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Anita Klue
- 6/2/2017 10:03am

Even though I was advised not to engage in creative activity for at least a week I couldn't help it. I think what was frozen was @GROTTO G.S.M. INC.'s servers, and not really my own muscles. I just can't tell where my own body ends and the world around me begins, especially in terms of information processing. Because Cyborgness.

So I think maybe the surgery that @Dr Krimsborg, DPM did was unnecessary. Which is fine because my insurance offers the best deductibles for unnecessary surgery. I'm just wondering what kind of rights I signed away in terms of my DNA and that tissue sample.

See look my poetry muscles are working just fine:

The Pheasant People is we with reeds
The Rice Laws ever a riparian milk. And phenomenon.

But here--
Police Ghost rooftops
Fashioned Police complaints,
Catching space,
Fang natural factual of never natural 50

We aim to dismantle the City.

Dr Krimsborg, DPM
- 6/2/2017 10:22am

I'm sorry to hear you think the surgery was unnecessary. I assure you the tissue provided was not used for anything other than the analysis, as was written in the agreed disclaimer. Although I do praise you for your poetry skill after the surgery, I recommend refraining from your practise for just a little longer. It seems your cyborg capabilities may have superspeeded the recovery process... I'll write to the Robotics Institute for their opinion if you would like.

I firmly believe the surgery was necessary, as without it your creative skill would have been badly repressed. However, I welcome you to post regular updates with regard to your recovery. I wish you well and welcome you to return to the clinic if you have any questions.

Dr Krimsborg

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