your life? If you don't know (chances are that you do), I have the power of space. Not to an extreme, but just making things a little bit bigger or smaller. Just something like a tennis ball to a beach ball.

Anyways, I don't mind a mind reader, (get it?) and I would like to get to know you in the near future.


Cassa N. Dra
- 2/14/2015 8:00pm

Oh yes! Would you? I mean... I... I'd love to be your friend. I don't have many friends. I became friends with one of the many invisible cats, though. They're such intelligent creatures! His name's Edmond, I think. He thinks so too, but I'm never too sure what animals are thinking.

Please, can you tell me what it's like to change space? I've recently been informed that it's impolite to read people's minds without their permission, and I can't really read feelings and sensations that well yet, so...


Hannah Lalonde
- 2/15/2015 2:36pm

Hello again! Thank you for responding. I'm glad you've accepted my friendship. To answer your question, changing space is a very interesting but complicated. Sometimes it's like you have all the power in the whole but at the same time, none at all. Everything goes by a law of nature, so in turn, I can't change too much without something else happening because of it. Anyways, I'd love to meet Edmond! I love cats of any type, and from my earlier journal entries I've talked about saving some cats from alleyways.

Cats are simply the best. Even the invisible cats.


Anton LaFlame
- 2/15/2015 11:06pm

It looks like my private litter of invisible kittens wasn't that special at all. The whole town is crawling with invisible cats now. On my walk to the bus I see mice getting attacked by invisible creatures, can hear their invisible mewling out of alley ways, feel their invisible purrs when they rub up against my leg when I'm waiting for the bus. I hear they've already reached campus.

Now, I'm a groovy cat guy and all. I aced Mr. Robertson's Advanced Cat Goddess class last year, and even did a private study on The Toys of Bastet. But these invisible cats are out of control.

I tried to talk to the crows about it, but they're still not speaking to me. But I do know an older woman in town who might know what to do. She's the grandma of a Psychic High School student that graduated like 10 years ago. She's super cool. I'm going to drop by and talk about invisible cats.

Cassa N. Dra
- 2/16/2015 5:51pm

@Anton LaFlame , are the invisible cats a bad thing?! I mean, it might get a bit troublesome if they escape into the "Normal People's World", but other than that, they're wonderful creatures! Especially Edmond (he thinks so too)!

Or maybe things aren't what they seem. Everything seems to be wavy now. Distorted. Bent. Like a ripple in water, or a reflection in a cracked mirror. Maybe it's me.


Anton LaFlame
- 2/16/2015 7:58pm

Invisible Cats are only bad once you're ankle-deep in Invisible Cat Poop, @Cassa N. Dra. Or the walls get covered by that stinky Invisible Cat Spray from the Invisible Toms.

Anything out of balance tends to put everything out of balance. I mean, like fundamentally, how the Raffa has thrown reality all out of balance with unreality - but that's a man-made problem, with the big PsyCorps trying to snuff everything out in their Mind Death Ovens.

But the natural/mystical world gets out of balance too. Like when the Giant Dogs were in fashion. Or when that one tulip got trained to talk and then taught all the others. I mean, they're mostly annuals, so it only lasted that one season. But there were still some popping up the next spring. Even now you run into them sometimes. But that one spring was a racket and nobody slept. Remember that?

And invisibility has its own problems. Now that newspapers have become invisible, for instance, they pile up on people's doorsteps and they trip over them and don't even know what's happening.

But the solution needs to be humane. That's why Kitty's Grandma might know what to do. I went down to her house today - it's almost impossible to spot unless you know just how to look at it, and find your way through the overgrowth. I knocked and waited and knocked again, so either she was asleep or out somewhere. I'll keep trying.

Cassa N. Dra
- 2/18/2015 8:40pm

I hadn't thought of those consequences. I... I'm still new to the school, so I didn't know about the racket outside. The closet was surprisingly soundproof. But the few minutes I was allowed to get fresh air, I recall seeing a tulip gossiping with her friends. I thought it was normal. I guess it isn't.

Apparently, crows can make some sort of wall in their minds. I can't read their minds. I even tried talking to them with my limited knowledge of their language. They didn't want to talk to me, so I tried to read their minds. Then I tried convincing a seemingly nice animal talker (or whatever they're called) to talk with the crows, but that person refused. I feel their eyes on me now.

Have you managed to talk with Kitty's grandma?


Anton LaFlame
- 2/24/2015 5:43pm

I finally connected with Kitty's grandma. It took 4 trips, and I left a note or a mark of some kind each time to let her know I was looking for her. She doesn't have a phone, and I don't think she observes normal day/night cycles, so when you knock and she doesn't answer you suppose she could be there, deep in her weird old house somewhere, sleeping. But I don't mind the walk - down the abandoned railroad tracks, then cut over at the ditch that disappears.

She was there this time, flamenco dancing to Led Zeppelin. We went back to her sun room - stepping over invisible cats - because she says the sun has rays and powers that science ignores and is trying to filter out from touching us, which is part of their plan to make us into completely controllable inorganic beings. So she likes the sun. She has a talking cactus.

She said the invisible kittens started showing up after the accident at the Novelty Factory. Did you know it's owned by the same company that owns Raffa Burger? She says they must have been trying to make some kind of Super-Raffa - some poisonous, unnatural configuration of genes and atoms and .gifs of atomic explosions and joy-amnesia particles that can cut people off entirely from the universe with just one bite. But, she says, like any of their evil plans, it's rotten and flawed.

Anyway, what they ended up doing was cracking a hole between our world and another, but we're on different wave lengths and off by some minute degree of dimension, so we can't see each other. She says the cats are the most curious about that kind of thing, so they found the hole on their side and came through and then sent message back to more cats, so they kept coming through.

However, she also says that the scientists inside the Novelty Factory have found the hole. Not only does this mean they might go through, but that they're catching all the cats that come through. They're keeping them in cages and doing horrible experiments on them.

I don't know if you've done any psycho-activism, @Cassa N. Dra. Or if your friend @Hannah Lalonde has. I was in the Psychic Student Activist Club last year and those people seemed to a lot but not get anything done. Like... Invisible Animal Rescue? Are we going to let those Raffa scientists at the Novelty factory perform invisible animal experiments?

I'm not. I'm looking to recruit a team.

We need a mind reader.

Cassa N. Dra
- 2/25/2015 6:41pm

I'll join your cause. I can't stand to have a semi-defenseless invisible creature be...tortured...by those...-things-! Those poor cats!

I wonder if the gap between the worlds can be sealed. If the breach is fixed, then less invisible cats will come here, I think. Also, is it a one-way hole?

My mind's been under a lot of stress lately. My educator wants to train it to its fullest potential. It's painful. On the bright side, I can read better. I don't know if I can read past their anti-reading equipment (if they have any).


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