The Ritual Invocation of Aliens

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Edi Acaran
- 8/29/2018 9:10pm

There's all this stuff for new students to get acclimated, so I invited a boy from my floor -- @Owen Abel -- to the Ritual Invocation of Aliens tonight. It's actually kinda cool with all the new students that we can just go to things together and it's not like romantic pressure or anything, just a bunch of strangers figuring things out. We share that in common at least.

Edi Acaran
- 9/2/2018 11:24am

@Owen Abel is a bit young--one of those "gifted" gifted who could probably skip a grade or two and graduate by the time they're 16--but still enjoyed attending the Ritual Invocation of Aliens with me. I mean, I guess you've got to be brave to move from middle school to high school, just like you've got to be brave when the Alien Queen opens up the embryonic chamber and you see the thousands of miles of black egg sacs glittering in the starlight.

And it was loud. We both wore ear plugs.

Edi Acaran
- 9/6/2018 8:54am

I’ve been enjoying the Ritual Invocation of Aliens series quite a bit. It’s a time-based art festival, where a different alien civilization is invoked each week. It’s very well attended, and free, and there’s face painting and cornholing and barbecued tentacles on sticks.

The latest one brought giant ships. Three huge discs filled the sky above campus, with spinning lights and giant energy beams. The most amazing part was when @Owen Abel got sucked up into the ship when he was standing right next to me! The hairs on my arm stood up and I got quite a tan let me tell you. I’m not sure when they are supposed to return him though.

Edi Acaran
- 9/11/2018 8:49am

This week the Ritual Invocation of Aliens had a Bodysnatchers theme. A comet crashed on campus and giant stinky flowers sprung up and started growing life-sized oozy fleshy human doppelgängers. Once the ooze drips off they look just like regular students, so I looked around for @Owen Abel but couldn’t find him. I did meet one that called itself @Hallie Green and it was pretty confused about the whole thing so helped find them a dorm room.

Anyway, it was awesome. I love interactive performance art! At the end they passed out flyers about looking for someone called @Terra who had vandalized something called the Universe Gamma-Trion. I don’t know why anybody would vandalize artworks. That’s totally lame.

Edi Acaran
- 9/20/2018 8:55am

The Ritual Invocation of Aliens this week was extra awesome. Definitely best light show so far. It was right at dusk, and the last sunbeams of the day shot through the huge Diamond Ships and refracted over the crowd in rainbows that looked so solid you could touch them. Then, this week’s aliens stepped out of their ship—nine feet tall and dressed in togas. Golden light radiated from their white robes and bald heads.

They offered us new technologies and sources of unlimited energy. They gave us a new language, unencumbered by the biases and hate embedded by history and human nature into our own. They gave us new gods to worship, that focused our culture on a common good and sense of purpose.

And when they opened the doors of their giant space arks to take us to the stars, everybody went inside.

A little disappointing it was all a demo. “Thanks for coming, everybody! Like, comment, and subscribe below, and if you’d like to join our Alien Patreon it would really help us take our show to more schools and be back next year!” But it was still pretty cool.

Edi Acaran
- 9/28/2018 9:15am

The Ritual Invocation of Aliens final performance had some amazing twists! A giant saucer appeared over the school but looked kind of fake, which then made total sense because it was revealed to be just a cheap Hollywood prop—a trick by a secret UN organization to get all of the nations of the world to come together.

Once they were exposed there was of course a huge backlash and ensuing battle for power by the countries you’d expect, but THEN it turns out that a number of officials in governments throughout the world were actually REAL aliens the whole time, who look just like us and have been secretly living on earth for generations and guiding civilization as best they could. So they take over to save the world from destroying itself, and set up new schools and institutions to prepare earth to enter the galactic community.

But then there was this huge OTHER twist! Lots of these secret alien sleeper agents were soooo deep cover that they didn’t even know they were aliens until they saw the sigil broadcast over the World Mindwave Network and it woke them up. And it turns out I was one of them the whole time!!! Crazy!

Definitely a great ending to a really great performance series. Can’t wait till next year!!

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