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Kevin II
- 12/11/2014 10:47pm

My roommate keeps folding reality, and it's starting to wear thin.

First of all, he's a lazy pig. Leaves his dirty clothes everywhere. Leaves half-eaten burritos in the couch.

When I mention it, and point it out the stinky sock, or the molding ramen container, he doesn't pick it up. Instead, he grabs a piece of reality - like it's a tablecloth - and tugs it and tucks it over and seals it like a pie crust.

Voila! It's gone! But it's not. I mean, it's got to go somewhere, right? It's still there, just cut off in its own little hot pocket, right behind a little fold. Rotting, I assume.

He's done it so much, the room is starting to shrink. It's like a little cabin on a ship now. And tight, like living inside a balloon.

I'm afraid it's going to pop.

Jeremiah the Hunch
- 12/12/2014 2:21pm

Hey @Kevin II - I used to be addicting to folding myself.

Jeremiah the Hunch
- 12/12/2014 2:23pm

And, @Kevin II, it got to be a real problem. I folded up everything I knew, and then I couldn't find it anymore.

Jeremiah the Hunch
- 12/12/2014 2:27pm

If you're thinking of an intervention - and I'd suggest it - I'd be happy to help, @Kevin II.

Kevin II
- 12/21/2014 7:31pm

He can take the time to fold space, but not to fold his own clothes..... Grrrrrr ......

Yes @Jeremiah the Hunch, what exactly would an "intervention" entail? I mean he gets great grades in class for his folding.... Why would he lay off in his free time?

I'm afraid the only thing that's really going to turn him is an accident of some kind. I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Maybe what I should be doing is talking to my counselor about a room transfer?

Huzita Hatori
- 12/22/2014 3:37pm

I really don't see why you think this is such a problem. Space Folding has been proven to be an entirely safe - not to mention incredibly useful - skill, and it's backward thinking losers like yourself who have created "issues" around it, and are frankly slowing down development of our entire culture by standing against it and creating the kind of paranoid discrimination around it that you are.

There are entire communities that have decided to live their lives around space-folding principles, and in doing so they are solving many of the world's most pressing problems today. They are farmers, craftspeople, and artists, who - through space-folding techniques - choose to live their lives with the majority of their resource allocation "folded up." You'd never know it, but they keep entire acreages and museums accessible through tiny access points they keep in their wallets.

I think it's time you stop spreading this kind of vile anti-space-folding propaganda on these journals.

Jeremiah the Hunch
- 12/30/2014 1:59pm

People like @Huzita Hatori can keep thinking space folding is "cool," but you can see how they romanticize it, and use to get on their social justice high horse.

Like I've said before, intradimensional space folding can become a problem. I know. I've been there.

I was real good at it, won some awards even, but after a while I just couldn't stop. Before long I'd folded up everything and everyone I loved - my whole world folded up in a neat little manifold I could keep in my pocket.

And then I lost it. The manifold, that is. I just kept fiddling and fiddling and folding it up till I'm not sure what I did but it just folded away. And when it goes that far, there's no coming back.

So there I was, in the Intra Zone. Everything fuzzy white - like living in a ping pong ball. No horizon, no depth. All I had left was making nowhere plans, for nobody.

I'm not sure how long I was there. Well, in fact, there's no time there, so that's moot. But eventually an exploratory intraspatial team from a P.E. class at Psyhigh happened through my void, and brought me here.

I learned the hard way. And I've made it my mission to make sure nobody else has to.

I'd be happy to meet your roommate, @Kevin II, and have a little talk.

Kevin II
- 1/13/2015 6:01pm

Well I spoke to the RA and he was not helpful at all. Plus, he was a slob and his room was a mess. Just some lazy jock who didn't want to get involved, and wasn't interested at all in my feelings, or the danger I am quite obviously in.

He suggested (and I seriously can not believe this) that it wasn't my roommate's Space Folding that was the "problem," but that there were "issues" that he and I could "discuss" and come to a "compromise" on. I am steaming mad at the lack of attention to very serious safety issues going on in this school. Oooooo it burns me up!

So what are these "issues?"

1) My roommate is a pig. He refuses to use the places for shoes near the door that I have demarcated with colored electrical tape. In fact, he frequently does not take off his shoes at all!

2) My roommate takes up the entire couch when he's sitting there. We are lucky enough to have a couch in our room, and while it is not large, when he sits in it he sits like he owns it and leaves no room for me.

3) My roommate ignores me. He'll go on and on on his phone with his friends about his day, and what their plans are, but when I ask him where he's going and if I can come along, he acts like I am not even there.

4) My roommate says that there was a Kevin I, but he didn't like him, so he folded him up and folded out me, Kevin II, from the intra-dimensional fabric. And if he gets irritated enough with me, he'll fold me up into his hexa-flexa reality whatevers and unfold Kevin III.

You can see why I am so irked! I can not believe that Psyhigh does not have an adequate system in place to handle this kind of problem, because obviously there are a lot of young people here with powers that could potentially get out of control, and with the kind of money my parents are paying for my experience here they really should have a better system in place.

Kevin II
- 1/23/2015 11:55pm

I am so mad I could chew nails. My roommate is now using his space folding to make my side of the room smaller. I hit my head on the ceiling over my bed, and now have a nasty egg growing out of my forehead to show for it. And the walls on my side have grown so close I have to squeeze my body through to even get to my bed! I am now unable open my perfectly organized drawers all the way with out banging into the opposite wall, which makes placing my folded socks in their appropriate positions nearly impossible.

I had that slob jock of an excuse for an RA come into my room to measure it, so I could file a formal complaint, but he is obviously in on the little "joke" because the tape measure he used said everything was exactly proportional as it should be. He showed me the measurements with his magic shrinking tape measure but I don't believe them for a second.

@Jeremiah the Hunch, I implore you to come and speak to my roommate as soon as possible. Or help me go above the RA's head and bring this issue before the council. His space folding is absolutely encroaching on the contractual promises made to me as a student to experience my dimensions exactly as advertised in the Psyhigh recruitment brochure, and I am contemplating a law suit against the school as well as my roommate, my RA, and the entire enabling sham that allows these Space Folding types to run roughshod over the god-given inalienable rights to have control over the proportions of space around them!

Kevin II
- 2/5/2015 9:52pm

Now there is no getting around it. My roommate has begu|
existence! The final folding as begun. Just as part of my ro|
smaller and bit of it began to disappear, now it's happening|
experience, my memories. I can feel a portion of them mis|
day, and my roommate begins to fold me out of existence.|

I guess I've become to just accept it. My calls to the admin|
as I attempted to reach out to the RA or @Jeremiah the Hu|
could tell I just wasn't connecting. Now I realize it's becau|
started folding my space in, and I was growing smaller, mo|

There's nothing left now but to accept my inevitable shrinka|
demise as my the time-space that defines who I am is folded|
have never guessed that my existence would be erased throu|

But, it's not like I'm actually being destroyed, right? The spa|
to be going away, but it's still somewhere, right? Will I be u|
other, better place? All I can do now is await the final fold. |

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