Scavenger Hunt on Stranger Seas

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Helena Skye
- 10/27/2014 8:51pm

I got a part-time job! Though I don't qualify for an on campus financial aid job (Like Emma in the Library - SOOO JEALOUS!) I could use a bit of extra money. I mean, like anybody. (and of course silly I can't use cash, but my debit card is as good as gold!)

ANyway, these government guys (can't tell you who! I'm a spy, hee hee!) had some stuff stolen, and for some reason they figure I'm the person to find it. Well, to let them know where it is. Just a flash drive. I start tomorrow, and they're going to show me pictures and stuff. Easy peasy!

But... I'll be away for a few days. I mean, not AWAY ;) but, well, not around. Sasha - I might need you to come check on my diet... going to have to go all nutritional shakes for a bit. Ugh!!

Helena Skye
- 10/29/2014 3:31pm

OMG! This is turning out not to be so simple. But hey! I'm getting paid BY THE HOUR!

I met the guys in their office (can't say where! hee hee!) and they showed me some videos and laid out these pictures for me. Just a scruffy little guy, but he looked REAL haggard. How hard do they work these guys? And then at the very end they said "Oh yeah, and he likes to carry this thing around with him," and they pulled out this last picture and all the office guys turn away, and won't look at it, and I think one of them even started crying a little? It was this flat-sided little ball thing, and they called it a Trapezohedron? It was shiny. It did make me a little woozy to look at but maybe it was just because those guys were so weird about it.

Anyway, this "steal stuff from work" guy with the flash drive is turning out to be a real good hider. I'm not sure where he is yet. At first seemed like in some underwater sunken city place, but how the heck could that be? It was dark. Now some place desserty, with some really way-out buildings. He only seems to go out at night, but I'm getting closer!

Helena Skye
- 11/1/2014 1:21pm

Ugh. This has been a HUGE pain in the BUTT! This flash-drive guy has been EVERYWHERE, I swear - he must be racking up the miles! ;) Finally found him at some resort hotel - the Starry Wisdom B&B it was called - in a place that wasn't so bad. Real pretty skies - BEAUTIFUL purple sunsets, and the sky... I must have been real tired because there were like three moons, and, a lot of people in cloaks and stuff... maybe Thailand?

ANYway I think I got enough for the office guys to go on.. they seem to have some kind of hard-core SEAL team guys they want to send after him. I gotta go back to their office and give 'em all the deets!

See you soon!!!

Helena Skye
- 11/4/2014 3:13pm

Hi everybody! I'm back from my trip! Well, I mean I'm astro-locating back on campus, and can't wait to see you all again! Feels like I've been away for EONS.

Thanks to my bff's for keeping my feeding reservoir full of the good stuff (so glad Wolfgang Puck got into the liquid biz - I've had enough Ensure to last me a lifetime!), but I'm ready to pop the hatch and have some REAL FOOD, so tonight I'm buying Pizza for the whole floor! Rico's will be bringing it by at 7, and I am SOOO hungry! I'm going to get one with the spirals, the, uh, purple ones...octopus! And the shapes.. kind of like triangles, but go off in weird directions... Ok not sure what they call it but I can TOTALLY see it in my head.

I'd love to see everybody there!!!

xxx ooo!

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