The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored

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- 7/7/2015 4:45pm

"The psych of mind and other realms, unexplored."

Hello! I'm Aubrie. I am very interested in the paranormal and the universe's vast expanse, not to mention the human mind.

Randy Carter
- 7/7/2015 10:54pm

Smashing suggestion for our book group, @Aubrie - "The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored," by Helga Von Lutz is a terrific tome for us to discuss and keep our minds sharp in this summer heat!

I remember when I was just a little pea sniffer and old Helga spent that summer at our family estate doing her research, as we had in our library at that time a first printing of the 16th century Latin edition of "The Book of Very Difficult to Pronounce Cults," which as you know was central to her work. It all went rather pear shaped, however, and after she refused to leave the library and barricaded the door we had to call in the Forever Cabal (Remember them? They were an occult British super team popular at the time) to have her removed. Quite unfortunate.

The last I saw poor old Helga she was wrapped in a straight jacket and the Violet Bands of Oomlu, being shoved (none to kindly) by the Forever Cabal into their Fantastivan, presumably to become a patient at their interdimensional asylum, the Forbidden Fort.

But, all's well that ends well, wot? At least the old bird got to publish her work, and I know we can all learn a lot from "The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored."

How about this Sunday? I'm sure we can all pick up a copy at the bookstore, or download it online, or perhaps even the Self Aware Library will let us have a copy?

Pip pip! Cheerio!

- 7/8/2015 12:35pm

Hey, @Aubrie and @Randy Carter, just thought I'd let you guys know that there are about ten copies of "The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored," by Helga Von Lutz in the Self-Aware Library (S-AL). The preschoolers were on a field trip today, so S-AL "asked" me to help it restock some shelves. By "ask", I of course mean that S-AL chucked books titled "Keeping Your Workspace Unnaturally Clean" and "No, Really, The Dewey Decimal System Is Cool!" when I tried to leave. Ms. Von Lutz's complete works was in the pile I organized. I can lead you to the correct shelf anytime you guys want. Though I'll warn you now, I may try and join the book club if the contents look interesting....

In the spirit of bad luck, while I was putting away the books Morris was doing the same thing a few rows down. And he had the idiotic idea to come up and try to apologize to me. It was freaky, I could allllllmost hear his footsteps, but not quite. And then he put his hand on my shoulder, and for once I could really feel its weight. *avoids eye contact and shivers* He probably felt how cold my new "skin" is. Well guess what buddy, it's cold to match my heart and soul. I'm cold, my body's cold, and you're getting the cold shoulder. Don't... don't ask why! I'm not talking about it!! Why can't everybody just LEAVE ME ALONE? *sound of test tubes "accidentally" falling over and students groaning in dismay* ...Sorry everyone... sorry... yeah, I'll see myself out. Sorry. Talk to you later Janice, I should go cool off. Sorry again guys....
*heads outside*
I've been hanging out in random classrooms lately. The teachers don't really mind as long as I stay out of the way. Some of them even let me join in class activities, like Ms. Janice Rootell. She's really cool. But I still wish I could just lock myself up in my dorm room and binge watch old TV shows instead. That always helps me feel better. Only two problems with that. 1.) Morris may visit and try to "apologize" 2.) It seems that when I was downtown yesterday, I picked up a stray.
*turns suddenly and glares at a tree*
*bad luck powers cause tree branch to break*
*goofy looking boy with binoculars falls to ground*
See? He keeps following me. "STOP STUDYING ME YOU STALKER!" *boy runs away*
He'll be back. I've been trying to ditch him ever since I left the auto body shop in town. I think he's a robot enthusiast or something. I have no idea how he made it in here with all of Psyhigh's security systems... maybe Tulka can help me out. I'll talk to him after I grab some lunch. I'm too hungry to deal with all these people right now. They just give me terrible headaches....

Dax Fontana
- 7/10/2015 6:06pm

So does anybody have a copy of The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored, that I could, like, read over your shoulder? The Self Aware Library was totally out, and started throwing other books at me like Mermaid Wrangling for Fun and Profit and Carnie-speak for Beginners but I've totally already read those.

Curly Sue
- 7/10/2015 7:43pm

I am almost done with my copy of Psych of Mind, @Dax Fontana, and I can loan it to you when I am done but I really need it back when you are done because even though it is my first time reading it is my favorite book of all time and the nose bleeds have not been that bad and the nightmares not as bad as they say but ok the gibbering is getting a little out of control but I know if I can just force myself to turn just one more page then everything will BWAAAAAAA!!! GAAAAAACKKKKK!!!!!!! GRruuupppppBBLLWEEEEEY

- 7/11/2015 8:38am

A little bit of research has uncovered some other jobs available to someone of my abilities. Though "Priestess of Ra" seems to be a bit outdated. I thought every one knew about the Egyptian polytheism scandal! Maybe the book was just too old. It did start to crumble whenever I turned the pages. The guidance counselor @Diane Keys was helpful too, but I'm not sure I have the resolve needed to get a college degree in Cult Management. Which is a shame, because I hear they have really good Soup Sundays.

Speaking of Sundays, I am very excited about the bookclub supposedly meeting this Sunday! I had a dream about where some more copies of "Psych of Mind" can be found, so I'll use that as a bargaining chip to gain access into the club. I just hope none of use have the severe allergic reaction that @Curly Sue had. Thank goodness she had an EpiPen.

Randy Carter
- 7/11/2015 10:20am

Gadzooks! I'm pleased as punch to see my long-lost American cousin @Cassandra Carter here at ol' Psyhigh. We'd lost touch with the American Carters after the scandal following the Antarctic expedition, but Cassandra I will let you know I harbor no ill feelings about leaving Uncle Maurice in those icy caves as his condition was likely incurable. If he had half a chance it was no doubt living out the remainder of his life with those horrid, leathery winged trapezoidal creatures he was so quickly coming to resemble.

Cassie, I wonder if you wouldn't be interested in joining our book club this Sunday. We'll be discussing "The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored," by Helga Von Lutz. You remember old Helga, don't you? You were younger than me, still in your swaddling clothes, being disguised as an especially large oyster to avoid the attention of the fey, but I do believe you were at the estate that summer that Helga was conducting her doomed research.

If you don't have a copy of her book, just drop by and I can loan you my signed edition!


Dax Fontana
- 7/12/2015 5:34pm

Woah, man. Did you know just how, like, infinitely, hideously, mind-wreckingly unknowable universe really is... ? Dude, woah. I mean, I've hit some gnarly waves in my 4 bill+ surf, but, those things that like, showed up before time? Man, they really make you wannagagahamphunnamah. Grigglibodofracamoomoo califvatsakeema kisacanet cichibufumbi @%(GANALABAB=AB Ahwwi haABAPWG !!!!

Randy Carter
- 7/12/2015 5:42pm

Oh dear. I quite hadn't realized just how inappropriate The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored, by Helga Von Lutz might have been for our little book club. I encourage everyone to continue to apply direct pressure to their nose and ears and other orifices to staunch the bleeding (I do have a set of freshly ironed hankies should anyone's become to sodden), and I do believe we've been able to pin down, hog-tie, and otherwise neutralize any of our fellow students who became a little too... enthusiastic let's say. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR GIBBERING MADNESS! Ahem. By that I mean, do please use the ear plugs I've provided and don't pay too keen attention to the things you might hear emanating from their gaping mouths.

I'm sure I can find the proper soothing incantations in my personal library. I'll return spit spot with the proper manuals!

I must confess I was a bit lazy and only skimmed The Psych of Mind and Other Realms, Unexplored, myself. Color me chagrinned!


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