The Historic Haunted Liberty Theater Field Trip

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Big Jim
- 2/22/2016 9:43pm

Chaperones needed for our overnight trip to the historic haunted Liberty Theater this weekend.

We'll be spending Saturday night in the historic haunted Liberty Theater, camped out in sleeping bags, connecting with the ghosts who reside there. All students are welcome to attend, but those with an interest in theater get first priority. Seats on the bus are limited!

Because of union rules, we're not allowed to bring Mrs. Cavendish or the other campus ghosts who usually help out on trips like this. And we can't bring Bob, the front-desk robot, because of potential electrical interference.

So, please put the word out to your parents, guardians, mentors, or other trusted grown ups that it would be a great help if they could tag along for the weekend.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Monterey Jack
- 2/23/2016 10:50am

There's no way my mom is chaperoning the field trip. She'll make me wear my dream supressing head gear and wear the special pants because she'll think it's too scary and I totally don't need that any more.

Pepper Jack
- 2/24/2016 3:05pm

I would love to be a chaperone on the historic haunted Liberty Theater field trip! Count me in!

(@Monterey Jack's mom)

- 2/24/2016 6:19pm

I talked to my older brother and he said he'd love to tag along. Matthew always had an inclination for the supernatural, plus he can help me deal with my headaches.

Pineapple Head
- 2/24/2016 10:51pm

@Pineapple Head is going on the field trip because @Pineapple Head is all about THE THEATER.

@Ricky McRibbons says I have special talent. Some people think pineapple heads are too "one note," and we are not good character actors, but Ricky says there are lots of great roles I'd be perfect for. Like Poomba in The Lion King. Or Amphiaraus in Seven Against Thebes. Plus, they're doing That Night in Rio this spring, and can you guess which pineapple head they're considering for the role of Carmen?

My mother, Linda, has taken a special interest in my theater career and is acting as my manager. Plus, she'll be a chaparone on the field trip. She is also still president of the PTSA even after she was attacked by that nasty Elsa and her friend @Rainbow Tracie, so she knows how to keep this campus SAFE. That's what pineapple head moms do.

big jim
- 2/27/2016 12:00pm

Buses leave from the lower parking lot at 12:30pm for the Historic Haunted Liberty Theater Field Trip. Students please board bus A. Chaperones please find a seat on buses B through Q. We expect to arrive at the Historic Haunted Liberty Theater around 9pm tonight.


Big Jim
Student Activities Coordinator
Class of '99

Pansy Carmichael
- 2/27/2016 11:08pm

We are all bedded in and I am very excited for my first ever Psyhigh field trip.

There are thirteen students including me. We're sleeping in the main seating area in the historic haunted Liberty Theater. They pulled the seats and made it level, and we're all set with sleeping pads and I bought a new sleeping bag and brought my favorite pillow.

There are like 140 chaperones, but they're staying in the lobby and the halls. A lot of them are parents and not psychic so they're staying out of it. But they sure are noisy. It's like a party in your house but you have to go to bed.

So we're all kind of nervous and looking at the empty stage and the balcony and boxes above us are dark and empty too.

Uh oh they're dimming the house lights! Time to go!

Pansy Carmichael
- 2/28/2016 3:40pm

The History of the Theater of Ghosts

by Pansy Carmichael

Ms. Price's Psychic Theater Studies Period 4

The grand opening of the Liberty Theater was on May 26, 1919 and featured the silent film The Wizard of Stone Gulch (part II of Vincent Frauenwissen's "weird west" trilogy). The theater also hosted vaudeville shows in its early years, as well as local talent shows and graduation ceremonies.

The theater was run by a series of owners until 1977, when competition from shopping mall multiplexes in neighboring cities proved too great. It was then converted to a mini-mall/office space. But this incarnation failed as well, and by 1984 the building was vacant and facing demolition.

At this time, a new group of investors came on the scene. Communicating only via Ouija Board, these theater-obsessed philanthropists from beyond at first had a hard time connecting with local realtors. Luckily, local palm reader and psychic Helena Velasquez took the role of intermediary and, working with the city's Downtown Paranormal Development Authority (DPDA), were able to provide the necessary funding to bring the historic Liberty Theater back to its original glory.

Today, the theater acts as a refuge, way station, and placement center for ghosts dislodged from historic venues across the country. When their original environments are torn down or extensively remodeled, ghosts can become even more confused than usual, often resulting in accelerated madness, dissociative states, or "acting out." The Liberty Theater selectively invites these spectral individuals to take part in their residency program.

But the Liberty Theater isn't the end of the road for these ectoplasmic veterans of the stage and screen. After honing their craft at the Liberty, hundreds of ghosts have moved on to newly renovated haunted theaters across the country, where they share their love of the craft and of show business with a new generation of theater ghosts.

If you'd like to apply to host a Liberty Theater ghost in your own local theater, please contact the Historic Haunted Liberty Theater via spirit telephone with the code Trumpet Blast, Chain Rattle, Double Thunder Bump.

Terror Bean
- 2/29/2016 6:16pm

Hey this sounds like a great opportunity! I am letting my Ghost City Council know today. Thanks @Pansy Carmichael.

Monterey Jack
- 2/29/2016 11:22pm

The Historic Haunted Liberty Theater Field Trip was ok I guess. But it's weird being around so many old people. Even the little girl ghost with the frilly dress and the giant round lollipop was ancient - if you caught a glimpse of her in the glass on the candy counter you could see her sunken empty eye sockets and rictus grin.

My mom didn't bother me at all though. All the chaperones were being served drinks and getting pitched on some time-share offer late into the night. They were noisier than the ghosts, but the ghosts were real professional about it and pretended not to notice.

But my sleeping bag is sticky and ruined from pineapple juice. I had to sleep right next to @Pineapple Head and he squirmed all night and oozed.

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